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  1. Hey guys, So I've been really trying to stay gluten free for the past year, and my stomach has become unpredictable on whether it will have a bad reaction or not. It could be totally gluten free and my stomach will still react as if I just ate a roll or doughnut...I don't know what to eat and not eat when it IS gluten-free....I keep getting terrible gas that is terrible to get rid of and have not found a fix for it yet. PLEASE HELP ME! My last stomach ache lasted for 7 hours when I was eating regular food. If you have an answer for this delima that would be awesome! Thanks again
  2. I am deffinately going to have to try that! I do remember something about I have the milk thing too, and I hadn't though much about the soy. Thanks
  3. Hey everybody, I'm new on here but I have a big question. How do you pack school lunches? Just about everything I used to take to lunch now makes me really sick. Any suggestions of gluten free food that will fill you up that I could take? I haven't been eating anything.
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    How Can Ya Manage School Lunch?

    Thank you so much! Those are wonderful ideas! I hadn't thought of nachos or anything like that. And now that ya mention it we usually have lots of leftovers I could take.