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  1. My daughter is in Chicago for 5 weeks at the University Center and would like to get to a store for some gluten-free food supplies. Can anyone recommended something in walking distance? She'll be talking with the dining staff soon, but "I can't eat salad for 5 weeks!" She's dancing 4-5 hours a day and that will not keep her nourished!
  2. dcns65

    Boston Theatre District

    Bummer, I just tried to reserve a table through Open Table and they have no openings. I'll give them a call tomorrow. We aren't going until May 4. Don't rely on Open table for reservations-A call and we are all set!
  3. dcns65

    Boston Theatre District

    Thanks for the suggestions! Teatro was one of the places we were looking at for dinner. My daughter will only turn 18 once so I did promise her a nice time!
  4. We'll be celebrating my daughter's 18 birthday in Boston next month. We are looking for a gluten-free restaurant near the theatre district as after we eat we are heading to see Boston Ballet perform. Any suggestions?
  5. In our ME town I think I our road was the only one to lose power! In CT, my mom is fine, my sister and brother who live next door to each other are without power and my other sister is without power. My sister and brother will probably be out the longest.
  6. Anyone have a yummy one? My daughter and son love pumpkin and I'm getting tired of plain pancakes!
  7. dcns65

    Restaurants In Norman Ok

    We ate at BJ's and my daughter had a gluten free pizza. They had a gluten free cookie pie for desert. We also ate at Red Robins. Neither of us felt like having mexican or asian food.
  8. We use Nature Made and Rite Aid often has them buy one get one free. With three family members taking them, I usually buy two!
  9. We are headed to Norman OK, home of University of Oklahoma, for a college audition. I'm having a hard time finding restaurants that serve gluten free options. Any suggestions?
  10. dcns65

    Mellow Mushroom Restuarant

    While my daughter was in Raleigh she went to Mellow Mushroom a couple to times for pizza. One night I went with her and it was good! Her friends split a gluten-free pizza (one had no gluten issues but didn't want to buy a whole pizza) and she thought is was great!
  11. Roast Pork, roasted potatoes and acorn squash. Perfect dinner for the first fallish day of the year!
  12. The bakery is in a home and is gluten, dairy, nut free and I also believe it's vegan. I'm going to email them and ask what the ingredients are. There were two other times that we thought he might have been glutened were when he got a hershey candy bar at the store before we googled it (it was some air puffed hershey bar) The other was while on a school's overnight field trip. He threw up on the bus on the way home after white water rafting in the morning but I was thinking he might have been glutened then. Before his diagnosis the burping was really bad after he ate. He seems to be feeling a little better and ate some gluten-free toast, is drinking water and ginger ale. We'll see if anyone else gets sick! We have dodged the stomach virus bullet for many years so I sure hope this isn't the start of a rough year!
  13. My son has been gluten free for about a year. He was pretty sick when first diagnosed so we have been pretty vigilant with cross contamination and watching what he eats. Yesterday was his birthday. I ordered a gluten free cake from a local bakery that sells to farmer's markets, and the health food stores in the area. There Facebook page says they use Ployes Buckwheat flour in their baked goods. This is the first time we have really had anything with buckwheat. My son ate more cake than I've seen him eat in a very long time. Not a full piece but about 1/4. He woke up at 2:00 am saying was hungry (which is odd) and ate a plum and cheese. He proceeded to burp for 1 1/2 hours before throwing up. He threw up one other time around 5:00 am then had diarrea that was very black -tarish-(he does take an iron supplement) around 7:00. He's not feeling well still but has been able to drink water and eat a few pieces of chex cereal. He's been burping some and looks wiped out which makes me think it's the flu. My husband and daughter are also gluten free but they never react when they eat it so I can't use them as a judge as to whether it was the cake or not. Thoughts? I'm still learning and doctors keep telling me I'm way ahead of the curve but I don't feel like it!
  14. My 17 year old daughter had positive blood work, negative biopsy and decided to go gluten free. The doctors gave her the choice of being tested again in a year while eating gluten or go gluten free. For us it was the strong family history, thyroid issues already starting and knowing another girl who suffered for months before she was diagnosed. My daughter also did not want to risk getting sick as she headed off to college next year. Even after 6 months of being pretty much gluten free her numbers were still not in the normal range.
  15. Tender Blueberry Snack cake. Had to use those fresh Maine Blueberries in something delicious! http://madeleinesmadeleines.bangordailynews.com/2012/07/24/archives/tender-blueberry-snack-cake/