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  1. husband home today so i am making venison stroganoff w/noodles (tinkyada fettucine) and haaaaarvard beets - one of his favorites. and he brought me home a 'hot dog and a shake' = just what i was hungry for Thursday night hubby walked in and I said "not so healthy meal" his reply your making...
  2. Happy Valentine Day all. Filet Mignon w/ Brandy Mushroom sauce, herb butter lobster tail, green bean w/ shallots, baby greens w/ cranberries, glazed walnuts goat cheese and raspberry dressing. Best part of the meal Tiramisu made w/ Schar gluten-free ladyfingers. OMG the ladyfingers held up...
  3. Sounds awesome Alec, can I come for left overs? Now I'm eating leftovers from today. We did a late brunch, both boyz were home with friends. We did quiches with fresh fruit. Quiches were, Ham, tomato and Swiss Mushroom, onion, spinach Zucchini and goat cheese Mixed vegetable and ricotta...
  4. Leftovers - Sauerbraten, potato dumplings, Minestrone soup, veal marsala, mushroom risotto various vegetables. Might have soup and a panini with my gluten-free rye bread. Been a busy cooking weekend. Enjoy the evening all.
  5. Mushroom risotto, veal marsala and grilled baby eggplant with goat cheese balsamic. yum. Now back in the kitchen and time to cook my Sauerbraten and kartoffelklossee for tomorrow. The meat has been soaking all week and I cook tonight and then fridge overnight making it easier to slice tomorrow...
  6. White wine appetizer, main course white wine followed by white cranberry and seltzer for dessert. Should be clean as a whistle for the GI series tomorrow.
  7. D.H. Birthday today, didn't want to go out and be CC (only 4 wks gluten-free). Veal Marsala w/ mushrooms, mushroom risotto and shallot green beans. Best part was I brought Ice Cream (in lieu of cake) he went to our favorite Thai and brought me Pumpkin Mouse. He even asked to see the ingredients...
  8. Thai Shrimp Curry, snow peas, basmati rice and salad. First try @ homemade Thai, we use to go out once a month for it. DH loved it, said it was better then our favorite place. The boys are coming home this weekend and I'll try it with tofu for our one son who's vegetation. yum.
  9. Chicken Cutlet Florentine w/ Shallot and Shiitake Mushrooms(rice flour wasn't bad), Grilled Baby Eggplant w/ Balsamic & EVOO over spring salad. (no goat cheese this week need lactose free for next 3 weeks).