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  1. so I know I have DQ1 subset 5,6. but is this only one gene or is it double DQ1? The reason I am asking is because i've seen some on this site list it as double DQ1., but then others...
  2. in case someone has the same..I called the lab that did the test and was told that it is DQ1 subset 5,6
  3. would like some help understanding the rest. DQ2 is negative, no other info given. DQ8 negative then with DQ8 it lists DQA1*01 DB:01 and DQB1*05 AEMX:06 Does this mean DQ1 and...
  4. Hello everyone! Fell off the wagon and have been eating gluten for months now. I've decided to have a biopsy when I have my endoscopy(for barret's esophagus) so I know i need...
  5. Hi StephanieL, it's been a long time since I"ve had pumpkin seeds or pumpkin baked goods. I think I am going to buy the seeds(if I can find them!) and try them and see what happens...
  6. ok, thanks! but is the rash an allergic reaction or intolerance?
  7. I just started taking pumpkin oil again to help with my bladder. I took the oil (from capsules) a few months ago and didn't have a problem. I now have a rash on my forearms(the...
  8. Pamela's Products chocolate cake mix! very good, turns out very moist.
  9. Thank you! So if his total serum IgA is low and the IgA tests are inaccurate...should I just go by the DGP IgG or do you think I should have other tests run? thanks!
  10. so should we go by this or the lab ranges that are on the test results? my son's total serum IgA is 21... range for his age (6) is 41-395 found out from the celiac center they...
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