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  1. Beth P.

    Modified Food Starch - Avoid?

    I've been puzzled by the "modified food starch" for a long time also. Fanta orange pop (and other flavors) say that on the label. & I've always been wary of it. There is a high-end grocery store in my town that has another brand of pop for sale right next to the Fanta. It carries a Gluten-Free label, as if to suggest that the other brands are not. I don't know where Fanta is made, since I don't have a bottle in front of me, but I will stop worrying about it.
  2. Beth P.


    Thanks for that info! I had a hard time finding this thread again to find your reply. It's interesting that the tree is related to chocolate, since I am also allergic to chocolate. There are SO MANY booby-traps! I just now read the list of ingredients on a bottle of pop I was drinking. Fanta orange soda in the glass bottle: contains modified food starch................. Beth P.
  3. Beth P.


    I'd like to add a comment about my own experiences with annatto. I have been gluten-free for about 3 1/2 years now & have much less trouble than before. But I still react to things that I don't yet know what they are. Hives, swelling of fingers, palms, wrist, soles of my feet. But worst is when my tongue suddenly swells up, which happens a lot. I have kept a food diary & have had suspicions about certain flavored syrups as well as eggnog & the margarine I use. I have finally narrowed it all down to the common ingredient of annatto. The reaction is usually about 2 hours later. It is probably a true allergy & not an intolerance in the way the celiac thing is. I have found a margarine that has beta-carotene as a coloring agent & am going to try that out. Looking forward to a breakfast of gluten-free muffins, annatto-free margarine, & NO tongue-swelling.
  4. Swanson seems to have quite a variety of beef broths with slightly different names. I just bought a 14.5 oz. can of Swanson 100% Natural Beef Broth 100% Fat Free No added MSG. The list of ingredients SEEMED innocuous, but now I am suspicious of the term "yeast extract". It sounds to me that this product is NOT gluten-free, although I cannot find it specifically mentioned in this thread. I'm going to toss it out & not use it, but I am puzzled why they bother to make some of their products gluten-free, but not this one. Any additional information & clarification you might be able to provide would be most appreciated. Beth P.
  5. Hi all: there's a new kind of Bayer Aspirin on the market. Bayer Advanced, extra strength. 500 mg. coated tablets. "Pro-release Technology" very fancy sounding. List of inert ingredients SEEM all right. Am taking 1 pill with an anti-histamine just 2 B sure. I have both gluten-free issues & allergy issues, & often don't know what kind of reaction I'm having to something. Does anyone here know anything about this new product? Beth P.
  6. This probably isn't a new question, but I'm having a hard time finding a definitive answer. I have a lot of trouble finding cosmetics I can use, based on multiple allergies, as well as the wheat/gluten problem. Cosmeticians will say that Aluminum Starch is derived from corn, but that doesn't really answer the question. Modified Corn Starch is derived from corn too, but can have wheat ingredients added into it later. SO: does anyone here know if Aluminum Starch is a completely gluten-free ingredient. It is in some Nivea products that I would like to try, but won't unless I know this one item is safe. Thanks!
  7. Beth P.

    Caramel In Robitussin Products

    Sorry so long to reply. I was sick for ages. Went with another cough formula that didn't contain caramel, so I didn't have to wonder. I ran into the list of 3 products that Pfizer says contain gluten on many websites, including here in one of the forums. this is the link to one of the sites I saw. Other sites mentioned Robitussin products containing the word Peak in the product name.
  8. Beth P.

    Caramel In Robitussin Products

    Thanks for the fast reply. I checked that drug list last night, but Robitussin Chest Congestion is not specifically listed on it. I think it's new, being just the guaifenesin, & isn't on many lists anywhere. Another posting has specifically said that 3 new products in the Robitussin line are declared to contain gluten. This is new. I avoid many latte flavorings that contain caramel coloring because I have had lots of problems with that ingredient. Both in the past & recently. It may be something else in caramel that bothers me or something else altogether.
  9. I'm sure this is an old old question/problem. I'm getting pretty frustrated by how ubiquitous caramel is as an ingredient in so many many things. It is listed as a coloring and/or thickening agent in Robitussin Chest Congestion, which is just the guaifenesin,(no other therapeutic ingredient). Previous postings don't seem to mention this particular product much, focusing on DM and other similar ones. Caramel can have gluten or not, seemingly, depending on where it is made. And Robitussin has started hedging about how they "don't add gluten". Does anyone know how likely or unlikely it is that this product has glutin in its' caramel? Hate to take a chance but need some cough medicine.