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  1. All of you are my heros. My fiancee lives in Waterloo, and I'm from Chicago. When I go out to stay with him, I usually wind up doing a LOT of cooking, because I avoid fastfood like the plauge- Im allergic to corn, and soy, not to mention fish, and peanuts.... I love the healthfood section at the Hyvees, once I spotted that, I was set, but now, I know that I can go out! Horray! (even better because our anniversary is coming up, and I'd like to be able to go out to dinner, someplace!) <3's all around! Jill
  2. Chicago... my first ortho works on the Cgicago White Sox. I will be going back to the radiologist on Monday and asking him my questions. Thank you both for you help!
  3. O.K.... I was in a really bad car accident in April, and the doctors thought that I had broke my neck.... However, I was complaining of a headache, and shoulderpain aside from my back and neck hurting. Teh E.R. made sure my back and neck were intact, and let me go. I spent the last four months in physical therapy, my shoulders and back and neck getting better slwoly because there was a lot of soft tissue damage. Let's fast forward to about three weeks ago when I finally felt weel enough to get active and helped my friend paint/spackle and prepare the house she was moving into. My shoulders hurt, and locked up, seeking my chiropractor's help (who does some p.t. stuff as well) I was told just to take it easy, and that my shoulders should not have flared up like that. I took it easy for another week, and then rode my bike a bit (only 42 miles in a week's span) and my shoulders hurt again. My dr told me to take it easy again (and I got fed up with this, why go if she's not helping) so I took a week to see what was up and then asked her for a refaral for a second opinion last week. I scheduled an appointment for an MRI because of a suspected rotator cuff tear, but was not able to get an appointment until this Sunday. Friday morning I woke up and was in the worst pain imaginable from my shoulder, and about five hours later I finally found myself in the E.R. screaming and swearing at the doctor who didn't know what to do for my pain and found no physical reason for my shoulder to hurt. I was given two shots of morphine and sent home with some painkillers, enough to get me through the weekend when I could follow up with my regualr doctor and see what was up with my MRI. My regualr doctor dosen't know how to read MRI's and was also dumbfounded (note a trend here) as to why my shoulder would hurt so badly. Luckily, she got me an appointment with a very very very respectable orthopedic surgeon in this area who I went to the next day. I took my MRI's and was concerned because i looked at the films and saw black spots on my shoulder bone and was more than a bit concerned.... I went to the ortho who glanced at the MRI's and told me to see some other doctor because it looked like I had a trapped nerve in my neck from my symptoms, and there was nothing wrong anatomically with my shoulder. So I went for an MRI of my cervical spine to prove him wrong, knowing full well what a trapped nerve feels like, and knowing that the pain was not coming from my neck.... (this guy was more than a bit of and ass) he also gave me some sterioids for help with the inflammation, and told me to take them as soon as possible. I go back to my chiropractor on Wednesday and she tells me that she's concerned for my health because there were "cyst like lesions noted within the greater tuberosity adjacent to the rotator cuff insertions consistent with degenerative marrow changes." She also had the other MRI results from my neck, and said that there were not trapped nerves, so I was o.k. However, red flag number two popped up... "marginial osteophyte formation" was found on a few parts of my neck, pretty much bony spurs that occur as a reult of agining. I have been straightforward with all these doctors, saying that I'm concerned because my bones may not be as awesome as they should for a young woman of 22. I'm obvioulsy showing signs of premature bone aging, and I'm wondering what this means for me? Does anybody here know whether or not these possible cyst like lesions may be painful? I pointed all this out to my chiropractor and remined her that I can't heal as quickly as others my age due to my health, and I may have other comprimises like this... am I on the right track? Should I get a second opinion from another ortho??? What should I do? I'm off of work so I'm losing wages, and I'm concerned for my health and consequences of this shoulder issue....
  4. I have been gluten free for almost a year... I'm doing a LOT better than before I was diagnosed, and I'm very happy about that. However- If people around me are eating, I do indeed still miss that food. I have tried to tell myself time and time again that I'm better off without it, but that isn't helping. I have tried to tell myself that I don't want what I'm craving, that dosen't work very well either. What do you do when you are surronded by all this? I can't run away, and I'm sick of lying to myself, I can't seem to get over gluten. Apparently my wishing for easy convience foods annoy people around me, and my inner struggle is annoying me.
  5. I had some for new year's my parents got it for me, and it's awesome. I was in Mil, and wanted to stop by but they were not open for tours at the time... I was hoping to maybe help taste test some of it for them!
  6. I'd love to get a copy of this. I have all sorts of gluten-free books on my wishlist on Amazon, but didn't want to spend any more money on books because I just started a new semester, and had to pay tuition and for overpriced books..... I'd love to work something out with you. e-mail be at bergjill at dom.edu
  7. I don't believe that McDonald's says their fries are gluten free... don't they fry thier breaded chicken?????Crosscontamination?
  8. The pizzacrust is great! I also love the sundried tomato and garlic bread, it actually rose like real bread and was not dense moon brick bread... when I frist tried it, I ate almost two loaves in a week! I just want to add however, that I'm disappointed that they decided to use soy flour, after all, almost half of the people who can't have wheat can't have soy... why use it if only half of your already small potential customer base will use it?????
  9. I found that a lot more of the really creamy "lotion" sopas have them.... I wanted to be sure because I septnd three days a week on campus and I'm always washing my hands and chewing on my nails... Purell won't work if for some reason you got gluten on your hands because it will just push it aroung. I don't want to risk that, and don't get me started on how bad that antibacterial gel is on your skin and whatnot....
  10. Allright, well I had this little silly incident in class where my professor was using goldfish crackers to explain a statistical thing in class. It didn't bug me to take a handful of crackers, but I knew that I would have to wash my hands as soon as I was done... I didn't want to get sick from that... Anyways, I went into the bathroom and washed my hands only to realize--- What if the handsoap is not gluten free???!!! Long story short, I went over and asked a few questions to the people in physical plant, and I got a no gluten here answer, good to know. Now, I'm paranoid-What about other public bathrooms???
  11. The only thing that I have found that keeps me going is Cliff's envery shots, they are pretty much brown rice syrup flavored with something (I like the raspberry) and lots of the elctrolytes to keep me going. I just have to remember to drink a lot of water or I won't absorb it. You can make your own too if you want, I'm working on making my own energy bars because I can't eat soy or hemp...
  12. I live in River Grove... I'd love to get together and meet with others!
  13. How about a dust mask? If you get hired, explain to your employer that what you have is a disability and that they are legally obliged to assist you in any way that they can. (or just bring your own, if they make you take it off, you can call a lawyer...) Here, it's good becuase you will not get sick and then you can't breath on the food that you are cooking....
  14. Soy, eggs, fish, corn, peanuts, mint, and more that I can't think of. All except for the mint make me sleep, or pass out, literally, if I eat a lot. (I can sneak a bit of egg or corn chips and I'll be loagy) After I wake up I get really nauseated, so I don't eat them anymore. Peanuts make me scratch just to be around them (this never was the case before) and I've always be bugged by mint and minto toothpaste/gum/mouthwash, it makes me feel really nasty.
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