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  1. One more thing, my blood pressure is lower than what it used to be. My normal blood pressure was around 120/80 to 130/85, now it is about 105/70
  2. Thank you Kara So how long have you been gluten free? What do you mean by first few days wrt feeling shaky? I guess when you first went gluten free? I have been gluten free just about couple of months and my sleep has not improved much since it started. BTW my username is derived from two...
  3. Yeah since I went gluten free I wake up very early in the morning, 3-4AM and cannot go back to sleep. Snacking before bed seems to help a little, but I am not able to sleep longer than 5-6 hours at the most and a lot of times it is less than that. I ordered B12 sub-lingual supplements, will give...