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    So if the fries are not safe because of a beef flavoring does this also mean they are not vegetarian?
  2. jrhanson

    Domata Flour

    I am wondering if someone could please post recipes that they have using Domata Flour on here? I have been to their website several times and not been able to view any since it is underconstruction. I would love any bread/food recipes as well as treats. I did try to replace cup for cup with this in a recipe I have for pumpkin bars and it wasn't so hot. They turned out ok just not as I hoped. Thanks Jen
  3. jrhanson

    Applebee's Restaurant - Gluten Free Menu

    I work at our local Applebee's and just found out that I have celiac disease. I know that with a little help from your server that you can have a very positive gluten free meal from any Applebee's. I would question about the fries or anything fried for that matter but other than that I think the staff along with the manager could help you enjoy a healthy meal. I had the oriental chicken salad there just yesterday and I ordered my chicken grilled and had them leave off the rice noodles and it was GREAT!