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  1. No...this is swelling in my forearms...it is soft and definatly related to overworking the arm.I get it when exercising,painting,drawing,or lifting heavey objects!any type of strenuous activity...it makes it really difficult to exercise...I hurt for days to weeks depending on how bad it is!!! :( the problem is the activities are really minimalistic and shouldn't cause so much pain!!!when REALLY bad it travels up my shoulder into my neck and my jaw....then travels down my back into my thiegh!!!

    AAARRRRGGGGG!!!! very fustrating!!! :blink::blink::blink:

    And it feels like my hand/ arm is in a BEAR TRAP!!! :(:angry:

    I can't stand the feeling of rings or braceletts it drives me crazy...I can't stand the feeling of someone touching/grabing my wrist either...very sensitive!

    don't like the feel of sleeves either...drives me nuts...irratates my skin...makes me itchy as well! :huh:

  2. Wow! That GE food processor can take a lickin and keep on ticking! :D

    We had gyros tonight, yum! I used a reciped from the slow cooker 365 site modified with an Allrecipes recipe.

    Mine was on a flatbread I make with chick pea flour. (We have an Indian grocery store so the flour is inexpensive.) I haven't tried Udi's pizza dough yet. Is it good?

    I for some unknown reason decided to add shredded red cabbage to the yogurt sauce last night. So our sauce was pink! (Not pretty, but by gosh it tasted good!) I loved the gyros!

    Gyros will become something we do evey month I think.

    By the way, I found a recipe on how to make your own yogurt on the crockpot site. I'm thinking about trying that. :)

    I want to make my own yogurt!!! do share!!!

    I just wrote down the mushroom Idea...can't wait to try it!!! yummmmmm yum!!!

    Folding the UDI'S pizza crust for gyro's sounds good too! have to try that!!! :D

  3. I have weakness/numbness in my hands and one foot, and it defintely freaks me out!! The weight loss and generalized not well feeling is manageable, but the thought of this loss of dexeterity/hand issue really makes me a little on freak out mode, since my job requires a very steady and strong hand! I am hoping that things improve - i'm only 3 weeks out on a gluten free diet, and i'm sure i'm getting cross contamination lots of places since i'm still learning! I agree though I want my old energetic strong self back (i'm 30)! I am just hoping this all improves and doesn't get any worse! Good luck!

    Freaks me out too!!! :blink: there are times when I am walking my toes go numb...then I lose compleate feeling in one or two toes...compleatly gone ..like they've been amputated!!! the worse was whan that happened while walking to the chiropractor...ALL my toes disapeared!!! I couldn't feel any toes...talk about FREAKY...my Chiropractor was a little freaked as well! (this was just BEFORE I was diagnosed). thats not even talking about my ear going numb..or arms, hands,cheek...makes you feel like your having a stroke!!! I also get this problem when sitting and/ or painting/ writing .

    Just started de-glutening my diet..so only time will tell! :unsure::rolleyes::)

  4. Me too...I was wondering if any of you also get swelling with that? One of my biggest complaints are from my forearms to the tips of my fingers! don't get me wrong...I get it all over my body...but my arms and hands are the worse.Do any of you feel like your hand or entire arm is literally caught in a bear trap!!! it hurts so much some times ...straight to the BONE!!! I also get goose egg sized lumps right above my wrist,fore arm..and /or behind my elbow!the bones in my fingers just ACHE so much (its NOT arthritis),also the little bone that sticks up on your wrist hurts just to touch!elbow bone as well. It's so weird...because it comes and goes.I'm still detoxing...

    as I am newly diagnosed....so fustrating!!!some times I get shooting pains through my hands just from flexing! :blink::(

    I'd like it if anyone has a comment on this. :)

    I need to exercise my arms (and body) as I am losing muscle mass...but it incapasitates me for days...it hurts so much...sort of a catch 22!!!

  5. Cougie, gluten in tea bags is right up there with the other celiac urban legends like envelope glue. If you use the google button on the top right of your screen, search for "gluten in tea bags" you'll find a number of threads where it has been discussed.

