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im BIG into research and ive researched myself silly about this disease. if you have any questions let me know!

  1. i love coming on here because i always learn something new!! :)

  2. i love coming on here because i always learn something new!! :)

  3. Uh-oh..sorry to hear you aren't doing well. Having some up days and some down, seem par for the course? If your bad days outweigh the good..maybe you need to consider an additional intolerance..or maybe SIBO? I hope you get things sorted out..and take probiotics. They help.

  4. Having some complications..still losing weight and growing weaker. They're sending me for more tests. Might be Whipple's Disease? I hope not!

  5. Still struggling here...will be heading to the Mayo Clinic on Sunday.

    Taking a medication for the anxiety of dealing with this big life change sounds like a good idea? I hope it helps you feel a bit more at ease.

  6. Hi, I saw that you visited me so I returned the visit.

    Hope you are doing well.

    I finally figured out my most recent food issues and am finally doing great after a long series of elimination/challenge diets.

    It can be really hard to come up with the right things to eliminate!

  7. Hey kiddo. How are you feeling?? Better I hope. IH

  8. genetic testing :/ oh boyy

  9. Today wasn't so bad :)

  10. ughhh today is just hopeless :( i feel like im getting worse and not better

  11. only the whipped salad dressing at aldis is safe- aldis puts if its gluten free on the package. all you have to do is look on the back and it will say this products is naturally gluten free