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  1. My recent blood tests were excellent, and the report reads, “Results do not support a diagnosis of celiac disease.” As far as this thread: That person's first few postings didn't sound right. Armetta initially agreed with me. If you'd read his postings as they came, objectively, you may have been skeptical as well. I've seen a lot of scammers, hypochondriacs, strays, and other types over the years that join boards - complete with fantastic claims of medical catastrophes and stories of how their lives were destroyed by "evil" spouses, the United States Government, and other alleged wrongdoers. If the postings in question had not been blatantly melodramatic, I wouldn't have questioned them. The claim to be living on a single banana a day did not ring right, and other statements were also suspicious-sounding. I am not heartless regarding legitimate problems and suffering. I believe my posting history shows that.
  2. :QUOTE(stef_the_kicking_cuty @ Jan 20 2006, 01:28 PM) And I remember having the same conversation with that other guy, that was on our message board here last year, that wasn't welcome anymore. His ancestors were from the Palatinate also. P
  3. I have German ancestry, but not 100%. I was born in Brooklyn. I am very well aware of the “german” states - but not an expert (more about this in the next paragraph). Some of my "recent" ancestors came, in the mid-late 19th century, from an area in, or near, Alsace-Lorraine- and places such as Frankfurt, Bavaria, Berlin, and many others. An elderly distant cousin of mine, who died in Germany in the late 1990's, left no will - and I was contacted by a firm that found relatives in the United States. I did not take my share, but it went to my sister. I would have been required to send a birth certificate to Germany, which I was not willing to do. I believe she got a thousand dollars in American money - which wasn't bad since we not only never met her; We were not even aware of her at all, or any other (living) relatives over there. My "Hessian" (a misnomer) ancestor that came over with the British forces was born in Hildesheim, and fought with the forces of Baron Friedrich Adolph von Riedesel, working for the British army of General John Burgoyne. My ancestor's outfit was the Brunswick army that landed in Canada in 1776 and, along with many others, were captured at the Battle of Saratoga, in New York state. This was a "turning point" in the Revolution. I have a certificate to honor my ancestor - but it is equally, and even more, important to me that he later joined the American side. There were six principalities that rented their armies to Britain: Brunswick (5723 men), Hesse-Kassel (16992 men), Hesse-Hanau (2422 men), Ansbach-Bayreuth (2353 men), Waldeck (1225 men), Anhalt-Zerbst (1160 men). This was a total of 29, 875. Source: THE HESSIANS and the other GERMAN AUXILIARIES OF GREAT BRITAIN IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR by Edward J. Lowell http://www.americanrevolution.org/hessindex.html This is a VERY interesting book, published in 1884 - and it is available online for free. I would recommend it to anybody interested in the American Revolution, or history in general. I believe that about 7 thousand of these men did not return to Europe, and I am glad for that - or I wouldn't be here! Many Americans of German descent are very proud of their heritage - but the 20th century wars made it very difficult to maintain organization here for obvious reasons. A lot of your comments are your opinions, and I respect them. Have a good one.
  4. Let's call it a day with this topic because it has nothing to do with celiac disease. This is my last posting about this. First of all, being in a war as part of the military does not make anyone a "man" - nor does streetfighting. Both of these things should be avoided like the plague, but sometimes that's impossible. The first realization that I could be killed came to me at 5 years old, in the streets, and I never forgot that - and I'd rather not say any more about it. The animals that you were doing battle against, in whatever conflict(s) you were involved in, is a just and noble cause. Unfortunatly, the United States seems to have become the target of much of the world's hatred - including people that have benefitted immensly by coming here and taking advantage of it's resources. I know that the Army trains people in hand-to-hand combat, and other self-defense, because my father was in the 13th Airborne during WWII. But they rarely, if ever, used these skills in war - the guns were their main form of protection. I can tell you that ANY girl, and most guys, will not be in good shape after a good punch to the face - I've only been hit once there (edit correction: only once while standing up, lol), by a barefisted street punk, and it didn't even phase me. I'm NOT "big", or "tough", though. The people that think that they can fend-off a mugger with martial arts are living in a fantasy world. It CAN help, but being "crazy", as a result of previous experiences and/or injury, is the one thing that has allowed me to survive. You do not learn this in a dojo. Fortunatly, I have not had to seriously injure, much less kill, anybody - and hope that I never do. I do know one thing: the people that have been stupid enough to approach me with bad intentions do an about-face and beat it fast as soon as they see my stance, hear what I tell them, and gaze at the "look" on my face. One person, in and incident near my home a few years ago, actually fumbled for his cell-phone to call the cops on ME, lol! People that have been injured, like myself, are the most dangerous - NOT the street-scum that prey on others that cannot defend themselves, and they recognize this instantly. Enough! Have a good one!
