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  1. heidi g.


    Alcohol makes me so sick. I took one shot of patron and I know it's gluten free and my stomach burned. I have a very...
  2. Oh... It won't let me post the whole Thing. But I guess research has supposedly found corn gluten to have similar effects...
  3. I seen this on the news awhile ago but I came across the website. I myself can tolerate corn, or high fructose corn syrup...
  4. You will know if you have crohns because I've heard the pain from it be described as close to labor pains. Now I'll tell...
  5. Ahh thank you. Someone told me about a small proportion of celiac sufferers also are intolerant to fructose. So for the...
  6. I fast for my religion once in awhile and I noticed if I haven't eaten all day and then eat something heavy, my stomach...
  7. I get migraines and bad headaches either early in the morning or late at night. Im always nauseous. It could also be...
  8. i love coming on here because i always learn something new!! :)

  9. i love coming on here because i always learn something new!! :)

  10. Yea I think I do. After eating anything with peppers and I get bloated with potatoes and I dont dare try anything with...
  11. Yea I read about it postponing the trigger of celiacs disease. I also have problems with gerd and I read it can make...
  12. You guys are lucky. I get mine every month but their super late and hurt like he double hockey sticks. Ever since my...
  13. So everytime I smoke a cigarette my stomach starts to hurt or a couple minutes it will get bloated and icky feeling....
  14. I would get a colonoscopy done asap because it sounds like you have something called crohns disease and to only be sure...
  15. heidi g.


    If you feel better stay on the diet. My blood test came back negative and my biopsy came back positive. And my genetic...