    Darn it! on the "what to watch for "sites/lists they say stamps ,envolopes and tea bags among OTHER things...So WHAT am I supposed to beleive!!! of course I BELIEVE you!!!...

    But you know what i'm saying...It's very fustrating...whats true and whats not!

    Another thing...there's a million threads here...no I have'nt read all of them...I just took it for granted that this very official site I had been on was giving me real ,not false information.I'm sorry I didn't mean to mislead anyone... :(<_< !!

  6. Hello, I am newly diagnosed several days ago. I am generally slightly underweight and during the month before I was diagnosed I lost an additional 15 lbs (not purposfully). I am trying to not overwhelm myself with too much information or diet changes and am generally eating fruits, veggies, and plain proteins, all made at home so far. I am concerned about the cc issue. I am eliminating nuts and dairy and soy for a month also, and then will reintroduce them and see how I do.

    My concern is that I'm not getting enough calories and I will continue to lose weight. I am trying to eat something with fat at each meal as best as I can (avocado, egg, some red meat), but I am finding myself much less hungry than I was pre-diagnosis. I don't want to lose any additional weight. Any advice?

    Welcome..you've come to the right place!

    Try HONEY!! It's good for the digestive track,it's a great antioxident, and also tends to act as an antibiotic ( google health benifits of HONEY)....AND it helps add on WEIGHT! Put it on your fresh slices fruit (bananas,apples,peaches,strawberries...) it goes with EVERYTHING! put it in your hearbal tea (watch out for sealed tea though...they tend to use WHEAT GLUTEN as a sealent but don't list as an ingregient because its considered part of the packaging)..only use stapled or loose tea!

    Throw a little in with your VEGGIES when stirfrying. Quick trick: partually cook your harder veggies in boiling water, i.e : brocolli, carrots,slices of sweet potatoe or yam...saute you light veggies i.e: mushrooms,eggplant... THEN throw in your drained hard veggies...saute the whole thing for a few minutes with a teeny bit of gluten /dairyfree margeraine..for flavor: like EARTHBALANCE OR SMARTBALANCE LIGHT..olive oil or coconut oil..and some HONEY....SSSOOOOooooo...YUMMY!!!! :D Some times I throw in a handfull of casews as when when stirfrying!(you don't HAVE to have a WOK either...a frypan works JUST fine...just make sure its a new uncontaminated one!)

    Theres SOOOooo many ways to add a little HONEY...(a table spoon in the morning)...it'll

    put weight on you guys AND its good for you!!! :rolleyes::):D

    It makes a good glaze on chicken or drizzled on your steak with a sprinkling of sea salt!

    Not to mention on verious potatoe dishes (they're are SOOOO many ways to use POTATOES as well...which is also a great HEALTHY way to add a little weight..Mashed YAMS or sliced and sauted yams with mushrooms and honey instead of traditional brown sugar)..the point is to have FUN with this guys..and be healthy...there is a whole new world of food out there BESIDES bread...we just need to BE CREATIVE!!!

    A handfull of golden raisins thrown into your stirfry..saute..rice..or mash..is a lovely way to add little juicey pockets of sweetness to your cooking as well!!! :rolleyes::P:D

    Then theres fruit and yogurt prfiets with honey and gluten free granolla...so many things...have FUN with it...so ya girls hungry yet..lets get cooking!!! :D

  7. Now the messages I left in Twinkles "Comment box" (its been our only way of comunicating besides "THREADS")...are gone! everything else from the last conversations we've had are there...but what I typed 45 min. ago are gone! I know she got them...because she went to Tech when she found out I posted(the comment box was how she found out!)

    And yes Peter...we know messaging is better than comments (that comments are suposed to be short)....but thats why where talking to YOU GUYS ! LOL :blink::lol:

    Please don't take this the wrong way...I'm NOT being disrespectful...We apreciate any help we can get!!! :D

    I'm sorry peter...that was Karang who made the "comment " comment! It's easy to get mixed up when speaking to multiple people!! LOL :blink::D

  8. Cougie, I have gotten all 238 messages from you and the friending! :P

    My notifications of messages finally disappeared, too. Life is good.

