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  1. The great little shop has gluten free cupcake selections on Wednesdays. One week is usually chocolate based and then next week it's white cake based. It's my new weekly treat and by the gluten-free gods, they look and taste so good. Cheers!
  2. Just an FYI. I went to a Pizza Delight here in Saint John, NB and I found the gluten free pizza to be very good. The only issue I found was that the staff was not very knowledgeable. I asked about the sauce and what meats I could add that were Gluten-Free and they had no clue. I decided to go with a the hawaiian. No ill effects. Sauce was a little boring. The crust was great. It's a round pizza and very thin. It came in a 12 inch only size. If you plan to share, you may want to order two as one is good for about one person, two if you both have small appetites. Cheers!