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  1. I can tell you Chobani is gluten free, it says so right on the container, Oikos is also gluten free. I avoid ketchup unless it is organic as organic has simple to understand ingredients, I'm pretty sure Heinz is gluten free though. Right off the bat what stands out most to me is Lays chips and Orieda french fries. I know Lays does not state that their products are gluten free, so we avoid those. We buy Kettle brand or Cape Cod chips because they say they're gluten-free right on the package. Be careful when it comes to buying peanut butter, some contain gluten. To be safe, I always research the products before I put them near my mouth... just to be safe! Hope you feel better soon.
  2. I have seen a few tea boxes with allergy information as some contain barley but it is rare that I found any teas that contain barley. It's always safe to pay close attention to the ingredients and any information provided on the package for those with allergies.
  3. I use Bubble & Bee Organic shampoo (You can find her website by typing in the name.) I got the set of two shampoos, a rinsing bottle, and a free lotion stick for $30. I have very long, thick, and easy to tangle hair and her products work wonders. My hair is soft, shiny, and easy to comb through. Bubble & Bee is 100% natural, organic, and gluten free. I find mixing her shampoo with baking soda works best if you have hard water (but I use it in soft and hard water just because.) The lemon scent is my favorite so far but the peppermint is to die for for the scent alone! You can pick up her products if you live in Utah but otherwise you have to order them online but everything ships really fast, I usually get my stuff in two days.
  4. This probably won't answer your question and you might know this already but Burt Bee's used to be considered gluten free expect for a few of their items that contained oat but since changing they now can no longer guarantee their products are gluten free, because of this I don't use any Burt Bees products except for their toothpaste which is just a risk I've decided to take.
  5. Those cookies are fantastic! They're the only gluten-free cookie mix I have tried yet. (: They remind me of scones. We drizzled chocolate on top and put them in the fridge to chill. They are very good with coffee as well.
  6. Wow, this is awesome! This beer sounds pretty good as well. Great to have other gluten free beer options becoming more available on the market. (:
  7. Agreed! I don't touch anything that says "low gluten." We drink Red Bridge, well... I don't like beer, so just my boyfriend drinks it really. He seems to like it well enough.
  8. My boyfriend and I drink Jones Soda, Izze, Reed's Ginger brews, as well as your typical drinks like Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Mug root beer. I don't drink much soda and if I do I make sure it's as natural as possible, like Reeds. But besides that, we've not had any issues with soda as of yet, it's always good to check beforehand though. As for fast food places, Wendy's is our go to place. Moe's and Chipotle are also safe for us.
  9. I second Citrucel. Eating gluten for me causes extreme constipation and discomfort. Citrucel helps keep things moving, if I'm already constipated I will take stool softeners just get it over with as well as drink lemon juice and water. I take Citrucel everyday and it really helps.
  10. That is awesome that she took the time to make sure everything was safe! I love it when people are willing to learn or understand everything about being gluten free, those who already understand it are even better. We went out yesterday for a Christmas dinner and no one could understand how serious it was that we avoided unsafe places. One person suggested a burger joint and they couldn't understand anything about cross contamination and the aftermath we get after eating it, it's very frustrating. Even with the holidays coming up, I'm worried about my boyfriends parents house even though she knows we're both gluten-free... she has given him meatballs before that contained wheat, she tries... but she doesn't quite get it completely. Needless to say, I'll probably need to bring food for that gathering.
  11. The top brands I buy from and trust McCormick and Spice Islands. I check the ingredients none the less to be safe, I also found Kroger spices are often safe as well.
  12. Both my boyfriend and I are gluten free (I am intolerant and he has extreme signs of Celiac disease) we have used Millstone flavored coffee (Hazelnut) with no problems. We've actually never had any issues with coffee as of yet, thankfully. I would feel safe personally buying from Millstone again because we've not had any issues.
  13. I contacted Almay and Maybelline asking if their products were gluten free. Maybelline got back to me regarding their Expert Wear eye shadows and told me that their eye shadow was in fact gluten free. I'm very happy to find that out. I went ahead and used the Almay eye shadow as of right now, I'm not showing signs of a reaction but for me it takes time.
  14. Thank you for the welcome! The mascara I have been using is 100% Pure mascara in black tea. I have noticed that sometimes after I take my make up off that my eyes will water when I am sleeping and become puffy, this is rare but it has happened before in the past... I always used to think it was allergies in the air but perhaps it's a reaction to the wheat in the mascara. I plan on tossing it out even though it's rare that my eyes would react. I contacted the company and they said they will look into making a gluten free mascara, which makes me happy but I'm now without mascara once again! I went to the store and bought some eye liner from Maybelline, I read a post about their eye liner being gluten free (however it was from 2009)... the ingredients to me look OK but I'm still wary. Trying to find gluten-free make up is such a pain...
  15. I bought some Almay I-intense eye shadow yesterday as well as some Covergirl Perfect Point eyeliner stick and have done research all yesterday and today trying to find out if these items are safe. They are currently unopened and can be returned if not, thus why I am asking this question. I need make up for a get together and I don't feel comfortable using something that could make me sick or cause a reaction. I have never had an issue before (that I know of) with any of my other make up products, including my mascara which I just found out yesterday contains wheat! Does anyone here use Almay and Covergirl with no issues and what department store brands do you use and feel comfortable using on your skin?
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