    Maybe Twinks computers on the other side of the world don't work well upside down? Maybe she has to flip it? ;)

    Seriously...I'm still laughing...Just got your post!LOL WHAT 238 MESSAGES!!! LOL

    I only sent...maybe 4..5 at the most..(not counting this post)LOL :P:P:P

    So I have focus issues and tend to remember to write something else..after the fact!...and repost by accident when I try to edit...ect....ect...LOL!!! :rolleyes:

    I especially like the upside down computer part!!!

    Here that TWINK...LOL!!!

  9. Now the messages I left in Twinkles "Comment box" (its been our only way of comunicating besides "THREADS")...are gone! everything else from the last conversations we've had are there...but what I typed 45 min. ago are gone! I know she got them...because she went to Tech when she found out I posted(the comment box was how she found out!)

    And yes Peter...we know messaging is better than comments (that comments are suposed to be short)....but thats why where talking to YOU GUYS ! LOL :blink::lol:

    Please don't take this the wrong way...I'm NOT being disrespectful...We apreciate any help we can get!!! :D

  10. You got my message and I got yours. Did you send the messages the same way I did? If so, that is probably all I know to do. Maybe someone else knows?

    The first 3 I sent via reply..but then I tried messaging you direct> Did that one go through? I think peter nailed it though...we wre both pretty new and still are...but

    we weren't ADVANCED when we tried it maybe? but I don't know it was only a few days ago...it might of been twinkles computer! we'll try again! thanks guys!!! :D

    Yes kareng...I did like you said.check and see if it worked!?

  11. Twinkle star and I both have tried to message each other and it won't go through...why? I went through the right procedger...and got a" message sent "pop up, but she never got it! she sent me one...and I didn't get that either!

    when Richard sent me a message last week It worked fine...we sent several messages! NOW..nothing!? Is it a tecnical problem maybe?

    Originaly when we FRENDED each other there was a line under our info stating that we were unable to participate...which wasn't the case. we both had that...so we comunicated via comment box...but that keeps cutting us off before we run out of letters...equaly fustrating...at least we know its not personal..but messaging would be easier...and a little more PRIVET!!!can someone check into that please,we would apreciate that very much! :D

  12. Poor Raven...you are the light in the darkness...the voice of comfort...a pat on the back and a radeiant smile! so much of you comes throgh on these pages you have no Idea! your words are sooo apreciated and looked forword to...I know I'm not the only one who feels this way! I feel disapointed if I don't see that little doggie picture as I surf the content and a feeling of warmth when I do...it allways makes me smile!

    Your story is heart breaking...so sorry about your little buddy!

    The worsed thing about Celiacs is like you said...people act like its OUR fault!!! Like we can control this ...like ok you changed your diet...wheres the miricle...you must be full of s$#&!!! Or even worse all the years of every one thinking its in your head!Doctors, family ,friends...no one really understands....they can't beleive there can be soooo many deverse symptoms JUST from eating something!!! So WE must be a bunch of hypocondreacts....even though they can see the massive PAIN we go through ( they would'nt ask a one legged man to climb a mountain but expect us to)...they get irritated because WE slow them down...WE are INCONVEINENT....and they're just plain sick of listening to something they can't do anything about! After all your "MOM" Raven...your not suppose to be sick! Children are very selfish by nature its instictual..sometimes even Adult children( but by the time were adults we'er supposed to grow out of it and become more comunity aware...but it seems to be more common in the last few generations to be late bloomers in the unselfish part recently, trust me...Its not just YOUR kids...You can see it all around us)! Usereally it takes a few LIFE events to bring them around! hopfully this will happen BEFORE you join your little doggy friend!In the mean while OUR hearts go out for you...you have alot of people who care about you here...you've made alot of friends old and new...who are greatful just to have met you...even if its only over the internet!!!

    Sweetheart..if I could scoop you into my arms like a little child (even thogh you are probably older than me)..hold your head to my bossom... stroke your hair and dry your tears...hold you close for several minutes...I would, just to show you how much you've touched me in such a short time!You are very cared about...mourn..but don't dispare...be strong...you can get through this ..you've survived this long..your a fighter, look at all the warm responces...don't worry someday your children will come to their sences!

    you are a wonderful person...don't forget it! :)

    soooo happy to hear about your new little friend .


    good for you!!!

