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  1. Yes, you can use your old recipes, which love2travel also answered. I posted a reply to a similar question - to save myself some typing I'll point you to this thread (and message 4 is from me):

    However, to avoid sulfites I now use baking soda only (with vinegar or cream or sour cream), or yeast. And at the moment I'm using rice flour only, I successfully used my Vitamix dry container to make some rice flour a little finer, so it'll rise better. When I try it without grinding it a bit more I got a soggy center instead of a nice flat bread. I'm going to try adding some tapioca flour soon, but I'll still avoid potato and corn starches (and I also have DH).

    Also, I find that depending on what you're making (cake or muffin), beating the egg whites separately and folding them in at the end can help give it a little more 'lift'. And, use muffin liners and parchment paper if you'll be baking with nonstick bakeware that previously had gluten stuff baked in them -- at least that's what I do.

  2. So what do y'all think about them letting the coaches join the game? If I'd have voted, I would have voted no. I don't think it's right to make that big a switch a few weeks into the game. However, I'm not sure I liked the coaches thing anyway, so this will make it more interesting.

  3. If you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, then 'gluten lite' may not be enough to help with symptoms. I did want to jump in and let you know that if you want to be tested then you'll need to be consuming gluten in order for any chance for the tests to pick up any antibodies, so you may want to get tested before you do a gluten-free trial. After you do a trial and if you're feeling a lot better, you may not want to go back to eating gluten for a couple of months in order to be tested.

  4. A lot of us are on pretty restricted diets, I'm still trying to figure out what I can eat due to being sensitive to msg, sulfites and soy as well as gluten. Eat the few foods you can eat, until you get some healing. Then you might want to look at something like the SCD or the 'fail-safe' diet. (SCD = specific carbohydrate diet). Due to malabsorption of nutrients, celiac can lead to all sorts of issues, as you found out. I hope you're on the mend soon, and you'll find lots of support here too.

  5. +1 to what everyone else has said. I did want to suggest that you check out the Asian food section of the grocery store for rice noodles, if you're o.k. with white rice replacement noodles / pasta. They're generally in the shape of fettucine. Easy to cook (boil for a minute or 2, stir, then cover and soak for about 5 minutes, then drain), and easier on the budget!

  6. First, I agree with earlier sentiments about using a couple of teaspoons of the herbs, not tablespoons!

    This reminded me of a memory from long ago, when my father would travel he hired a baby-sitter of sorts for me and my brother. Long story short, we wondered why her spaghetti sauce tasted funny. One day while she was making some, I tasted it and it tasted fine. Then she said something about having to add cinnamon (which she did), and then it tasted funny. That was her 'secret' ingredient, which imho does NOT belong in spaghetti sauce.

  7. I also do not eat red meat, unless I can verify that it has no added solution injected to it, had a couple of bad expiriences with pot roasts, when I checked, found out that they added injected a "solution" to keep the meat looking pink, and it contained a wheat derivative.

    Hey Miriam, and all --

    I wanted to add to this, since I'd been reacting to beef myself. I'm curious how you found out they'd injected a solution? Did you ask at the grocery store?

    I've recently found out that when it comes to beef and USDA regs, if it is labeled 'natural' then it can't have any additives. After I found that info., I tried some beef from a local store that is labeled natural (Painted Hills brand), and I was fine with it. It's now a regular part of my diet, had some last night in fact. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for the natural ground beef, and spoke to a woman that was putting meat into the display case. She told me it was the ground beef with the (blue I think?) label, it was the only natural ground beef they carry. When I went yesterday, I noticed they've added the Painted Hills logo to the shelf under where they put those packages of ground beef.

    I'm not even sure about getting 'grass fed' beef or organic, if it's not labeled natural, too. And the only organic they have there is frozen, and costs twice the price per pound!

  8. I unsub'd from the GFS newsletter, after reading an article that was somewhat alarmist but had almost no references. It was something about many gluten-free foods containing high levels of gluten, I believe. I even left a comment, but it said it was pending approval, I don't know if it was ever approved for posting or not. My comment asked whether the (allegedly gluten-free) items that were tested were labeled as gluten-free, or not? And where were the details on what products were tested, etc.

    I decided I didn't find it to be credible.

  9. I started getting headaches, as well as being very tired in the afternoon after about 3 weeks of eating gluten-free. I think that lasted about 2 weeks. However, you should probably double-check what you're eating, and possibly food prep areas, etc. to rule out being glutened. If you have improvement in a few issues, it sounds like that's your answer -- along with the biopsy results. Do you have your blood test results? If not, you should get those and post them here also. It's possible you only had partial tests. From what I've seen on here, it's not uncommon for only 1 or 2 of the full panel of tests to be positive; and sometimes not even that. It's not an exact science... so don't panic.

