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  1. That's a good idea, I will ask about that when I call. I read through an interview that Lebwhol gave, sounded great, but sometimes when you're heavy into the research side of things you don't have as much time for patients. I can also see the benefit of seeing one of the female doctors, but I couldn...
  2. Yes, I did tell the person in the office that. She mentioned genetic (cheek swab) testing for markers and a couple of other things. I will get more information when I call for an appointment, but I need to decide on a doctor before I make the call.
  3. Hello all - please forgive me if this has been discussed before, as I'm having trouble finding existing info in the forum. I am planning a trip to the Columbia University Celiac Disease Center ASAP, based on a recommendation from a family with a Celiac child in my area. I've been gluten/casein...
  4. I had good luck at Denny's the other day... I really miss greasy spoon diner food sometimes, but this was a decent substitute. The eggs/omelets and hash browns were fine. They have a pdf allegergen list on their website, and I spoke with the server before taking the plunge. I'll admit I was scared...