  13. :lol: mushroom!! That's how I may have ended up being glutened by the ham. It's really not something you think about when you don't have to. Many people are just so oblivious to what celiac is and that you can get sick from CC. I really think that all staff working in the hospitality industry where food is involved should undergo a course that explains allergies and intolerances. And there should be a manual that they can reference in the kitchen.

    Totaly...my little guy is alergic to shrimp and peanuts and seems to have outgrown a milk allergy.

    A few years back,there was a Panda Express inside the grocery store we used to shop at,

    Now and then we would buy a little Orange chicken to snack on while we shopped,,,It was his favorite! Well we noticed a few times he was having trouble swallowing and his lips were a little puffy...we were'nt sure why!

    The confusing thing was this only happened once in a while, not every time...so we couldn't pin point the exact cause!

    Then one day we had our little snack and his throat closed up on him ...he couldn't swallow and had the chicken stuck in his throat!! wouldn't come up,wouldn't go down! he could breath ok...but was very uncofortable..very mucusy,,,face spotty ,a little puffy!

    It wasn't quite bad enough to go to the ER but we were ready if he got any worse.

    We took him home and tried to get the chicken to go down by having him drink Pepsi ( its a great trick for this type of problem because the acid softens the outer part of the food and the carbonation loosens it as well!!!) finally the whole thing came flying out...litterly!!!

    It wasn't till later we found out what really had happened....they were cooking the orange chicken in the same oil as the shrimp!!! we confrounted them on it and they said they didn't use the same oil but I've seen them use it all the time...they even use the same basket!!! talk about cross contamination!!! ;):blink::angry::angry:

    Now we buy our Orange chicken at trader joes (in bag)its the same recipe as Panda Express but I make it at HOME!!!

  14. I totally agree with the others...but would like to point out something.

    When I found out I was celiacs I ALSO found out I was CASIEN intolerant! I had never heard of that before...I thought that I was Lactose intolerent but found recently that even lactose free bothered me! My dr. told me NO dairy because of the casien and ALSO hidden gluten (Binders and emoulsifiers) often over looked because of what they're listed as! :unsure:

    Really scared for you...hope you find answers soon... :unsure:

    Hope you feel better soon!!! :)

  15. Just saw this Cougie. I wasn't saying that you were off topic, but that I was. I posted another question and moved it to a separate thread, because it really didn't have much to do with the original topic.

    Writing lacks so much compared with a conversation. I really think we need a whole other set of punctuation to indicate mood, sarcasm, agreement, doubtfulness. All sort of things that tone of voice and expression would normally carry.

    Thats true...I like the emoticons though...we need one with a tear..and one with a staight mouth and charlie brown grumble squiggle above its head...just saying !!! LOL


    Glad your not mad... :D

  16. I will be so glad when I don't turn around in circles in my kitchen anymore, trying to remember which cupboard something is in! :lol:

    Yeah..me too!!! I thought the eye contact thing was just a QUIRK on my part!!! WEIRD...chalk another bizzarre symptom up to CELIACS...and people just thought I was CRAZY!!! LOL :lol:

    I HATE forgetting what your talking about in mid conversation...or not remembering pin #'s...Or intructions involving more than 3 things!!! not to mention the "clasic" why am I in this room?! OR this is another "classic" having someone looking you in the eye...being really serious..(not being able to look back)... and a second after they finish talking and its YOUR turn...its like ..what??? no clue whatsoever!!!? :blink:

    Stuttering too...just out of no where...!!! <_<

    This was what it was like last March for me...Its gotten alot better...but I am still acused of being VERY HYPER!!! Among OTHER persistant problems...I tend to TYPE like I THINK!!! LOL :lol::lol::lol::D ........LOL :P