  10. <stuff deleted> I simply bloated up, experienced diarrhea from the prunes, noticed a few temporary small red spots on my hand/arm after drinking the lemon juice, then today I'm a bit puffy in the face, bloated, and some temporary abdominal pain from the undigested prune and grape skins. I'm not sure if it's the salicylates or the sulfites that cause the anaphylactic episodes. Do coffee and peppermint oil contain sulfites?

    Well, was the lemon juice fresh-squeezed or from a bottle? If it's from a bottle, it'll probably have sulfites.

    As for coffee, I started reacting badly to it, so I now drink black tea (red rose). I searched and searched, and found nothing about it having sulfites, but that doesn't mean it doesn't, it just means I didn't find anything that told me it does. There were some articles that questioned whether some coffee brands use MSG, and it turns out that those of us who are sensitive to MSG are also commonly sensitive to sulfites. No evidence of that either, but I just stay away from it most of the time now.

    Sulfites do cause anaphylactic episodes, their use was banned at salad bars for this reason. Some of what I've read claims it only causes such problems for those with asthma, but I don't believe it. As for peppermint oil containing sulfites, I don't know. I just did a quick search and found one place selling peppermint oil (in Australia, but...) that shows 'contains sodium sulfite'. http://www.blackmore...iginsIBS-relief

    Click on the 'contraindications and cautions' to see it. So I'd check your bottle, it may be that it contains sulfites too.

    Please look at the links on the post I linked to. And since you react so strongly, and the learning curve can be a bit steep with sulfites, carry some of those benadryl or whatever it was you used before. And perhaps look into getting an epi-pen, though those also contain sulfites so you'd have to get to a hospital asap after using it. unsure.gif

  11. I read the book before I gave it to my brother as a birthday gift. He won't read it. Then again, he got himself a kindle so if I'd have gotten a kindle version he might have looked at it.

    I think Dr. Davis provides a lot of very good info. about the harmful effects of modern wheat. However, when it comes to America's waistline, I think that's only part of the problem. I think neurotoxins like MSG are another part of the equation.

    Here's some links, in case you're interested:

    http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/27/us-msg-linked-weight-gain-idUSTRE74Q5SJ20110527 http://www.naturalnews.com/024438.html

    Edit: wow, I edited the post to remove too many uses of the word 'however' and when I added it back it had all of the html formatting showing up (such as <br> and the like), so I edited again to remove all of that. Between that and not finding any emoticons to add at the end of a sentence, I think adding and editing messages on here is a bit broken. :-/

  12. They should have an ingredient label, in english as well as possibly french (along with Thai or Chinese or whatever language). It's funny you mention this, because I was just at a local Asian market I found to get more rice flour and vermicelli (very thin) rice noodles, the dry kind.

    But last time I was there I picked up some of the fresh rice noodles, without reading the ingredients first -- and got home to discover they had a sulfite preservative, aka sodium benzoate I think. Thankfully I saw that before I ate them, since I've recently discovered I am sensitive to sulfites.

  13. New season starts tonight! 9pm I'm pretty sure, so if you're on the east coast you're missing it. And yeah, I admit to being addicted to BB, it's one of the few 'reality shows' I can say that about. We'll see how it goes this year, I may be able to miss an episode or 2 and survive. I don't subscribe to the live feed, however...

  14. I haven't tried it with almond flour, but my rice and buckwheat flour pancakes used to fall apart, even though I put a little bit of guar gum in it, I think. What I do now is add some psyllium husk powder, about 1/2 teaspoon per 1 cup of flour. Then I let it all sit about 10 mins or so before I start to make them. I still can't flip them or try to move them without them falling apart unless I make sure the bottom is cooked first (dry on the edges).

  15. I read a comment on a wheat belly blog post about that topic that has helped me, and that is to eat more foods with soluble fiber, and less foods with insoluble fiber. From memory, soluble fiber foods are beans, peas, psyllium husk (powder), maybe carrots. Foods with insoluble fiber will apparently sometimes block absorbption of nutrients (sound familiar?) and are found in most grains, gluten and non-gluten grains.

  16. I like kareng's suggestion! But I bought a large bottle of Dawn at Costco, and since it's so concentrated I have a smaller bottle that I refill about 1/3 to 1/2 with Dawn and add lukewarm water and turn the bottle around (upside down) several times until it mixes together. When I'm doing a LOT of dishes, my hands do get dry, so I sometimes use rubber gloves, and I found some Suave hand lotion that seems to work fine so far.

  17. Thanks for sharing that, Ida! That's awesome that you've found relief.

    I've discovered I need to avoid sulfites too; but at the moment I'm avoiding supplements, until I can get my diet figured out and stop having reactions. I'm getting pretty close, though! Which ones do you take? I have some called 'Just Vitamins' by Solgar that someone else mentioned on here, I'll get back on those soon I hope.