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  1. Roast Pork, roasted potatoes and acorn squash. Perfect dinner for the first fallish day of the year!
  2. I successfully grilled a soy/brown sugar/orange juice marinated salmon! My cooking skills are growing! My son ate it all up! The rest of the meal was rice and peas.
  3. It's a grill night-Steak, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes with apples. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/grilled-sweet-potatoes-with-apples/reviews.aspx?SortBy=Helpfulness&Direction=Descending&Page=6 Trying to get my son to like sweet potatoes!
  4. Son had tilapia and hubby and I had salmon with maple glaze. I also cooked new red potatoes with garlic and thyme and some broccoli on the side. So happy my son eats fish!
  5. That chicken salad sounds delicious (minus the onions). Chicken with soy sauce, fries and salad tonight. Not very creative!
  6. It was good ole Maine Lobstah as I'm a Mainer, but a transplant. Kids are natives though! Tonight will be breakfast for dinner. Blueberry pancakes and bacon. Need to ask my daughter what she wants the next two nights before she goes away for 5 weeks to a summer ballet program.
  7. My son loves Lobster so tonight we are celebrating his graduation from 8th grade to high school with lobster!
  8. He used breadcrumbs and ritz or town house crackers so I'm thinking he can substitue the rice cereal. Poor guy wanted a saltine type cracker for his soup yesterday. The glutino ones just weren't the same. We'll try the new combinations this weekend!
  9. Ah meatloaf! We haven't tried making that since going gluten-free in January. Can you post the recipe? Hubby usually make the meatloaf in our house so I'll give him some tips on adapting it to gluten-free. Looks like a broiled steak, potatoes and green/yellow beans for dinner. I would...
  10. My daughter is wanting a better mac and cheese. Please share your creamy five cheese sauce!
  11. My DD is a dancer and there is a flour paste in some brands of pointe shoes (Freeds, Gambas and others) that is used in the box to harden the box area. There are newer shoes that use synthetic materials (Gaynors) but many shoes are still handmade with natural materials.