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  1. I am doing this blog to help others out. To testify to the struggles after 20 years+, of being coeliac and not realizing it. From having my intestinal wall disintegrate, allowing food into the blood, from having skin break out in rashes, 'psoriasis' which is likely only an acid/grain-intolerance...
  2. Coeliacs are special. Not better or worse, superior or inferior. Just special. 'Set apart'. Many of us had an education based on western european cultural derivatives: sit forward, face front, 'we' have all the answers. [note: for those easily offended, I say 'culture'. A cultural is...
  3. Iodine: this very vital substance has been villified by the same people who stand to gain the most from it's non-use: M.D.'s (truly a criminal racket) So it's no surprise to see it's use disdained in an otherwise accurate review of the symptoms of so-called 'coeliac': grain-intolerance. While...
  4. Carry these tablets with you. If accidentally you ingest something with wheat, and realize it within a few minutes to 10 or 15 minutes at most, take these and they will absorb, blocking a lot of the potential reaction. They are available widely, health food stores and mail-order, and are fairly...
  5. I'm talking here about real anti-social behaviour, not projected fashionable behaviour, or it's opposite. This is when the gut, specifically the small intestine, really the seat of our emotions, is under attack from our own body, rendering us insensitive to our own feelings, and consequently...
  6. This is something to help sufferers - it helps me, and it's widely reported to help others, so i'm sharing it with you: Fresh-roasted coffee, fresh-brewed, (organic, fair-trade, etc) A 10-cup espresso maker (50ml x 10, 500ml) Two passes of water (same coffee-grounds, first pass strong, second...