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  1. Baked chicken legs Basmati rice Green beans Garden salad
  2. Pork burger with sage sweet potato onion, garlic and zucchini sauteed
  3. Sloppy Joes on Bannock and frozen mixed veg and some fresh veg.
  4. What's up?Everyone is feeling poor today. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.
  5. IH your dinner sound mighty good. So so cold here today. We had Maple bacon, maple sausage, eggs and tater tots. I feel much warmer now. I think I will make some banana bread for later.
  6. OHIP will cover the test if you have it done at a hospital blood clinic.
  7. Congrats CMW and IH. Can we expect a little summary of your 30 days? Tonight is stir fry and rice. I need to eat more veggies.
  8. Pasta with butter and garlic sauce and baked chicken thighs, some cut up fresh veg on the side. We have freezing rain on the way here, must be coming from Irish.
  9. Home made breakfast sausage, sweet potatoes and cheese buns. It's been snowing all day and I am craving carbs.
  10. You're welcome. It will be worth the wait! Dinner tonight is pork burgers with my green tomato chutney, steamed potatoes (sweet potato for me) and carrots, green salad.
  11. Here is a green curry recipe for you. This whole site is quite authentic. Sprouts recipes too! http://www.thaitable.com/thai/recipe/green-curry-paste
  12. Fried chicken and leftover garlic mashed potatoes, probably with salad. Oh, and gravy.
  13. Ahhhh! Anyone aware of this? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/05/united-states-of-bacon-tv_n_2243675.html This is where we can go!
  14. Taco salad tonight. I am suffering from the chocolate and wine last night. It was worth it though. Three of us ate it and one just kept wolfing it down, no comments there. The other one loved it and tasted mostly wine flavor. I loved it but would cut back on the chocolate some because that...
  15. Beef short ribs with chocolate and rosemary, garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed swiss chard.