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  1. Well, THAT fixed EVERYTHING. Just say YES to Oxytocin! ;-)

  2. I can't decide which -ism it falls better under though. Remains tbd. For now- to the batcave! Er, tumblr.

  3. I am going to go get in the shower, take a BUNCH of prozac, and calm the eff down. If I respond right now, I will be...not nice.

  4. saintmaybe

    Loreal Products

    Loreal Infallible what? (Mascara, foundation, blush) Makeup lines can vary by product as to whether they contain gluten. Not being a user of Loreal myself, I think excellence creme is a hair color kit, yes? I would pay particular attention to the conditioner in the kit, as I doubt highly it's...
  5. Yay William and Mary! I think their being featured on CNN deserves a shoutout! #GoTribe!

  6. Hi! I use John Frieda's Roots Awakening (no gluten or dyes), Hamadi leave in shea conditioning cream with lavender and Hamadi shea conditioning spray Renpure Organics Conditioner (no gluten, parabens, sulfates, dyes), Neutrogena Moistureshine Lipgloss, Milani Lipstick, Physician...
  7. If you care about what you put on your skin/ hair/ nails/ other...this is THE place to find out if it's safe, env. friendly, animal friendly, vegan, etc.

  8. Did you know: In an Environmental working group report entitled "Skin Deep," reviewers found that 90% of the chemicals used in personal care cosmetics have not been evaluated for safety? Over 80% of surveyed products contained one or more chemicals known to cause adverse reactions in humans or animals.

  9. Don't let me dream of nectar. Make me fruit on the tree.


  11. 2nd time in two years.

  12. http://t.co/YyL9361X A visual display of all the ingredients in a twinkie. Notice anything?
    1. kareng


      Did you know your Twitter posts or FB are showing up on C.com? Its OK, just not sure you want that.

    2. kareng


      Did you know your Twitter posts or FB are showing up on C.com? Its OK, just not sure you want that.

    3. saintmaybe


      Oh hey cool, I can comment to you! And no I didn't. But, I'm good with that.

  13. Breakfast, a super dark cup of coffee, I might just be human again. Maybe.

  14. It's kind of hilarious. =D