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  1. Ghosty

    Fast Weight Loss

    I might be missing it but I don't see how long it took you to lose the 12 pounds? If it was a short amount of time, just getting rid of grains could result in weight loss from water weight, glycogen stores and waste. If you're worried...
  2. Ghosty

    Why Can't I Lose Weight?

    What do you mean by this? What was the problem with histamine, and how did you figure it out / fix it? Forgive me if this is obvious, but I don't understand and am curious.
  3. Ghosty

    Why Can't I Lose Weight?

    Just wanted to add I know it sucks when it seems like you are doing everything right, and still not seeing the results you want. It definitely does sound like something bigger, like Thyroid, may be going on. I'm not knowledgeable...
  4. Ghosty

    South Beach Anyone?

    Just curious...other than gluten, what are some foods that affect you negatively? Are these foods allowed on the South Beach Diet? Like I wrote, just curious. Keep us posted and good luck.
  5. Just my opinion as someone that follows Paleo... You need to increase protein. Aim for .7 - 1 gram per pound. These are generally accepted amounts, especially with your weight work outs. This will probably put your protein intake closer...
  6. I agree with no lunch meat. Bacon may be ok if you get it directly form a butcher, or other ways to get it minimally processed. Otherwise skip it. When I eat really strict my condiments of choice are yellow mustard and hot sauce (sometimes...
  7. Ghosty

    Going The Primal Route....

    I know of many that have seen success with a Paleo / Primal diet. Personally, I follow Paleo, and have seen some success. Just need to add a correction to some posts above. The main difference between Paleo and Primal is that Primal...
  8. Ghosty


    Well RDB, since you want to avoid gluten, sugar and most dairy, I recommend Sarah Fragoso's - Everyday Paleo. It has great recipes that have no gluten / dairy / most sugars. Plus, if you're not worried bout a bit of dairy, you could always...
  9. Thanks for the recipe Free. I avoid dairy and sugar as well, and it looks like there are some alternative suggestions in there. Thanks for the tips RiceG. Good stuff there. I shoulda asked this a while ago.
  10. ^ Sure Free...I would take that recipe. Good to have some options. Thanks.
  11. Thanks again for all the suggestions! I ended up combining a couple suggestions and it worked beautifully. I did one cup almond flour to four eggs. Put a bit of cinnamon in them and nothing else. They stayed together and cooked...
  12. Thanks for the all the suggestions. Kelley - I actually thought about making them smaller, and tried that last time...no difference though. I now make my own almond flour, but was using Honeyville and had the same results. I have used...
  13. Wow...lottsa good info here. I eat Paleo. I eat a lotta meat. Sometimes its all that's in my meal. Bought a grass fed organic cow, and keep it in the freezer. Eat it several times a week. Slow cook roast. Make burgers with jalapenos...
  14. Ghosty

    Diet To Lose Weight

    Well...its been mentioned, but I gotta second the Peleo Diet which, if done traditional, does not allow gluten. In fact, I follow this diet, and am not Celiac, but still avoid gluten as much as a can. Yes, I realize it is a luxury that...
  15. Just to add... Yes, I'm in agreement to many of the above posts. I find coconut was meant to be used with a more traditional flour, and not necessarily the only flour used when doing things like baking. It expands and throws off measurements...