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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. hi Kelleybean. just hearing those of you who had strictly behavioral (as opposed to physical) improvements does help me..so thank you for sharing. i kind of keep bouncing from cause to cause trying to understand their behaviors...first i felt it was sensory, then simply behavioral, then back to sensory, now maybe i'm thinking it is food so i tried removing all artificials and preservatives and that didn't work too well, so now i am moving on to gluten. if i find something it will all be worth it...but i am so afraid that i am going to pull out every random allergen and spend hundreds in specialty food stores, and put my kids through all of this (again, basically just my 7yo who has a hard time at school etc), but what if i do all of this and in 10 years i look back and think 'omg, what was i thinking'?! so, that being said, your positive stories really are uplifting and give the rest of us the hope that we will have success stories of our own!
  2. thank you for your response divamomma... i debate so much between behavioral, or sensory, or food...or maybe it is just kids being kids...but when i read posts like yours it makes me think maybe i am on to something. i had hoped that removing the artificials would have been this amazing 'ah-ha' moment, but it hasn't...so now I am considering digging deeper, but i am also afraid i am creating a problem that isn't there. i'm just struggling with how to handle this. so thanks for your replies!!
  3. i know that behavioral issues can be triggered by food....and sensory and anxiety issues can be heightened by food, and food can cause sleep problems and hyperactivity. i