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  1. I haven't yet attempted a gluten-free pie crust, though I have made a sort of shortbread crust that managed to hold together. I've been using psyllium husk powder in my baking and pancakes rather than the guar gum I had been using, since I'm not using any starches. Guar gum makes some things like...
  2. I've been using Yerba Prima psyllium husks powder, here are details on their site, but I got it in the natural foods section of a grocery store: http://www.yerba.com/storefront/item.asp?id=57 It doesn't specifically say it's gluten-free but I've been fine with it, afaik.
  3. I'm on the other side of the state, in Spokane Valley. I recently discovered a Celiac / gluten intolerance group nearby on Meetup, but I haven't attended any of the monthly meetings yet, I have gotten a few emails. I hope to attend one sometime soon! If you're on meetup, you might want to do a search...
  4. Your idea of limited makes me look like a total slacker! Of course I also have a tiny kitchen, and an almost as tiny budget. But I like reading, it gives me great ideas! I'm going to be having leftover chicken thigh with rice noodles & green beans. For dessert I'll have a couple of Pamela's...
  5. I've been taking Flora 'Udo's choice Adult's probiotic' with no issues. It doesn't specifically say that it's gluten-free, but it does say 'Vegetarian' on the label and lists the probiotic strains and then lists Other Ingredients as: Potato Starch, silicon dioxide, ascorbic acid, stearic acid and...
  6. DH is dermatitis herpetiformis, which is basically celiac disease of the skin. Those of us with DH generally have fewer intestinal problems, but lean more toward the neurological issues. At least from what I've gathered in the couple of months I've been researching that topic. As for MSG, I've...
  7. I had a bad reaction to Pop Chips too, though I was very new to eating gluten-free at the time. I noticed they were very salty, so it may be the salt and the low iodine diet on thyca (for those of us with DH) says to avoid salty foods since they may use iodized salt. However, I think it's possible...