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  1. It could just be withdrawal, but I agree the colon cleanse isn't probably the best thing right now. Maybe in a 6-8 weeks when you've adjusted a little, but it's probably too much for your system to take right now. Something that I've picked up is just because something doesn't list gluten on the label doesn't mean it hasn't been produced on equipment that also produces gluteny foods. For example, last night I was hunting for snacks in the kitchen and found a bag of chips and it didn't have any gluten ingredients, but said, "Produced on the same line as products containing wheat and peanuts" on the label. I'm not a huge stickler about cross contamination, but I put it back. Maybe it is something else you are reacting to? Another thing I've found is that I have a reaction to corn products as I do gluten, which really sucks because I absolutely love all things corn. Also, it could just be toxins and built up junk leaving your system and it will subside in a few days.
  2. Are you eating a lot of gluten free baked goods, pre-made gluten free foods, grains or fruit? Naturally gluten free foods (vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese, etc.) are also what is recommended to keep blood sugars stable, but ready made gluten free foods contain a ton of sugar that can cause blood sugar spikes. If you are taking medication for diabetes, maybe you should talk to your doctor about adjusting your dosage?
  3. You know, I had severe night sweats for years before being DXed. I insisted to my doctor that I had thyroid problems, because that is a symptom. But my thyroid always tested normal. It never occurred to me that it could have been the celiac disease. It was just like you described, my hair would be drenched, as were my pj's. I would actually have to get up, towel off and change my clothes. If it's any consolation, I've been gluten free for 14 months and I can't even remember the last time I had a night sweat incident. Hopefully once it's cleared out of your system it will stop for you.
  4. I had quite a bit of hairloss when I cut gluten, too. It got really bad to where I was considering wigs. My vitamin D level was 21, but after supplements and sunshine, the level went up but I wasn't having any increase in new growth. It was crazy because I wasn't losing like handfuls at a time. It was just a steady loss. Different things seemed to make the shed slow down for a little bit, but then it would pick up again and if I had any regrowth it was thin, weak hairs that I would lose fairly quickly. Well, when I first cut gluten (14 months ago), I stopped my multiple vitamin, because I thought I was having a reaction to it. Then out of desperation, I started taking it again about 6-8 weeks ago. I've had a slight decrease in shedding, but within a few weeks I started seeing new, thick (!!!) regrowth. So, if you aren't taking a good multiple, I would urge you to try that. I take Alive! They are huge and sort of smell and taste like your lawn, but they are fabulous. Usually with celiac disease/gluten intolerance we have so many absorption problems that a quality multiple is a good idea anyway. I don't know if this will help you or not, but since I lost so much hair, I bought some clip in extensions. They. Are. Awesome. My only regret is I didn't buy them sooner. I was afraid that since my hair is thin they would be visible, you know? But I put them in and didn't tell my husband. I wore them around for the day and never said anything. He never noticed and when I took them out he was genuinely surprised. I would just suggest getting a color wheel so the color matches perfectly. I don't wear them everyday, because the areas they clip in can get a little thin if you wear them too much. But I love them. The brand I bought was Easihair (the synthetic ones). If you search You Tube there are tons of videos of them in action.
  5. Floravital is the gluten-free version of Floradix. Try and take a vitamin C supplement with it. Vitamin C increases iron absorption.
  6. Thank you! Seriously, try the Biosil and zinc. Completely without exaggeration, after FIVE days my eye lashes were noticeably longer. Really it was that fast! The head hair has a longer growth cycle so it's taken longer to see results on my scalp. But it's starting to visibly fill now. I didn't even realize my eyebrows had thinned and they have even thickened up. I keep my nails short (to just the tops of my fingers) and they are growing like crazy, too. ((((hugs))) cause I know how it sucks to see all that hair in the drain. But I have faith that yours will come back too! :-)
  7. I'm still losing about the same amount, BUT in the last week I noticed all these little hairs growing in around my hairline. They are between 1/8-1/2" long! I've been gluten free since the end of October. On another thread, someone mentioned Biosil and zinc tablets for hair loss and I started taking those about 6 weeks ago. I think that those supplements combined with going gluten free has really helped my hair start to fill in.
  8. Have you tried asking at the health food or vitamin store? They may know of something or have something in store. I've met gluten free/celiac people just buy talking to people in the gluten free aisle of the health food store and had great chats.
  9. I totally get it about not wanting to be the sober person in the room full of drunks. It's entertaining once or twice, but then it's just super annoying and you feel like a babysitter. Can you not drink anything at all or is it just beer? Hard liquor is generally gluten free. For snacks, this might be kind of goofy, but what I do is carry, I think they are called Jack Links. They are like Slim Jims and are individually packaged. Since it's meat it doesn't matter if it gets warm in your pocket. I get a big container of them at Costco for around $10. Just be sure to read the ingredients because some of those prepackaged meat things actually have gluten in them. Or Kind Bars are pocket sized, too, but a little on the expensive side. I get not wanting to be the skeevy sober guy who hooks up with drunk girls. I'm sure there are cool girls who don't drink or drink less, they are just a little harder to find because like you they feel a isolated. A FWB may be the way to go there, but that can be a little tricky, too. Sometimes people say they are good with that kind of arrangement, but they end up having feelings for the other person. So...I guess I am not much help on this topic. LOL
  10. Yes, definitely. I've been gluten free since right before Halloween, so not a ton of time. My husband is a pizza junky and we used to have pizza a couple of times a month. It's not just pizza, it's baklava and cookies and a thousand little things. It's getting a little bit better for me, but I still sometimes get jealous of people who can eat whatever they want.
  11. I had the same problem with Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. No gluten listed in the ingredients, but I had a reaction shortly after eating one.
  12. Someone here suggested Biosil and zinc a while ago. I've been taking them for about a month and I noticed little teeny hairs coming in around my hairline finally. I am eternally grateful for whoever suggested that mix! Also, I take a liquid supplement called Floravital that is a mix of iron and B vitamins. It sort of tastes like weak prune juice- not the greatest, but not horrid. I've taken it before and it makes my hair grow super fast.
  13. Have you tried desiccated thyroid medication instead of synthetic? Something like Armour or Westhroid has both T3 and T4. For whatever reason doctors favor synthetic thyroid replacement, but a lot of people find relief that they weren't getting from synthetics on desiccated thyroid meds.
  14. No, just take it in supplement form. It would probably burn your skin. Kyolic is a good brand because they take all the odor and taste out, so you don't have garlic breath or garlic burps. I take Country Life brand zinc, 50 mg and it seems to really help my skin. Also, something else I thought of, someone mentioned on another thread Biosil. It's silica. It's a little pricey, but definitely worth it, IMO. It's great for your skin, hair and nails. I take the pills rather then the drops, but it's been great on my skin, too (not to mention my nails, hair and even eye lashes are growing like crazy now).
  15. Zinc is fabulous for your skin. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, as is coconut oil If nutritional solutions don't work, Proactiv is pricy, but works extremely well.
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