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  1. Hi all: I just wanted to highly recommend the Red Robin in La Mirada, CA. I had such a wonderful experience, that...
  2. Hi All: Several months ago, I went on the elimination diet, and felt wonderful. While I think it did
  3. Hi everyone: I have a pretty odd question, not sure if any one here has any experience this or something similar
  4. Hi: I have asked several questions here, but this is my first time answering one, so I hope you are patient with...
  5. So it happened again this weekend. My partner had a summer cold that basically knocked him out over the weekend
  6. Hey All: Wow, I just checked this post again for the first time in several months (I didn
  7. Hey All: If you ever find yourselves in Long Beach and are looking for a great, romantic place to eat, go to Cafe...
  8. Hello Everyone: Just wanted to give a quick update. I had my doctor's appointment on Monday, and was very pleased...
  9. Just wanted to give a quick update
  10. Hey Everyone: Well, I took a lot heat in an earlier posting in this forum for (heaven forbid) wanting to see a...