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  1. Booghead


    Yea I will post what i find out!
  2. Booghead


    Crappy Doctor said the TPO tests were normal. My TSH levels have never been under 2.5 so still pretty high for graves disease. But my T4 was off the chart in the high direction. We managed to get an appointment with the good doctor on Wednesday. I've been recording my heart rate when I wake up for the doctor to see when we go in on Wednesday. Well see what he says, I don't know if I'm bad enough to see a cardiologist. Of course my good family doctor will tell us whether I should or not. I had a really rough night last night. I tossed and turned and could not get back to sleep from 3 to 5:30 and woke up again at 6:30 when I got up. I'm also not feeling very good today ( head ache, sore legs, "sour" stomach). I'm really excited to see a doctor who I know is committed to finding out what is wrong and helping me out in the meantime. I'm thinking the reason I have a hard time sleeping is because I can't get my heart rate under 90. Any who I'm glad we got in on Wednesday. Hopefully I don't die in the meantime lol, jk.
  3. Most of you know that I have had fluctuating thyroid and stomach pain. Not to mention inability to sleep. Last doctor appointment (3 or so weeks ago) I had a high heart rate. I am now doing a gym class where we have to take our heart rates. I took it after sitting at my desk for 30 minutes and mine was 114. For a 17 year old that is fairly high "best range" being 60-80. So I have taken it several more times over and over and I finally took it right when I woke up this morning and it was 114. As soon as I woke up ( no alarm). I have a feeling this is why I can't hardly sleep. I took it after doing cardio in gym for 10 minutes as well. That result was 150. Only 10 minutes of cardio and I had waited 30 minutes to take it. We are trying to get in to my very good family doctor (who we should have seen to begin with) but he is retiring this year and he is very booked. It is a possibility that I won't be able to get in until March. I was wondering if you guys know anything about Tachycardia and whether I should see a different doctor instead if he can't get me in until march. Keep in mind that it has been high 3 weeks now. I took it right now and it is about 94.
  4. Booghead

    Update On My Plans

    I saw a massage therapist and then a chiropractor for the adjustment. She was a very good massage therapist, i didn't like the chiropractor nearly as much. lol
  5. I understood the sarcasm in your post. Some people just aren't sarcastic people, lol. I just wanted to make sure you knew that someone understood your sarcasm.
  6. Booghead

    Update On My Plans

    Of course my plans include that! I don't have to apply to college until next September. And I of course always study hard! As for the
  7. Booghead

    People Who Don't Want To Understand

    I don't tell any one anything. I eat my meals at my home with my family, and I don't talk about any kind of health problems. It is just easier to say nothing about it. Don't tell them your food is gluten free and they won't know which means they won't comment on it. And the people that did make these comments don't need to be around you anymore. As for the comment about gluten-free food being free, gluten-free food is the most expensive s**t on the planet. It doesn't taste good, it doesn't look good and it costs 3 times as much as its gluten filled counter part. *the gluten free food mentioned here is the processed foods. I.E. gluten-free cookies, gluten-free bread, gluten-free brownies. The naturally gluten free food is very tasty. That is all.
  8. Yesterday we went to a Chiropractor and an eye doctor. Last year when I had back pain we went to a normal doctor who ran tests for kidneys, bladder, and I would assume any other organ that could have been a culprit. I believe all came back fine and my back pain went away. So yesterday I had a massage and an adjustment. I'm not feeling much better in the way of back pain, and the chiropractor says I don't put my shoulders back far enough in my posture. He was telling me how much better people feel after adjustments and how much better they sleep. I didn't sleep any better and I don't feel any better. But maybe it takes time. At the eye doctor I got a prescription for a pair of glasses, my eyes are way too dry for contacts. Ok now to my diet plans. I'm going to try to eat a cleaner and healthier diet. Fruits and Veg with meat. I'm not going to cut out meat for my cholesterol, because my cholesterol is in healthy ranges. And here in Utah meat is always apart of dinner. This part might make you guys a little angry but I'm not going to cut out gluten either. I am surely going to cut back on processed foods which means cutting back on gluten but I am going to allow myself a piece of pizza on pizza night, or a roll at Sunday dinner. I'm not going to be eating half as much gluten as I do now, but I will be eating some. Here are my plans. I am sure they will make me healthier and happier. I am now enrolled in a gym class at school. We stretch every day. We also run and lift weights. For now these are the plans I have decided on, if I don't get any better then I will have to cut out gluten. One step at a time. Thanks for all the responses and help you guys are amazing.
  9. Booghead

    Symptoms, Negative Tests

    Thanks Avalon, I have read up on anal fissures and that is what it probably is. Going to go for more fruits and veggies, and try to have a cleaner and healthier diet, along with drinking water. In all honesty one day I can truly be very constipated and the next day have a really soft bowel movement,so soft it is almost like diarrhea. It changes almost weekly. In all honesty I kind of just want to forget all of this, and ignore everything. But I try to do that and then a major symptom pops up and I'm in horrible pain. The last 2 nights I have had terrible back pain. I carry a back pack at school, but so do thousands of other kids. I sit in chairs just like other kids. My back is just killer. I took prescription naproxen last night and it didn't help. I've iced it today and it didn't help. It is going to start hurting sooner tomorrow, the only thing I can hope is that the weekend will help it stop hurting. I'm fine in the morning but by the end of school it is starting to hurt and by 8 PM I have to go to bed because sitting anywhere hurts too much.
  10. Booghead

    Symptoms, Negative Tests

    I was not gluten free for the first test of TSH. A month later when they tested Free T3 and T4 I had been gluten free for about 3 weeks. I went back on gluten the next test results were "normal". I am not gluten free as of now. Nor sugar free. Thanks for all the tips Bea. I will check them out!
  11. Booghead

    Symptoms, Negative Tests

    High TSH first time 5.17 range .3-3.0 I don't have the results of TPO but doctor said it was normal. I guess if need be I can get the results and ranges. Free T4 was high a month after the "hypo" TSH. Then normal everything a month after that. Then they ran the TPO two weeks after the normal tests.
  12. Doctor called and he said the tests came back normal. He says that the normal tests do not rule out the thyroid as being the cause of my problems. He says for now we should make an appointment to start treating the symptoms until we know what is wrong. This means he is putting me back on miralax, to achieve daily soft stools. Going to get a little gross on you guys now. I have daily bowel movements almost always at the same time of day. They aren't "hard" and are much better then the last few months. I am eating fiber and all that. Problem is I have bleeding. It feels like no matter how soft the stools are it "cuts" on the way out. There is blood on the toilet paper. Which leads me to thinking I am still "constipated". I have stomach pain, like "pinching" in certain areas. It doesn't hurt me so bad but it is uncomfortable. I have back pain some times and joint pain. My body turns spotting red after a hot shower. I have to take hot showers because I freeze otherwise. I have dry skin. Really dry, my eyes are dry. So dry that I won't be able to get contacts when I go in to get glasses. I have to get glasses because my sight is getting worse (not bad but blurry lights and hard to read far away things). I get tremors when I'm nervous, it is like I'm shivering. Since I have no answers at this point the only thing that made me feel any better was gluten free. I don't know if I have Celiac, but I do think gluten free can help people with lots of things. I don't know how my parents will feel about going gluten free again, so I might have to wait until I move out. They haven't done an ultrasound on my thyroid, or any tests on other organs (pancreas, liver, etc). Thanks
  13. It has officially started snowing. It isn't cold enough for me to justify carrying my coat to school, but the wind is awful and it makes your eyes water. Supposed to snow 6 days straight.