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  1. I haven't posted here in a long time! Hello Long story short - I had chronic fatigue syndrome for 6 years that completely resolved after going gluten-free. I still have a lot of issues with food sensitivities, feeling lousy pretty much every day, and chronic heartburn etc so something is still going on. While getting a full workup, I asked my doc if she wouldn't mind throwing a celiac gene test into the mix, as I've always wondered (and have a daughter now, so it matters more to me). So to my surprise I just found out that I am HLA DQ2 positive. My doc says that the result, paired with the fact that I know gluten makes me so ill, she thinks it's likely I have celiac, though there's no way to know for certain. She wants me to see a GI doc to take things further (though that may be for the chronic heartburn rather than the celiac angle, I'm not sure. I am weighing what I think about all this and would love some input. Doing a gluten challenge would be hell and rough on my family too (they'll have to put up with me during that whole time!). I wonder if I'd be doing some real harm, in just chasing this diagnosis, that I'd then have to spend time recovering from, following the challenge. Anyone have any thoughts they'd care to share on this? Thanks! PS. In my situation, should I try to find a GI doc who's known for working with celiac patients, or will any GI doc do? (And, if I should find one who specializes - what's the best way to find one?)
  2. I am in desperate need of a good iron supplement asap, as the one I've been using is giving me brain fog and is therefore really suspect. I need it to be gluten-free, corn free and dairy free but something is amiss. Hoping to try a new brand (ideally sugar free too) and see how it goes. It has to be a higher mg one - I need to take 150mg per day as I have anemia. Fingers crossed that someone here can help! Thanks Aly
  3. Hmmm. That makes me wonder if I have other food issues contributing to it - I'm on day 4 now (without strawberries). But I am eating fatty things including whole-fat dairy...
  4. So sad, I love my strawberry smoothies. How long do flare-ups last?
  5. I totally avoid anything that says it's made on shared equipment. I don't even care if they say they're a GMP facility. I got so sick eating muffins that had baking powder processed on shared lines...granted I was eating a lot of those muffins, but it showed me that if I want to be truly gluten-free, that isn't the way to go about it.
  6. This might be a bit out of left field, but can anyone recommend a slippery elm supplement that's corn and gluten free? And preferably dairy and sugar free too..?
  7. It's been quite a while since I posted here, but I'm back due to a new problem that I need help getting rid of. Background: I am very gluten intolerant and never had gastro issues of any kind. I'm usually pretty solid in that area. I started juicing at the beginning of the year and was feeling so good on it. So good that I ignored the mild heartburn I'd get from time to time associated with it. Recently however I developed major heartburn problems - stabbing pains in the center of my chest, burning, bloated feeling, sore rib cage by my stomach - which seemed to be related to strawberries (I was having smoothies several times a week with them). I stopped juicing since I knew that was a small problem before, and quit the strawberries too, and did a 14 day course of OTC drugs (opremazole or something like that?). It resolved about 3 weeks ago and I stayed away from juicing and strawberries. I still felt mild issues here and there but seemed ok. It's back now. Big time. I had a couple of smoothies a few days apart, and bam, I'm back at square 1. I don't see how just 2 smoothies can render me in this condition ~:0/. It seems that so many things are setting it off now (it's been days since I had any strawberries but I'm still having major issues), I just don't even want to eat. Some questions for the experienced: 1) I really want to get back to juicing - is this something that often causes gastro issues? I make sure to "chew" my juices before swallowing so I know the right enzymes are getting in there. 2) Can 2 strawberry smoothies do this, or do you think I have other hidden food issues? I've been a food sensitivity *queen* since going gluten-free... 3) Would appreciate a good course of action. I'm desperate here - I feel like I can't bear to restrict my diet any further. I'm usually gluten, corn, grain, dairy, and sugar free and have dropped down to 97 lbs as a result. I recently gave up on the grain and dairy (despite the reaction I get from the latter) because I am desperate to just eat. I'll be grateful for any advice I can get on how to get better. Thanks!
  8. I've got to say that I think Dejibo is right - she came here for support and was feeling overwhelmed, and the response she got was to have her current diet picked apart and having to defend it. She didn't ask anyone what they thought of her diet. It would be one thing to have a single person gently warn about being lead astray by people with the best intentions who might or might not have the right background to help her, but to be questioned several times on its validity isn't cool. Someone asked, she answered. If this is the path she wants to take with her health, that is totally her right. If she'd asked for opinions on it it would be another thing entirely. How about some white kid gloves for someone who's been through it and is already overwhelmed. :/
  9. I think you're right -I do plan to do a rotational diet after completing my elimination diet!
  10. Baaagh, longer than 3 weeks. Omg I already thought it was way too long. How long should I mentally plan for here? And are there any starchy alternatives to rice and sweet potatoes? I hesitate to try a new food right now but maybe I have to. I feel too that I need it (starch) if I have any hope of not losing weight, but I would be surprised if rice isn't an issue for me, after eating it 2-3 times a day (in various other forms, more often than that!) for the past year. I am tired of being sick and tired and just want to do whatever I have to do and get it over with, you know?
  11. Unfortunately I really hate sweet potatoes! . You hit the nail on the head about brown rice - I eat it all the time - and suspect I should do a trial without it. But I don't eat any other grains so I'd be down to just veggies and meat...unappealing thought.
  12. Very interesting. How long are you supposed to wait before eating the food again, when doing the rotational/diversified diet?
  13. I am gearing up to do a strict elimination diet leaving only non nightshade veggies, lamb and turkey, and maybe brown rice (not sure in an part with that one, though I probably should.) This is going to be tough because I really don't like proteins and only eat them because I should. It's really important that I don't lose any weight because I am down to a gaunt 100 lbs and struggle to keep that on to begin with... I'd really appreciate any advice from anyone who's been there, done that. How to eat during the 3 weeks I do this? Any pitfalls to avoid? I'm dreading this. Maybe there's nothing anyone can tell me, but I thought I'd check in here first...
  14. Aly1


    Just be sure the gluten-free products you are eating are CERTIFIED gluten-free. Otherwise they may not actually be gluten-free at all...