  5. It certainly could be celiac! There have been times in my life when I had what I described to people as a "Cast Iron Stomach", and I could eat anything (or so I thought) - and other times the complete opposite was true. I always had trouble with beer, though. First, I think that you should try some Lactaid, or another Lactase Enzyme supplement. If I don't take them, I have problems, even though I am totally gluten free. I make gluten-free pizza - but I can't eat it more than once or twice a week becase the dairy in the cheeses gives me trouble, even with the lactase enzymes. Whether you have Celiac or not, the digestive enzymes for dairy may help until you find out more. I also take other enzyme supplements, but that is because I don't know if my villi (in the small intestines) are 100% normal yet (if they ever were "normal", lol). This sounds like you have a dairy intolerance - but don't rule out Celiac as being the root cause. I had many of your symptoms, and I could live with them for most of my life - but eventually it caught up with me and my digestive system went off the deep end - almost taking me with it. Good luck, and feel free to keep us updated on your quest for a solution.
  6. I have quite a bit of German in me - not just on one side, but from many sides of my family tree. Have you ever heard of the Palatines, that came to New York State (Albany county) in the early 18th century? I have ancestry from there. How about the troops that came from Germany to fight for England in the Revolution? My 4th great grandfather was among them. He was captured, and eventually joined the American Continental Army. I have a picture of his grandson (1837-1906), my great great grandfather, and I look very much like him. My mother's grandparents were from Germany, and my father's grandfather was also. All of these people were proud to become Americans. Stefi has once again brought up her illustrious accomplishments in the world of Martial Arts and said that she knows something about "fighting". Unless you have had streetfighting experience, then the "martial arts" are nothing more than a type of dance. These staged "fights" that they have are no more real than wrestling matches on TV - nobody gets deliberately hurt. I wish no harm to Stefi, or anybody else, but let's not kid ourselves. A seasoned bar-bouncer could put her away in about two seconds. Lights Out, kids, lol! I know a woman that was the national women's judo champ, who had her purse snatched in Brooklyn about 30 years ago. All of this is make-believe, and I'd advise anybody that's learning it to proceed with extreme caution no matter how "good" your teachers say you are. In other words, don't brag. It's not the fights you win that make you strong, but the ones you LOSE.
  7. Thank you all so much! I really didn't expect, after only 10 months on the diet, to have the blood test numbers go down so much that the lab would say that I do not have Celiac, because I REALLY had a bad case of it for the past 5 years (and to a lesser degree all my life). I am still not healed "in my head", but the light of reason occasionally tells me that, "It's over". I don't EVER want to get glutened again, and am capable of taking any measures necessary to guarantee that I do not. But, since life offers no guarantees (other than paying taxes and death, lol), in the event that a glutening happens, I'll be that much better prepared to cope with, and survive, it.
  8. Since you brought up "fighting", how would a sock in the jaw, by a person with scarred knuckles and a lifetime of conflict, affect you? This is NOT meant as a threat, or an insult, but have you ever been in a real street fight, with blood and possibly knives, bottles, etc.? Have you ever seen anyone killed with a baseball bat in the street? I know very well what these circumstances are like, because I've been there, and all the karate, or whatever you do, in the world isn't going to help you when your opponent is hell-bent on finishing you off. Just some food for thought from a Brooklynite.