  17. Isnt it weird how the concept of cross contamination does not occur to stores and resturants?

    Thats why when I hear about popular resteraunts with "GLUTEN FREE" menus I cringe and wonder....yeah...but what about all the "OTHER" stuff they cook I'm SURE The Cheesecake Factory doesn't have special pans /knives/cutting boards set aside for US ALONE...which is what it would take to be truly uncontaminated...then theres the FLOUR hanging in the air from cooking OTHER dishes!!! Its alot to ask..really!Now I could be WRONG...but I'm sure EVERY employee isn't trained to our needs..and I don't REALLY expect them to be...It would be NICE If it were mandotory that reseraunts taught gluten awareness to thier employeees...but thats kinda asking alot on our part .Especialy in todays society...there still just trying to get every one to wash there hands...EEEEEWWWWW!!!!


  18. Don't know about your particular brands but - if its being cut for you in a deli, are they cutting other things on the same cutter that have gluten. This is a problem I have with our store. We have Boars Head which is all gluten-free but they have a few other things they slice, too, that might not be gluten-free.

    Thats what I was going to ask/thinking! sounds like serious cross contamination..gloves/knife/cutting board?! :unsure::blink:;)

  19. I bought some KR Castlemaine bacon today, and I was very excited to see the crossed out wheat symbol, lol!

    I haven't heard back from Don yet (if I ever do), but I was definitely glutened from something to do with the ham, whether it was the ham itself or cross contamination. I am badly constipated tonight now.

    Seriously, where else could I say that? I love that I can be honest here :)

    Sorry to hear that Twinkle...but yeah...I love this place...can you tell...LOL! :lol::lol::lol:

  20. WELCOME...you're in the right place!!!

    Personaly...I LOVE LARA BARS !!! Google the web site...they're AMAZING!there Gluten free,dairyfree,soyfree,non-gmo,vegan and kosher!!! on the web site you click on PRODUCTS and pictures of all the packaged flavors pop up...then click on the bar and it gives you a visual of EVERY ingredeant in the bar! the beauty of this is there are literaly maybe 2 to 6 ingreadiants in their bars! peanut butter cookie for example is litterly peanuts,dates and alittle bit of salt, and it tastes like a cookie! my favorites are cherry pie (dates ground almonds,and cherry), coconut cream pie (dates ,almonds,coconut),tropical fruit tart (dates,pineapple,coconut,almonds cashews,orange,orange peel). there are other great flavors too like cashew cookie,and carrot cake,greman chocolate cake,banana bread,keylime pie...the list goes on! seriously when nothing else works THATS what I eat! LOL Tiger bars are gluten free too! :D:rolleyes::P freash fruit is realy good you can make a salad or slice it seperately ,drizzle a little honey to take away the tartness...also honey is a greay antioxedent and energy booster...great for healing the digestive track and fighting colds! I like to soften up some slices of apples,peaches and golden raisins in the tiniest bit of water,honey and cinimon in a sause pan (its called poaching but I just wanted to be dicsriptive for those unfamiliar with the term).Talk about comfort food...nice and warm..it tastes like apple and peach pie...yummy yum! :P just have fun with it...it can be overwelming at first but you'll be eating healthier in the long run...rule of thumb ...more narural the better...stay away from prossesed foods the better! :D:D:D

  21. If you don't want to buy what they have to offer you could just make a donation to the organization. I did band in High school and we had a compeitition we travelled to every year. It was 600$ to go and included all meals, the competition, the bus, hotel, and a few extras like theme park admission. We had several fundraisers every year, the money you raised defrayed the cost of your trip. If I fundraiser 300$ than I only had to pay 200$. If we had people who would like to donate and NOT purchase from the fundraiser they would write a check to MYTOWN Band or MYTOWN High School and in the memo write fundraiser-student's name. Or just write donation. The fundraisers were important because not everyone can afford to pay the 600$ for the trip and they could fundraise the fee instead.

    If your child'd organization is looking for new fundraising ideas a coin collection would work. You could make a booth in front of a grocery story and collect change for your organization. I did coin collections a lot in college for Habitat for Humanity, although we usually went door to door in the dorms.

