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  1. Can you give me an idea of how long you have been off gluten and how you feel/have recovered?
  2. I'm just wondering as you get older if the issue(s) get worse. I have had GI issues since youth, but I never dealt with ulcers until the last few years. I know that someone with actual celiac does have continual damage over time if they eat gluten, but do the other symptoms get worse/new symptoms appear over time?
  3. Hello, I have barrett's esophagus. My dr wants me to get scoped in January for it. During my consult I mentioned that going gluten free seemed to help my GI related issues. He said that celiac is very under diagnosed in this country (he said that Europe is catching on quicker than the US) and that he will biopsy me for celiac while he is doing the scope. I mentioned that I have been trying to go gluten free for about a month now and have heard that you need to continue to eat gluten for your test to be positive if you have celiac. His response was that blood tests are more sensitive to staying on the gluten diet while being tested and that not eating gluten for a couple months before the test would not interfere with the results, as reversal of celiac related symptoms takes quite awhile. He said I was more than welcome to "gluten up" if I wanted to, but there was no need to since I have only been gluten free for about 2 months by the time I am tested. I just wanted to get others opinions on it, as I don't plan on having another endoscopy for many years, so I want to do the test as accurate as I can. Thanks,
  4. Hello all, Thank you for your replies. Unfortunatly I have tried all of the above and none have worked. The doctor kind of blows it off and says to keep taking prilosec and eat some food when I get up (which does help it to go away quickly) however, I can't stop thinking about the damage that is being done while I am asleep.... I have an appointment at the end of the month to see what can be done, but I would rather do as natural as I can, as drugs and proceedures usually have side effects/consequinces....
  5. Hello, I have been gluten free for over a week now. I am feeling better. Surprisingly I have noticed my mood is better! Anyway, I went gluten free in an attempt to stop GERD and further damage to my esophagus (I have barrett's). I have heartburn EVERY morning. Never during the day, on when I awake in the morning do I have terrible burning in my esophagus. It has become increasingly worse over the years... I have to get this under control before it does serious damage. I am continuing to go gluten free, however, I am not sure that going gluten free is the answer to this problem. Has anyone had heartburn every morning? I have tried everything tip in the book (don't eat too late, lift up bed, change diet etc...) nothing works.... Any other ideas?
  6. LMAO, I had no idea that this simple question would get such a huge response and so quickly! LOL
  7. Yes, the circles under (in your case) where it says moderator. If it's the # of posts, why have I seen people with more posts have less circles than others with more posts?
  8. Yes, but it has only been about a week, so I need to give it more time. Did it take awhile for you to feel better and begin stopping your medication?
  9. Hello, Yes, Clonazapam is the generic for Klonopin, and believe me, I am well aware of the strength of the medication! I have been on it for over a year now. One of the side effects of it is short term memory loss... of course they never tell you that when they prescribe it to you.... I really want to stop. I have tried in the past but even at a taper I start having paradoxial effects. I am on 1 mg. As I go gluten free and I going to begin another taper to see if gluten is the culprit of my anxiety. Do you know the dose and how long of a taper your mom was on? I have a new plan of .125 mg taper per week (which will take 2 months to get off 1 mg!). Thank you for your concern and information. These poll results are interesting. Please keep them coming, I'd like to see the results of more people, even if they are not on the listed poll.
  10. Right on. You give me hope! I have been tested for H. Pylori as well, which was negative, and I have been struggling with them ever since. I have tried prevacid, prilosec, nexium (with carafate of course). Since ulcers are slow to heal I'm hoping after a month or two and being gluten free I can keep those nasty things away. Thanks again beebs! Do you have heartburn by chance?
  11. Yes, I have been diagnosed with ulcers. The burning pain in the AM does go away when I get up, move around, and eat something. I am on prilosec (a PPI) and carafate (to coat the stomach), although I still have the burning. I have another endoscopy scheduled in January . Sounds like you have experience with ulcers? I am hopeing if I go gluten free the ulcers won't come back once they are healed. Another symptom I have is feeling extra full after eating and nauseous... common with ulcers I believe. Have you had ulcers before?
  12. Well, in all fairness, black pepper does not bother most people. Personally, I would not have stated it as being an irritant unless you asked me if there was any pepper in it.
  13. Hello, I know this post is a bit older, but since it has been a little over a month, I was wondering what your symptoms are like now? Put it in % like you did last time. This is interesting. Thanks,
  14. This is good to know. Thank you. If gluten causes GERD, and GERD causes BE, then it makes total sense. I'm not sure if it's heartburn or not, but I wake up in the morning with terrible burning in my stomach all the time. I have eliminated so much and I am on prilosec and carafate... My doctor says I'm just hungry... I don't think hunger is supposed to be a burning pain... Any idea of how long it took for the GERD to go away after going gluten free? I know everyone is different, so answers may vary.
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