  9. No matter how well you think your are doing, it's nice to get confirmation that the villi have healed and, after almost a year of revamping and reorganizing your diet, it's wonderful to feel healthy and have a life and a future ahead of you. When they gave me the blood results in the hospital today, I was in the recovery room after the endoscopy - and I almost ripped the tubes out because I was so happy! It's like finishing the marathon, and there were also across-the-board improvements in my other "problem" areas, including the Iron Panel results of ferritin and iron. All in all, it was a great day.
  10. I received my Jan. 9 2006 blood test results back: Anti-Gliadin IgA ELISA (AGA IgA) 1.0 U/ml Reference Range: <5. U/ml Anti-Gliadin IgG ELISA (AGA IgG) 2.5 U/ml Reference Range: <10 U/ml Anti-Human Tissue Transglutaminase IgA ELISA (TTG IgA) 2.3 Unit Anti-Endomysial IgA IFA (EMA IgA) Negative (reference range is “negative”) Total Serum IgA by Nephelometry (TOTAL IgA) 170 mg/dl (13 years to adult 44-441 mg/dl) These tests, and many more, were processed by PROMETHEUS Therapeutics & Diagnostics My original blood test, from Jan. 2005, prior to diagnosis, at a different clinic and lab: Gliadin AB (IGA) 63 - High Out of Range Gliadin AB (IGG) 34 High Out of Range Reference range for Gliadin Antibody, IgA or IgG: Negative: <20 Weak Positive: 20-30 Strong Positive: >30 These tests were processed by Bayer Labs There were many other tests performed from the blood samples last week, and they were all very good - except for an excess of B12, due to my taking sublingual supplements every day - but that is easily remedied and not dangerous anyway. The doctor asked if I've been getting B12 injections! The 2006 summary interpretation: “Results do not support a diagnosis of celiac disease.” and, "Serological markers for celiac disease were not detected. Celiac Disease very unlikely if patient is on a gluten-containing diet and is lgA sufficient: does not preclude development of the disease in the future. HLA typing may be helpful in young children and those on a gluten-free diet". I will have the results of my Bone Density test, which I took today, in about a week. My first “celiac” endoscope was taken in Feb. 2005, and showed flattening of the vlli, and "inflammation". I had one taken today - the results, along with the biopsy, will be available in a week. The doctor would not comment until the biopsy comes back, but there is likely a major improvement.
  11. Your posting was WAY nastier than anything I have posted in this, or any other thread. That guy is referring to his ex-wife as "evil", and I called him on it. He claimed to eat only banana, and I questioned that. I also had a few other questions that anybody with an inkling of common sense would wonder about. You are insulting my upbringing, which I have never done to anybody. You are also using curse words, or the symbols for them, which I have never done here. This is not, in my opinion, very "nice". If you cannot be nice, then maybe YOU should not post here.
  12. There's a bit of a cultural misunderstanding here. My perspective on this is not one of "Southern Hospitality" (although that type of charm has it's place) - it's one that I learned the hard way, in a tough environment. This guy has to get it together, if he wants to be an American. I live, and work, among 153 nationalities, and over 120 languages are spoken in New York. Maybe I sound "rude" to you, but in the "real" world, that I know, things are not like a pretty-perfect picture. You'll notice that his last posting is more business-like, and believable, already. This is because I pushed it - that's the way to get action. Everybody sitting around "hand-holding" does nothing.
  13. Yumpin' Yimminy! I just tried to get you a plane ticket, and you're going off again! Play your cards right, on this board, and you'll soon have another woman - but I can't guarantee that she's not "evil", lol! Good luck.
  14. OK, so give him the support he wants: buy him a ticket back to Europe!
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