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  1. Bone deep. The itching is bone deep & more. You could scratch through the skin, down through the flesh to the bone, scratch straight through the bone & continue through the flesh on the other side until you had a hole you could see...
  2. squirmingitch

    How long for DH rash to go away?

    You know you have to eat gluten every day for 12 weeks for testing don't you? That is for either the celiac blood panel or the dh biopsy. 60% of those with dh test negative on the blood panel.
  3. Go to the Coping Section & read the Newbie 101 pinned at the top.
  4. squirmingitch

    Change Signature information

    Thank you Scott!
  5. How do we change our signature information? Mine is old & out of date & needs to be updated. Thanks
  6. Homemade bone broth. There are numerous recipes on the internet. Extremely nourishing, very digestible & gentle on the gut. Give him easy to digest foods --in other words cook veggies to death - no raw ones. Might want to avoid dairy...
  7. I agree. Make sure you keep eating gluten until after the endoscopy. Yes, I'm sure she's probably swamped but do try to get clarification on whether she's going to refer you to a GI. If your insurance does not require a referral then...
  8. I did have muscle twitching & muscle wasting. In fact, one of my 1st signs of cross contamination is a muscle under my right eye starts twitching. Drives me batty!!!! That thing twitched for a solid year pre diagnosis.
  9. squirmingitch

    How long for DH rash to go away?

    There is no hard & fast answer. Everyone is different. Read a bunch of threads in this topic listing & you can see how much it varies.
  10. Even for the dh biopsy, you have to do the same gluten challenge --- 12 weeks --- as you do for the blood test for celiac. It doesn't make the time different just because they are doing a skin biopsy. Sorry.
  11. I am surprised they allow wine without specifying only white wine. Generally they say nothing red, orange or purple. You should be able to do popsicles - lime, lemon or banana flavor.
  12. At least you aren't in pain anymore. There is that.
  13. Ohhhhhhh, so she is a GI doc. Find a new GI.
  14. I'm sorry but your doctor has the order of things screwed up. You have to be eating gluten for the endoscopic biopsies. http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faq/what-is-a-gluten-challenge/ What she would have you do is go gluten-free...
  15. I am pretty sure I have RA. I have so many symptoms. It's really sort of jumped on me in the last 2 or 3 months to where almost every single day I have 1 to multiple body parts affected. It seemed to come after getting cross contaminated...