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  1. Hey All:

    If you ever find yourselves in Long Beach and are looking for a great, romantic place to eat, go to Cafe Piccalo (http://cafepiccolo.com/)... They don't have a specific gluten-free menu, but the chef (and most of the waitstaff, are very knowledgeable about gluten-free--my waitress last night wasn't, but I've heard from a friend that other waitstaff members are--and my waitress was very helpful, once I explained it.)

    They also have gluten-free Angel Hair Noodles that can be substituted upon request..... Piccalo was always my favorite restaurant in Long Beach before I knew I had celiac disease, and was thrilled to learn I could eat there now.... I was nervous because I'm so spoiled with the gluten-free menus at PF Chang's and other places, but I had no ill effects, and the food tasted wonderful as always...

    I really respect the national chains for their gluten-free menus, but it was really nice to go to an independent restaurant with a lot of character and ambiance, you can't always say that about Outback Steakhouse or some of the other chains :).



  2. Hello Everyone:

    Just wanted to give a quick update.

    I had my doctor's appointment on Monday, and was very pleased with the service and level of care.

    Basically, I met with a doctor, he listened to my concerns, then had a consult with another doctor. She too was very nice, and was actually very familiar with celiac disease, food allergies and the elimination diet. (I was really impressed with that, when I had insurance several years ago, my doctor had never even heard of celiac disease.)

    At any rate, they scheduled about six different tests, and I will go back for them in about two weeks. The fees were very reasonable, all of the tests amounted to little more than, $200 total. They said if they decided I need more complex or involved testing later, that could get pricey very quickly, and suggested go through the county's "Ability to pay" program for those tests. But I truly don't think it will come to that.

    I am going to opt out of one test. They suggested I eat gluten for three weeks and get tested for it then. The doctor who seemed to know a lot about Celiac Disease said three weeks would be enough time to show up on the blood test, though I've heard here it could take a lot longer...

  3. I don't think you are hearing us David. Any lab tests now would probably be negative--blood for antibodies or endoscopy for intestinal damage. You have been off gluten too long. What do you want this doctor to do for you?? Cost you a lot of money to tell you you are not a celiac?? I am very confused here as to what you hope to achieve.

    Yes, it is frustrating to have to pick your way through the minefield of food intolerances; and more can pop up along the way, especially while you are still healing, but we really have to do it ourselves. As I said, there is no magic pill to get you through this, and at this point your only possible choice of testing, IMHO, is through Enterolab.


    Yes, I understand that it is too late for a celiac disease diagnosis, but can

  4. You are in a bit of a cleft stick.

    I have never heard that expression before, I like it....

    At any rate, I think I will at the very least fill out the paperwork to see how much money I will be on the hook for if I do go for treatment on this. If it is not a large amount, there is no harm in seeing a doctor, whether or not it will get me the results I am looking for.

    If my out-out-of-pocket expense is a lot (at least considering my current budget), I have a more difficult decision.

    But either way, I will have an advantage knowing that whenever I have a question, I can ask it here and get a lot of informed answers.

    Thanks again.