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  1. She is a gynechologist (sp?) in New York State. USA. Is that what you mean by who the doctor is?
  2. Hi--I do not have celiac, but my mother did. My mom died 10 yrs ago with cancer, she first had cancer in the small bowel, which was removed with surgery, and chemo kept it clear for about 4-5 years. Then she developed a blockage in her duodenum, that turned out to be cancer and she died with that. Here is my issue: Yesterday, I saw a new doctor for unrelated issues, and when we did the history and I told her my mom had cancer twice (I used the word lymphoma), and that it was caused by the fact that she was an undiagnosed celiac .... until her first cancer biopsy. Thus destruction of the digestive system, leaves a fertile ground for cancer. The doctor said that, research now shows the cancer is unrelated to the celiac and I should be worried about it as a family history --genetic--- thing. OR she said really my mom may not have had cancer and she really had blockages caused by the celiac. So I am confused, I understand that research has progressed, since my mom was alive but I really am on top of our family medical history (I think?). So anyone have any comments or information on this?
  3. Thanks everyone, The doctor took off Friday for the holiday, so I will be speaking with her on Tuesday. My daughter is no better, no worse, so we are in the same place. But , I didn't expect any improvement without doing anything anyway. Thanks loads.
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    Do You Feel Worse Before You Get Better?

    I don't have a reply to the question. But to the postscript. The pinning happens after a moderator reads your post and confirms that it is appropriate. I found this out by checking the technical section.
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    Poll For Newbies.....

    My daughter is a 1 but she could feel much worse so I am thankful for that. IMHO the poll should have some other classifications because she feels lousy but like I said she is not debilitated or anything like that. TG She is not confirmed anything yet, but I am betting on celiac (family history) and hate that I need to wait, but I am only feeding her the gluten products she absolutely wants. So I am not offering any sandwiches or cookies or pasta etc. We are currently ok. She has no idea I am experimenting. I just put her back on dairy products and she is excited she can have ice cream again.
  6. Richard, Thanks I am going to call the doctor again today and talk about the blood tests. I think if we do the blood tests then I can go from there. I totally agree with what you said: I don't want to subject her to a lifetime of a gluten free diet unless celiac is what she has, but I want her to feel better. So bloodwork is the way to go I think. My mom went undiagnosed most of her life. (Until she had surgery for the cancer in the small bowel) I do not want to be ignorant about it but with clear blood tests on my son and I and then on my daughter when she was little, I thought we were beyond a celiac diagnosis and maybe we are, but it sure feels like something is going on. My son and my tests were done before my daughter was born, I insisted on my sons & mine done without symptoms. Then my daughters when she had symptoms. But now new symptoms AGAIN, but she is glad she can eat ice cream again, since the dairy free diet showed no imporvement. Again, thanks for your thoughts on this.
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    Why Can't I See The New Posts?

    This answered my questions. Thanks!
  8. Help, How much testing would/did you do? My 8yr old daughter has had chronic Gastro problems since birth. Reflux, low wgt gain as an infant, chronic stomach pains, problems with dairy always. Since my mother died with celiac disease, I had blood tests done on my son when he was 4 yrs old and myself both came back negative. My daughter's blood test were done when she was under a year old. Negative as well. (I now have read some things that indicate that they may have been done too early). Basically her problems resolved themselves. Now she has had chronic stomach pain for 3 months or so, no other major symptoms (very little diarhea like maybe 3 times), doctor feels the pain is in the small bowel area. I tried a totally dairy free diet for her with no improvement in symptoms. I thought it was 'nerves' for an special event that was this past weekend. Event is over and no improvement. Today we went to the doctor and she suggested trying a gluten free diet. I feel it is such a strict diet for a child, would you do that first or do blood work, or see a GI doc. (the closest pediatric Gastro doc is 200 miles away) I want to do what is best and am leaning towards gluten-free diet (I am lucky she enjoys eating salads, fruit, veggies and meat, but she also enjoys her pasta and sandwiches.) I am thinking gluten-free diet and then challenge her and if problem see Gastro doctor. Then do blood tests and if warranted biopsy. What would you do? Thanks, Anne