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  1. Booghead


    Yea I will post what i find out!
  2. Booghead


    Crappy Doctor said the TPO tests were normal. My TSH levels have never been under 2.5 so still pretty high for graves...
  3. Most of you know that I have had fluctuating thyroid and stomach pain. Not to mention inability to sleep. Last doctor...
  4. Booghead

    The Song Name Game

    The Face- Kings of Leon
  5. Booghead

    Update On My Plans

    I saw a massage therapist and then a chiropractor for the adjustment. She was a very good massage therapist, i didn't...
  6. I understood the sarcasm in your post. Some people just aren't sarcastic people, lol. I just wanted to make sure you...
  7. Booghead

    Update On My Plans

    Of course my plans include that! I don't have to apply to college until next September. And I of course always study...
  8. Booghead

    People Who Don't Want To Understand

    I don't tell any one anything. I eat my meals at my home with my family, and I don't talk about any kind of health problems...
  9. Booghead

    The Song Name Game

    You and I-Lady Gaga
  10. Yesterday we went to a Chiropractor and an eye doctor. Last year when I had back pain we went to a normal doctor who...
  11. Booghead

    Symptoms, Negative Tests

    Thanks Avalon, I have read up on anal fissures and that is what it probably is. Going to go for more fruits and veggies...
  12. Booghead

    Symptoms, Negative Tests

    I was not gluten free for the first test of TSH. A month later when they tested Free T3 and T4 I had been gluten free...
  13. Booghead

    Symptoms, Negative Tests

    High TSH first time 5.17 range .3-3.0 I don't have the results of TPO but doctor said it was normal. I guess if need...
  14. Doctor called and he said the tests came back normal. He says that the normal tests do not rule out the thyroid as being...
  15. Booghead

    Outdoor Temperature Today?

    It has officially started snowing. It isn't cold enough for me to justify carrying my coat to school, but the wind is...