    All that aside, if someone comes to your door and asks you to buy something you can't or don't eat/want just say "No thanks, good luck" and shut your door. Explaining that you have an allergy and can't eat what they are selling to a kid is unnecessary when saying no works just as well.

    Good answer...totally agree..good souloution!!! :D

  22. That's terrible to bribe children with a party!!! An end of year celebration should be for everyone to attend, it shouldn't have conditions put on it like grades (this puts pressure on kids who find learning difficult) or SALES! :huh: That is seriously messed up!

    Yes it is! when I was in first thru sixth grade we were forced to sell campfire girl cookies! My Mother was assisstant leader....It was the most embarressing demeaning thing!!! I was a painfully shylittle second grader and it was not only really scary going up to strangers doors but I allways felt bad that I was impossing on people....I mean IF THEY WANTED COOKIES THEY"D GO TO THE STORE!!! they certainly didn't want them from me...and If they did it was because I was small and cute! NOT because they had any intrest in cookies!!!the hummiliating thing was they other girls didn't have a problem with it...every box they sold just made me feel inadiquate!!! :unsure::huh::angry::( It really hurt my self esteme..I felt emberresed that my mother had such a LOSER for a daughter!!! You people have no idea what goes through a 7 yr. olds head in these situations...granted I'm NOT advocating being a SUCKER and buying these products. That only encourages all this! :blink: Put tape on your doorbell with an out of order sign (kids understand "out of order")...and another BIG sign on the door,saying NO!!! WE DON"T WANT ANY>>>GO AWAY OR I"LL CALL THE POLICE!!!

    You won't LOL...BUT THEY WON"T KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR!!! :rolleyes::D:D:D Who the f@#%k cares if thier PARENTS don't like it THEY'RE IMPOSSING ON YOU!!! just put in smaller letters "this is a cookie free house...(if you feel guilty that is) They don't take it personaly(its like trick or treating on halloween with the porch light off...they'll just run off to the next house)!!! :D Trust me its proven advice! :D:D:D

    The funny thing was ...in '72 when I was 7 there was alot of talk about NOT talking to strangers and people being murdered (manson) and stuff like that!!We wre told (as a group of little girls) not to trust anyone..NEVER go into anyones house (even little old ladys could be seriel killers or have deviant SONS lurking in the corner ready to rape and kill!!! LOL... I was just terrified the door would open up and someone would grab me..kill me before anyone could stop them and throw my body back outside laughing...then get into some big shootout before the police killed them...all because I was selling campfire cookies!!! I had a BIG imagination at 7!!! :rolleyes: sometimes I could get out of it by faking being sick...or throwing the worlds bigest tauntram...yeah I'd get grounded..but it was better than being MURDERED...see you have NO Idea the stress this puts on kids!!! LOL :blink:

  23. OK....we all agree that celiacs will make you bone tired...but what I want to know is,

    are you getting enough fresh air? That will knock you out right there! is there enough circulation of fresh air in your home...and I'm NOT refering to the air conditioning!

    Are you getting enough sunlight to prosses your vitamin D? What is the weather like where you live? Hot? muggy? cold and overcast?These conditions will just make you more tired on top of the celiacs! :( Also you need to eat more than ceriel and PB&J....theres probably half your problem right there! :blink::rolleyes:

    Wheres the fruit and veggies? you can't just substitute one grain for another only...and your food sounds to procesed still! this is just my opinion.Sounds like your burning out and theres nothing GOOD and HEALTHY to refeul you!!! :)

    I'd go with less processed...more natural...more sunlight( even if your just opening all the curtains and windows)and beleive it or not...a nice shower! not to hot (that will knock you out and zap your strenth), but nice(semi cool)...it's invigorating and gets the circulation going .A little stretching afterward...nothing to vigurous allways helps too! When your skin is clean you breath better AND feel better..a cool (NOT COLD) shower and a little strech will wake you up.Then go get a nice refreshing snak of cool sliced peaches or apples with maybe alittle honey drizzled over them !Don't forget a nice cold glass of WATER. Honey is a great energy booster and antioxident as well!!Try these things and see how you feel...it helps me! :D:D:D

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