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  1. hmm. it is also my experience that if you 'slip-up' (eat something that you thought was grain-free that you later realized was not) as i recently did, make sure to have some capsules of activated charcoal on-hand, and take one (for someone very small) or two or three (for fully-grown bodies) to help to soak-up/neutralize the effect of the grains.

  2. I can emphatically write to you that the gut is the 'seat of the emotions'.

    Emotional insensitivity and emotional problems,

    are closely linked to gut issues.

    The so-called 'celiac disease', and i think most people here can agree it is a body rejection of gluten,

    causing destruction of the small intestine,

    creates emotionally hyperstimulation conditions,

    which in turn reduce one's real sensitivity.

    There are some diet-related things, for instance,

    I totally disagree with restricting iodine in the diet:

    this is one red-herring so-far.

    Liquid iodine, iodine solution in water (pure), is absorbed directly through the mucus linings of the mouth,

    and never reaches the gut. Plus it has an extremely beneficial effect, so this is why the mainstream death-oriented/worshipping players,

    push breads (gluten, destroy the gut) and anti-iodines (fluorines, bromines, and an iodine deficient diet: destroy the thyroid, and fertility).

    We get our iodine at about 50USD per liter. It's not expensive. Sea vegetables could potentially be a good source.

    Apart from that, fasting.

    Have you tried fasting, or fasting coupled with a mono-diet for awhile?

    Such as mineral water, raw eggs [organic, bio-dynamic] with bananas and a few other things,

    this to give the gut a break from serious digestion and also provide nutrients?

    Only after less than two weeks, the improvement is clear, after 20 years not knowing this was one issue i was dealing with.

    All the other techniques, learned over time, have allowed the healing process to accelerate much more quickly.

    Without them, it may have taken me much more time.

  3. the experience with the gut is after stopping gluten foods (obvious ones like wheat etc, grains)

    i got a lot better, but not 100%, and here's why:

    you think the gut is auto-immune destroyed?

    then there is a leaky gut syndrome.

    so food normally passing out which has already had it's energy taken from it,

    is now 'rotting' in a sense, having some toxic constituents,

    and a leaky gut wall from the celiac damage,

    is allowing those waste products into the bloodstream.

    i have intestinal cleansing equipment, already built and designed,

    so luckily its possible, if i remember,

    at the right time when i start feeling 'down' some hours after eating

    to do a cleanse to help hurry out and clean out the gut.

    i believe this is better until the gut wall is stronger,

    and when it is no longer incorrectly-permeable.