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  1. Some leftover Chinese take-away from yesterday: chop suey with beef and white rice. Very mysterious: everytime I can't cook there's fast food on the table. You'd almost think my BF doesn't like to cook I'm quite happy with our local chinese restaurant: they know exactly what's gluten-free....
  2. Yum, sounds delicious! After Christmas I'm cooking a light meal tonight. Baked rice with egg and leek and chicken satay. Yesterday we celebrated Christmas at my boyfriend's parents. We used a table grill yesterday. We had all kinds of veggies, fresh meat, chicken and fish which you could...
  3. Just finished cleaning the house, glad that's done. We're ready for the holidays, merry christmas everybody!

  4. Tonight I eat alone, because my boyfriend has a midwinter celebration. His games club will play boardgames from sun down today (4:30 pm) to sun up tomorrow (8:30 am). This is one of the rare occasions that I'll eat a microwave dinner. I'm having kale stamppot with rookworst today.
  5. Stir fried beef teriyaki with oriental vegetables and buckwheat noodles.
  6. Italian style fish with pasta. It's a very quick dish with a simple tomato-and-herb-sauce. You cook gluten-free penne, put a slice of baked panga fillet on top of it and cover it with stir-fried Italian vegetables in a tomato sauce. Dinner in 15 minutes
  7. Meatballs and spinach with eggs on the side. Maybe I'll bake some potatoes too.
  8. Foo yong hai, it's a Chinese omelette filled with mushrooms and vegetables in a sweet tomato sauce. Meat, fish or chicken are optional. I'm making the vegetarian version tonight, so sshhhht, don't tell my partner... He usually complains when there's no meat in a dish but he eats this one without...
  9. Puffed potatoes with herb-encrusted salmon and a cold beet salad. Best thing: the oven does the cooking today and there'll be hardly any dishes to do.
  10. December the 5th, holiday of Sinterklaas. Sweets, cookies, chocolate and presents. Cooking hachee for dinner tonight because we have guests.

  11. Hachee (spiced stewed beef) with cooked potatoes and beet salad or sprouts on the side. We have friends over for dinner tonight, they are always so picky about vegetables. Their mother never prepared anything fresh, literally everything was from cans and boxes and often way overcooked. I'm on a mission...
  12. I'm cooking babi ketjap tonight: crispy pork in a sticky-sweet sauce. A side dish is nasi: baked rice with leek, onions, scrambled egg and diced ham. Oh, and I'm also going to bake kruidnoten Sinterklaas is tomorrow, and you can't have that without kruidnoten. Those are very small spiced cookies...
  13. Lamb chops with steamed carrots and baked potatoes.
  14. Tonight is pub night with my buddies, so I might as well have some fries and chicken nuggets Last week I've been to a gluten-free convention with a friend of mine. Such conventions are great to find products that local stores don't have. I found chicken nuggets, hamburger buns, ice cream cones with...