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  1. low BP means that your adrenal glands are fatigued, go to the health food store and get some adrenal stress or b vitamin complex...You have something causing this....Do you have some mental/emotional stress going on and have you been checked for parasites??? Go to www.biohealthinfo.com
  2. Hello everyone, I am going through a cognitive behavioral program and have traced my anxiety and depression back to the way I thought...I used to catastrophize, I was a perfectionist, and a over-analyzer..I have a program called attacking anxiety and depression.. I also take Lexapro to help...I am reading a book called "The faith factor" which is written by a Medical Doctor who believes in medicines and prayer...Don't be ashamed of taking medication because they help tremendously...The best psychiatrist is inside all of us. We have to change the way we think...It takes a while but it works...Have faith in what our lord Jesus did at the cross as well. I used to be afraid of death and other things but continously tell myself I'm not afraid of it anymore. It takes awhile for the subconsious to reprogam itself, but it will....I also believe there is a spritual aspect to this...Go to a good CBT therapist and a prayer group....God Bless all of you because depression/panic/anxiety really is not fun!!
  3. Get some SAM-E!! Take 400 mg a day to start and that will help tremendously...Take care..
  4. I encourage all of you to contact Biohealth Diagnostics....www.biohealthinfo.com You're suffering needlessly and they're experts in treat causes rather than symptoms. If you have sinus infections you should not be taking antibiotics, you sound be taking antifungals...98 percent of sinus infections are caused by fungus according to the Mayo Clinic... ALL people with celiac have underlying infections that need to be treated or total health can't be restored...
  5. I mentioned before in previous posts that teeth grinding is associated with parasitic infections. Most of not all celiacs have some kind of infection that needs to be cleared out. Parasites are more active at night and that's when most people grind there teeth. Recent research states that at least 80 percent of people with an intolerance to gluten have some kind of infection. Wouldn't hurt to get checked out..
  6. Donna, Go to biohealthinfo.com. They are number 1 for celiac patients and check out the thread for the Radio program on gluten intolerance. A regular MD is not educated in these matters. You need a biohealth doc to check for infections and other things...Hope you call them!!!
  7. Awesome article!! This needs to reach mainstream medicine, In my lifetime hopefully. I'm having problems with people I know trying to get me to eat gluten again..Why are they doing that? It's pissing me off and have decided not to be friends with them anymore..I'm running out of friends and don't know what to do. I guess that they don't want me to be healthy or they want to feel better about themselves. Who knows.
  8. If you have an allergy to wheat, I don't understand how you could be reacting to it since you are gluten free!!HMMM... Have you been checked for infections? That should be your next step..I would contact check out www.biohealthinfo.com and have them refer you to a doctor in your area..It sound like you might have an infection or even more than 1.. Good luck to you!!
  9. I would look into flushing the gallbladder/liver out. If it's full of stones that's the way to go. Don't cut anything out of your body please since it's needed...
  10. Rachel, Does it make you angry that you lost your thyroid? I'm wondering if you could have saved it if you find out the cause earlier on. I'm one of the lucky ones since I sensed that the conventional medical community doesn't know their ass from their elbow from the very beginning. I was offer several drugs to mask my depression/anxiety/headaches/trembling, but I didn't take any. I think that most people who have gluten intlolerance take the med route without searching for causes and that causes further damage and delays healing. My doc said I'm lucky to have came to him early on cause I'd be suffering still.. I was diagnosed with six different things and they all pointed toward gluten, and I feel blessed that I found that out....
  11. What's the best gluten free pizza crust out there?? I'm sick of the brown rice crusts I get, yuck!! I can get gluten free sausage down the street and he leaves out the MSG for me. What a guy!!
  12. Hi Judy, Yes it's the same doctor that trained Rachel's doc. They're just simply the best...I owe my health to them. Thanks for the kind words..
  13. Thanks for the reply Ian.. Lots of my family have depression/brain fog/anxiety/obesity, but won't listen to me about going gluten free. I tried like hell to tell them but they said they "need" their spaghetti...HMMM. Makes you wonder doesn't it. I'm trying to help people with this but nobody seems to believe that gluten can cause mental problems. I'm glad you self diagnosed because your right, doctors are clueless, unless of course you find one like mine and Rachels. I'm doing my best to get the word out that it's our diets that is causing these symptoms. Heck, if I can make a difference in 1 persons life and make some ripples, then I'll be happy with that. Your story is truly inspirational and I'm glad you are trying to help others...
  14. I think that article is interesting of course, but lacking in vital information. As I have said before, most if not all people with celiac disease have some type of infection(s) that delays healing. That's where testing for GI pathogens come into play.Using Hawthorne Berry extract and L-glutamine will speed up the healing process. I started a thread on this topic called "Radio program on Gluten Intolerance" and Dr. Bill Timmins ND explains this in great detail...
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