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  1. I saw my GI today and he was not helpful. He didn't even really listen. He's a nice guy, really, which is a plus, but he's not going to be figuring out any mysteries for me. I did ask for the lactulose test and he basically said yes to appease me (it will be negative but you can have it if you...
  2. I do keep a diary. I'm curious to hear about the experiences of others as I know it's something that happens to other people.
  3. I've seen some people say that eating dairy gives them symptoms like depression. If that happens to you, how quickly does it kick in? And does it happen every time you eat dairy and with every kind of dairy? I'm trying to figure out if dairy is affecting me or if it's just coincidence, or...
  4. Yes, I know, I read her blog Thanks. It's not a quack illness but it's not widely tested for either and there's a decent risk of the tests being done wrong, so if I want them I should probably seek out a doctor who knows more about it than mine.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I've seen my doctor twice since I last posted and I don't think she's taking me seriously at all. She's chalking it up to psychological stress and has referred me to a psychiatrist. I spoke with her about histamine intolerance for a long time and she didn't want...
  6. Hi Dee, thank you for your kind message and suggestions. No real updates here but hopefully I'll get it figured out eventually
  7. Hello all, I'll give a short version here and then details below! The short version is that I eat totally gluten free and have for a long time, and I still feel sick. I'm seeing my doc on Thursday and I was hoping that some of you could help me think of things to ask her, tests to suggest/request...
  8. Yes I do. You can contact me for details.

  9. I absolutely have this response. It's not an early response for me, at least not that I've noticed, but it's definitely one that arrives with chronic exposure. I was undiagnosed for many years and was always extremely sensitive to those things, especially textures and itchy or tight-fitting clothing...