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  1. Cathey

    I Think I've Been Glutened By Dog Food

    Sorry your not feeling well, it's all in the washing hands again and again and again and dry with paper towels. I feed...
  2. Cathey


    I have had Redbridge (drink it all the time), Greens (dark, heavy), New Grist (light almost lemony), Bard's (little heavy...
  3. Cathey


    Dh is always looking for options for me and brought home a new cider, "Michelob Ultra Light Cider". Just tried the one...
  4. Cathey

    Thank You

    Just passed my 6 month anniversary of being Gluten Free (end of October). I realized I never could of made it without...
  5. Cathey

    Melting Mexican Cheese?

    Kraft is safe they dust the grated cheese with potato flour, some companies do not. Unfortunately we have became a label...
  6. I have not had Mexican food out, but I have made it many times @ home. I do not use prepackaged seasoning, I use the...
  7. Cathey

    Where ?

    Thank you, I'm sending a pm.
  8. Cathey

    Where ?

    So DH and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary this summer. I was thinking Punta Cana, Aruba or another cruise (been...
  9. Cathey

    Planning A Trip To Italy

    I was going to suggest contacting you as I've saved your post for our trip next year. Love this place.
  10. I have to pot and not use the earth do to Chlordane 50 yrs ago on the property. We've been lucky with the mild winter...
  11. Cathey

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    I never ever make breakfast, maybe a dozen times a year when the boyz are home. This pass Sunday our youngest was home...
  12. Cathey

    How Do You Afford It?

    Hey Lynxi, Don't fret about the pet food, you have enough to worry about yourself. My 4 legged best friend (dog) is...
  13. I started using nutraMetrix several months ago (I get it from my GP). I can't compare the mg as my is measured in CFU...
  14. That's ok, Tom it was a small amount left and several months old. I usually use the Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta's so...
  15. Cathey


    Wonderful ideas Takala. You also could wait a week or so and go out when the restaurants are not so busy. With the...