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  1. coco676

    Vivid Dreams

    Hi, I have had vivid dreams/nightmares for a while but I haven't noticed any corelation between what I eat and what I dream about. I find that if I nap 15 minutes in the evening that I don't have any nightmares during my real sleep.
  2. Ugh! more thing to check. I was using some Degree and have been feeling a little irritated in that area, never would have crossed my mind that my deodorant should be gluten-free.
  3. coco676

    Accidentally Glutened

    Well thanks for confirming that this happens to other people! I don't know anyone else on a gluten-free diet so I really appreciate the community this forum provides!
  4. Hi everyone, I've been on a gluten free for over a year now and for the most part am doing fine...except on the rare occasion when I accidentally gluten myself. Does anyone else get a severly itchy scalp after ingesting gluten? It is so hard for me to sleep during one of these episodes because all I want to do is brush/scratch my hair. I also feel like my sleep when I'm glutened is similar to how one sleeps when really, really drunk (passed out, weird dreams, don't feel rested, really thirsty when woken up). Does anyone have advice for how to deal with this better? I just try to drink tons of water and pop a Zyrtec.
  5. coco676

    Has This Ever Happened To You?

    I decided to avoid all Christmas functions with coworkers and my husband's coworkers because it's just not worth explaining the precautions I have to take. Sorry to hear that your Secret Santa was not v/ diligent.
  6. I have been gluten free for a week. So I might have been at my own grocery store taking 2 hours longer than normal to fill my basket the same time you were struggling with yours! I have found these discussion board forums really helpful. Definitely has helped me understand a lot of things that the doctors never bothered to go into (like withdrawal symptoms! I have been a major crab this week- and an incredibly hungry and tired one at that- apparently it can be attributed to our new diet.
  7. coco676

    Gluten Withdrawl

    Thank goodness someone else shared this. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling as crappy as I am but misery loves company. I've been rewarding myself getting through my first few gluten-free days by drinking Synergy
  8. coco676

    Wheat Belly

    I've been experiencing chronic pain for almost 2 years. And in the beginning when my pain was still at a 5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), I would ignore advice from my doctors. When the pain got to be at a 10 (or off the charts) I was willing to let go. It wasn't until I really had no choice that I saw what my doctors had been trying to tell me all along. Thankfully, you are not like me (you're smarter!). But maybe your husband is. The change I experienced in my body put me through a grieving process. Denial is the first stage of grief and in my opinion, the hardest to get through. I am so much more at peace now with my condition (ok some day still are bad) but I still think I could not have made the major life style changes had I not been forced to do so.
  9. Thanks everybody. It's nice to know that other people have gone through similar emotions with the whole diagnosis process. I didn't put it in my original text but yes I also have digestion problems. I do what it is like to eliminate something from your diet- when I was 12 my doctor put me on a dairy free diet because of my asthma. Although that was difficult to accept at first and I cheated at the beginning, eventually I saw the benefits. I have to admit it took until I was about 18 to really obey this dairy-free rule. Man I hope I'm smarter now and am able to stick to a gluten free diet if need be. I did get my test results back today. And they were negative for Celiacs. Whenever I hear that "oh you're still as healthy as a horse" I never know what to say. Thanking my doctors for still not knowing what is wrong with me or thanking them for telling me I appear healthy... so usually, I stay quiet. Despite the results of my bloodwork my rheumatologist wants me to try the gluten free lifestyle for 3 months to see if things improve. So I'll play it like eatmeat4good at least for 3 months. It will be interesting. And as much as I like bread I like the idea of having a pain free day more. Going to Whole Foods tonight for new groceries.
  10. I am beginning to think I may be the only one who WANTS to hear I have Celiac Disease. For almost 2 years I have been struggling with worsening chronic wrist, shoulder, ribs, shoulder, back and hip pain. I have had MANY blood tests, countless x-rays and 2 MRIs. Prescription pain killers and regular stuff don't seem to make a difference. All my doctors (orthopedist, rheumatologist, physical therapist and chiropractor)have not reached a diagnosis... or atleast, haven't reached one they didn't reject a few weeks later. All my results tell my doctors I'm as healthy as a horse. My family can't understand why I'm not thrilled by this. It's nice to hear I don't have Lupus, but I'd also like to know what I do have and what I can do about it. So my most recent test was a blood work for Celiac's. And considering Fibromyalgia is an option on the consideration table, I think I'd prefer to be diagnosed with Celiac's. Has anyone else gone through similar emotions of just wanting a (any) diagnosis? I don't know anyone who (openly) has a chronic pain condition and I'd appreciate any shared thoughts.