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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. OMG! I haven't visited the forum in SOOOOO long, and it is so good to see that this thread is still going strong!!!!! You guys rock! xoxoxoxoxo Lynne
  3. tiredofdoctors!!!

    Thank God I Now Know

    Welcome! I think you will find that this forum has some of the best, most kind, caring and knowledgeable people you will find. When I was in the process of being diagnosed, I honestly don't know what I would have done without them. I...
  4. tiredofdoctors!!!

    Altoids Alert

    As far as I know, everything else is fine, even the strips. It's just the smalls.
  5. Since a well-known friend of ours is having difficulty getting Altoids up in the North , I thought I would purchase some for her and send them there. PLEASE NOTE: The tins I purchased of Altoids Smalls specifically state that they contain...
  6. Angie, that is beautiful!! How cute is that?????
  7. tiredofdoctors!!!

    Question About Enterolab

    I have been told by the GI and the neurologist that my inability to poop is DEFINITELY related to the neurological celiac. I have almost no motility without using the Miralax. Before that, I would do the same as you are doing -- LOTS of...
  8. tiredofdoctors!!!

    Question About Enterolab

    Thanks, Andrea. I think I definitely am going to have the gene testing done. I am concerned with possible "glutening" -- my neurological symptoms are progressing, and my doctor would not test the antigliadin antibodies. He said I would...
  9. I have a question about Enterolab. It's kind of grose, but hey -- on this board we talk about poop enough that everyone is pretty comfortable with the subject. I have neurological celiac. I have only elevated Antigliadin antibodies...
  10. Lisa -- My celiac neurological trouble started with my eyesight. Then I had the balance issues, then the tremors. I strongly recommend that you see a COMPETENT neurologist, and soon. I may even ask him/her if they have treated patients...
  11. I'll go with you, but you don't have to hire me!! I have gotten to the point that I can't stand when a professional demonstrates ignorance in his/her field. Given that I'm not even PRACTICING and I still read books, journals & trade...
  12. Metta -- I forgot about that! I was hacked off . . . you were sick and they were being idiots. So, "neice" Lynne made a little call . . . . Well, I never picked up my letter, and this weekend I received it through regular mail. Or...
  13. The person on this board that knows THE MOST about plants is Shirley! She can tell you about almost any plant there is. Jen and I depended upon her advice for the entire growing season two years ago!! I'll try to remember her board...
  14. Never underestimate the power of the combination of prayer and the human spirit!! Glad she's doing better, Lisa. Keep us posted. Love, Lynne
  15. tiredofdoctors!!!

    Warning Lundberg Bbq Rice Chips!

    It makes me wonder if it's something in the BBQ flavoring -- either that or do they use the chips from the first run for BBQ???