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  1. Certainly have no advice to give on Celiac and chronic pain, but have you been evaluated for other rheumatic diseases...
  2. saintmaybe

    Humira, Enbrel, Remicade

    Yeah. One is at home and one has to be administered at the doctors office. I'd take the office administration if the...
  3. Anyone taking these for RA, Spondylitis, JA, or PA? I'm in the process of getting diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis...
  4. saintmaybe


    Wow, that has a name?! I just looked up pics, and I've had that my whole life and no one has ever said anything to me...
  5. saintmaybe


    Sorry to hijack the thread, but what on earth is geographic tongue? I have visions of a tongue with a little suitcase...
  6. saintmaybe

    Continuing / New Symptoms

    Depends on where the pain is. I had lower back and hip pain I at first thought was a direct result of my job working...
  7. Some members here have difficulty with airborn flour, which of course can get all over everything. If the restaurant...
  8. saintmaybe


    I use FRS chews for b supplementation. I dont know if they're corn free, but they're available at GNC. I think they are...
  9. saintmaybe

    Mouth Ulcers?

    For advice and support, I direct you to a thread from our own members in 2009, who talked about the prescriptions they...
  10. saintmaybe

    Mouth Ulcers?

    An article on cold sores, gluten intolerance, the immune system and herpes simplex from the Livestrong foundation. summary...
  11. saintmaybe

    Mouth Ulcers?

    That was such a great article! That's exactly what I had, apthous ulcers that were so painful I could barely open my...
  12. saintmaybe

    Mouth Ulcers?

    There have been studies done demonstrating upwards of 70% infection rates. Babies can become infected from their mothers...
  13. saintmaybe

    Mouth Ulcers?

    Where are they specifically? The corners of your mouth or on the inside lower lip, or....different sores are indicative...
  14. I don't have dh,but I understand about the lack of care from doctors. I went to a dermatologist and got hit for a huge...
  15. I second everything babs said, especially giving yourself time and eating whole foods. You might also have additional...