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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi Kathy Ann . . . . would like to give you some good news with regard to my neurological status, but unfortunately, I have not found any improvement in symptoms since going gluten free. Oddly, my laboratory said that they didn't have the capacity to perform DQ1 (why I don't know), so I don't know...
  3. I found the most incredible GI doctor from the oddest place -- my EYE doctor! He is very well-connected, as is his wife, with "who is good, who is not" in the medical world. If you have ANY MD's that you like or trust, or for that matter, nurses, PA's -- people who are "in the know" . . . . start...
  4. Oh, Cathy, don't eat gluten!!!! You'll have to start back at square one . . . Not Good!!!!!
  5. Oh, I don't think that's what it is that I have, then . . . . mine is just like a balloon fills the top of my stomach . . . I get pretty bad chest pain, then I (often) vomit. Don't think that's the same . . . .
  6. Hey . . . that stuff happens to me while I'm eating . . . . It feels like I have a huge balloon in my stomach and chest and then BINGO . . . it's off to the races. Thanks, Patti -- you're a Peach Melba. (that's a good thing!)
  7. I'm just waiting for someone who googled it to tell us what in the world it is . . . . too tired to google anything today!
  8. Thanks for asking that . . . I was wondering it myself. I love Claussen pickles . . . but haven't eaten them since being gluten-free because I was too scared.
  9. Oh -- I forgot -- I also see a registered dietician -- she specializes in Celiac Disease -- and she is helping me to coordinate my new Celiac diet with a weight lost regime -- not an easy task, considering that I can't walk straight, have no muscular coordination (my brain just doesn't tell my muscles...
  10. Welcome T -- you've joined a great group of people! With regard to my doctors, I see two neurologists -- my celiac is in my brain (NOT in my head!!!) . . . Lynne
  11. That is OUTRAGEOUS! I would create hell, I think. What a jerk! mmaccartney: I have gluten ataxia. There are sites (mostly because of studies done in the UK) that can explain it better than me, but here goes: there are proteins on the Perkinje cells of the cerebellum of the brain and the retinas...
  12. Quite frankly, I also think it depends upon your doctor's notes and perspective. I have applied for Social Security Disability because the gluten intolerance has affected my brain. My neurologist was the one who told me to apply. His notes are pretty strong, as well as the second neurologist I...
  13. Yes! I thought I was the only one who had that! I was so embarrassed, I wouldn't tell anybody! My rheumatologist actually diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis based on my ears! He said that he could lift the skin -- it was silvery, and it bled underneath. They itch like crazy!!!!! The only...
  14. I had an elevated IgA, too. I had "outrageously high" IgG antigliadin antibodies (per my neuro doc) for quite some time; since being gluten free, my IgG's have gone down to 12 (only 1 over normal range), and My IgA is within normal limits now. I've been tested for RA, Lupus, everything -- don't...