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  1. I'm not sure what all that means, but are you sure they said erethyma or arhythmia, because arhythmia (dont know how to spell it) is an abnormality with then rhythm of the heart. If he siad all was fine then I doubt there was anything serious, unless they just ment that the prosedure went well? good luck with the results! cat x x x
  2. dancer_girl86

    Teeth Staining!

    lol, i think i'll do the same! cat
  3. The title basicaly sais it, I was just wondering, I'm beeing tested now to see if I have celiac, and I was just wondering if staining on teeth can be caused by celiac! I have had this unexplained staining on my teeth for years, It goes when I get my teeth polished but it comes back after a while. I dont drink strong tea, or coffee so I was just wondering if any of you heard if it was connected to celiac! Any ideas? Thanks for any replies! cat x x x
  4. dancer_girl86

    Gaining Weight Help

    Hi, I havent exactly got any advice for you about why you are not gaining weight, but I do dance, and now abit about the excersise part. Yoga tends to bulk up your muscles slightly,but although you have a fast metabolism you should still excersise as normal. If you do other forms of excersise it will probably bulk up your muscles more, like running or something. Maybe you could buy some weights to get abit more muscle? Don't avoid excersise because you are thin! Theres a chance it wont effect your weight! If your mum was also thin at your age, theres a good chance that your the same, and that you will fill out later on! Hope I helped you abit! cat
  5. I was jsut looking through the other boards and I noticed that people associate mucousy BM and floating BM as being bad. I have both these, but only have seen thr mucousy one once or twice. Is this another sign of ceoliac or is that due to other intestinal diseases or conditions? thanks for any help!
  6. Hi Thanks for answering my questions! I was just wondering does it cause discolouration on teeth, because my teeth need to be regarly polished because they get discoloured easily. The dentist never knew why my teeth were like this because I dont drink coffee, and when I drink tea its very weak, I wonder if theres a connection between this and ceoliac as well. cat
  7. Don't worry, I am the same, although I havent yet been diagnosed with ceoliac. I have always been very underweight, and it's so annoying when you go to the doctor for a specific reason and they are more interested to see if you are eating enough, and want to weigh you. Although now I am not as underweight as I used to be, the doctors do imply that I am anorexic, even though I eat loads. You would think doctors would understand, especialy if you have ceoliac or have symptoms of ceoliac. One of the main things about ceoliac is that you are malnurished because of the effects of gluten (I think thats right) on the body so there is a chance especialy fi a family member has it that you might also have it! Good luck with your diagnosis, and dont worry about the doctors. You know your not anorexic! cat
  8. Just wondering buth what is h. pylori? never heard of it before now?
  9. Thanks very much for your advice! You have been very helpful! This sight has been so helpful so far! cat
  10. Forgot to add, one other symptom I have is slight depression and I am totaly exhausted. Usualy I am realy active, and dance, and I am studying in college. Last year I was realy hard working, but this year, I am totaly opposite, and have to make a big effort just to work for a while. I have always been on the go before this year. I used to do sport, long distnace running, and musical theatre, but now I dont seem to have any energy to do anything but lye down on the couch. Its pretty out of character for me to be this lazzy. dont know if that could also be connected to ceoliac
  11. Thanks very much for the advice! Your very helpful! I only had the initial test done. When I phoned the surgery up to see the results the doctor hadn't commented about the ceoliac test only the thyroid and kidney function. I think now actualy that the doctor is still not rulling ceoliac out, and maybe thats why she didnt comment on the form. I phoned the lab up to hear the results and they said it was negative. I dont have diarhea which I know is quite a common symptom ceoliacs have, but I do have loads of the other symptoms. I'll see next week what the doctor wants to do next. Does every one with suspected ceoliac have to have a colonoscopy as well as endoscopy. I'd absolutely hate to have the colonoscopy thanks alot for your help, and any more advice will be very much appreciated! Did any more of you get a negative result for the first initial test? thanks cat
  12. Hi, for the past few months I have been pretty ill with stomack pains after eating, and my stomach seems to swell up loads after I eat (usualy I have waist of 24inch but it goes up to 32inch), especialy after things like curry, pasta and stuff that contain gluten. I have been realy tired lately, and I get quite alot of mouth ulcers. My aunt has ceoliac, and because of my symptoms I decided to go to a doctor to see if I also had it. I had the blood tests for ceoliac, thyroid function and kidney function, and all of them have come back satisfactory. I was just wondering if sometimes the blood tests are unaccurate for ceoliac? Does it sound as if I still have ceoliac? I am going back to the doctor next week to discus the results with the doctor, and she wants to monitor my weight to see if I am loosing any weight. Does it sound as if I need a endoscopy? I'd be very grateful if you could help me with some of my questions, even if it's just an oppinion! thanks cat