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  1. Rachel, Does it make you angry that you lost your thyroid? I'm wondering if you could have saved it if you find out the cause earlier on. I'm one of the lucky ones since I sensed that the conventional medical community doesn't know their ass from their elbow from the very beginning. I was offer several drugs to mask my depression/anxiety/headaches/trembling, but I didn't take any. I think that most people who have gluten intlolerance take the med route without searching for causes and that causes further damage and delays healing. My doc said I'm lucky to have came to him early on
  2. Night sweats is a symptom of a parasitic infection. It would be wise to rule these out since Celiacs ALWAYS have some kind of infection, either (parasitic, fungal, bacterial). If it's not cleared total health may not be restored..
  3. The problem we have with todays doctors is that they're simply not educated in nutrition and lifestyle. I know for a fact that gluten causes hundreds of health problems. They only know about celiac and believe its a very rare disease. I just wonder how many people have died from undiagnosed celiac or even gluten sensitivity. They only practice what they are trained and that's to drug it, cut it, or radiate it. It's not there fault because most medical schools only teach about physiology and disease. Most MD's and specialists look at symptoms and take a blood test or a MRI or a Ct scan.
  4. I just don't like people suffering needlessly out there..
  5. Infections like giardia, cryptosporidium parvum, E. Hystolitica, H. Pylori, Candida overgrowth, Ascaris(roundworm) and many more can upset digestive function. Celiacs often have one or more of these infections, so it wouldn't hurt to rule these out with a comprehensive stool test. Many times if you have symptoms after going gluten free, these infections may be the cause. There aren't that many good labs out there who specialize in parasitology though...I know celiacs personally who live completely normal lives after eradicated these infections. Giardia can paint a wall over the digestive
  6. Candida is caused by chronic infection or overuse of antibiotics.
  7. Parasitic infections cause night sweats. What other symptoms do you have?
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