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  1. I can appreciate that you all have made peace with this. Years of being a junk food junkie and eating quick on the go, nuke foods, eating only to kill the hunger pains. And thank you for the recipe, but again if I have to hear someone go thru step by step on recipes, I will scream (diet or not). At this age in my life it seems all women want to do is talk about food and they have to go step by step. I just want to hang up on them, but I love them and let them go on. I have told them too many times I hate food and hate to cook. But they are older and I guess that is what gets them by. I am not interested in food. I just needed to vent. I will just ask the Doc for a good vitamin and eat less. It will be easier to deal with. Find some nutrient drink, don't know. I am tired of thinking about all of it. Just keep a minimal list. At this point I guess dating would be out also. Would not want to bring anyone into all this (Hell). The ailment list just seems to be growing. I don't know what to do, life has been overwhelming and now this too. Anyway, here I go again, useless words....Good Luck to all those able or willing to find a way to make peace with this I don't need to lay this negative here, just needed to vent......Thank you.....
  2. Just need to vent. For years I thought I had gallbladder issues. I gave it one more try and went to another Gastrologist. Well, it turns out "benign inflammation called Gastritis" and "suspicious for Celiac/gluten sensitivity" dr says we'll discuss at upcoming office visit. On top of that I have IBS-C. I hate messing with food. I had hopes it was my gallbladder, but NO. I am irrate, pissed, depressed, and totally disgusted. It has taken close to 20 years to figure out what was going on. 2 gastrologists. Getting the letter was like getting a death sentence. I hate to cook, shop for food. All I want to do is cry and scream. But I can't. I'm sure this sounds pathetic to alot of you. Sad thing is I know I will fail at this. I have research this till I am just sick over it. All I needed was more stress. I finally quit researching. I am already over looking at labels. I can't afford special foods, nor do I want to spend the money on them. I am so tired and so disgusted. I gave up drinking for the HEP C. I quit eating greasy foods, meats, pizza, anything heavy and eat small amount to keep from having attacks (which I thought was gallbladder). I can't eat any less. I guess I can go in and say " OK Doc, give me a list of 10 items and that is what I will live on" (or die on). What difference will it make. How much more does a person have to give up, just to live? I am so tired. I am not trying offend anyone, this vent is about me. Part of me just says the heck with it, go back to drinking, and eat what I want and just ask for pain meds and get numb and dumb. oh well, such is life, or lack of. Thanks for letting me vent...
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