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    Baking, Kayaking, Ocean sports. I live on the Oregon Coast....love the out doors. Hanging out with my husband, kids and grand kids.
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    Oregon Coast

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  1. Hi TeresaAnn,

    I live right outside Ocean City, Maryland. Walnuts! I would have never thought of that! It sounds like it would be delicious! Good job. Have you decided to switch your kitchen to gluten free? I'm a little intimidated by it, I love to bake and have bought all the necessary ingredients(I think!) I hope to set some time aside in the next week or 2 to experi...

  2. (think) not thing! LOL

  3. Hi, welcome. I was just diagnosed in august, I saw your post and you said you were from a coastal town, I was hoping you were on my side of the country so I might have the possibility of a local gluten-free baker nearby. But we are on opposite coasts. Good luck and I thing it is a wonderful idea to go with it and create a gluten-free bakery!!


  4. Just saying welcome to the celiac club. Hope you enjoy a huge improvement to your health!

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