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  1. Alcohol makes me so sick. I took one shot of patron and I know it's gluten free and my stomach burned. I have a very sensitive stomach ever since I got diagnosed, and I can't tolerate any pain killers except ibuprofen. well anyanyways, after I took the shot my stomach felt like it was ripping apart, and I threw up a bunch of times. I drank alcohol this whole summer and In the morning my stomach would feel horrible. I have been gluten free for awhile and actually when i first started drinking this summer all my celiac symptoms went away and I ha add no stomach pain but then it started up again. I don't know my body is confusing lol. But I obviously quit drinkingdrinking since my stomach can't handle it. Has this happened to anyone else? I'll live without alcohol I was never much of a drinker, but I thought your stomach was supposed to heal and be able to tolerate stuff you used to. fresh this can be frustrating. And sorry if my punctuation or spelling is not perfect, I'm writing this on a kindle fire. not easy for meme
  2. Oh... It won't let me post the whole Thing. But I guess research has supposedly found corn gluten to have similar effects and damages in people with celiac. Like I said I have found myself to be intolerant to any form of corn and beans They also included reactions to certain beans. Now their questioning the directions and definition of a true gluten free diet. Any thoughts on the subject?
  3. I seen this on the news awhile ago but I came across the website. I myself can tolerate corn, or high fructose corn syrup. Nor can I tolerate beans very well. I thought this was interesting http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/gluten-free-society-blog/new-research-will-demand-an-evolution-in-the-gluten-free-diet-definitions/ Anyone else have an issue with corn
  4. You will know if you have crohns because I've heard the pain from it be described as close to labor pains. Now I'll tell ya from experience those hurt! I had ulcerative colitis when I was younger and luckily it healed.by itself but (very similar pain as crohns) and id wake up sweaty. I know several people who have crohns disease and their Main symptoms are extreme pain and bloody diarrhea. It will only get worse too. You get sicker and sicker. Now depending on she. Your symptoms started but the doctors.most likely would of seen the extreme inflammation crohns causes. Hope that made you feel better. (I myself questioned if I had crohns at one point so I asked people who actually have it.)
  5. Ahh thank you. Someone told me about a small proportion of celiac sufferers also are intolerant to fructose. So for the day i didn't eat or drink anything with it. Then i go to taco bell and get a Baja blast (totally forgot about the fructose in soda) and drank some. 1hour later and i have D and an icky stomach. And when i smoke cigarettes i usually drink something right after so i think i found my real culprit! No more candy for me and i am also lactose intolerant so no ice cream either. I can't have any sweet things. Alot of fruit does it to me too. Only thing i can eat ok is half of a banana and any grapes are ok.
  6. I fast for my religion once in awhile and I noticed if I haven't eaten all day and then eat something heavy, my stomach gets crampy, bloated, and gassy. But that's even normal for people without celiacs disease. Now if you notice that when you haven't eaten and your stomach feels a slightly lunched associated with an empty burning feeling, then you need to eat small meals throughout the day. When you go to sleep that is all the rest your digestive system needs. If you want to give it a break eat rice or drink gluten free chicken broth.
  7. I get migraines and bad headaches either early in the morning or late at night. Im always nauseous. It could also be from not absorbing nutrients properly from damaged villi. That is my main cause of my headaches.
  8. i love coming on here because i always learn something new!! :)

  9. i love coming on here because i always learn something new!! :)

  10. Yea I think I do. After eating anything with peppers and I get bloated with potatoes and I dont dare try anything with tomato sauce. I have a hard time eating ketchup sometimes. Cigarettes are part of the night shade family? I have only briefly read about it in college could you please share more information?
  11. Yea I read about it postponing the trigger of celiacs disease. I also have problems with gerd and I read it can make it worse because it can increase acid production in the stomach.
  12. You guys are lucky. I get mine every month but their super late and hurt like he double hockey sticks. Ever since my celiac disease got triggered, they have gotten worse than even after i had my son. Has that happened to anyone else. Everything is super tender (upper area) and the cramping goes all the way to my thighs and feel like beginning of labor sometimes =/ the worst is probably ny irritability. I get irritable for a week before I get it and can't stand anybody. I wonder if its normal. I gave never gotten them this bad until I got sick and went on the gluten free diet.
  13. So everytime I smoke a cigarette my stomach starts to hurt or a couple minutes it will get bloated and icky feeling. All im wondering is has that happened to anybody? I am trying so hard to quit but I am addicted and I have been using them to help relieve stress sometimes. Can cigarettes damage the healing process?? Thanks(I know it's bad for you but I just want to know if it can make my stomach feel like this too)
  14. I would get a colonoscopy done asap because it sounds like you have something called crohns disease and to only be sure you would need a colonoscopy done. When they tested me for celiacs my blood work came back negative but then they did a colonoscopy and endoscopy and took a biopsy and showed signs of celiac. Crohns disease is excruciatingly pain ful, and you lose alot of weight. It also doesn't matter what race you are, its an autoimmune disease anybody can have it. Get a colonoscopy done asap because whatever it is, they most likely will be able to find it with that.
  15. heidi g.


    If you feel better stay on the diet. My blood test came back negative and my biopsy came back positive. And my genetic test came back positive. My symptoms were: extreme bloating, constipation, some diarrhea, lactose intolerant (which I have never been before until I got sick) extreme nausea, gas, indigestion, acid reflux, and basically every symptom of gerd.