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  1. Happy Valentine's Day! We had pot roast, roasted yukon gold potatoes with sea salt and rosemary, romaine salad with pears, toasted pecans and blue cheese crumbles, steamed peas, and for dessert I made these: chocolate cupcakes (Betty Crocker gluten-free devil's food mix) with strawberry frosting and drizzled dark chocolate, with fresh strawberries. They turned out so good!
  2. Hi, I saw that you visited me, so I thought I'd see who you were. My son has DH too (undiagnosed by biopsy). Unfortunately, the pediatric dermatologist said that he would need an intact lesion for a biopsy. That's not going to happen when it is so itchy. It hasn't flared up badly for a long time too...knock on wood.

    Celiacs with DH seem the most sensitive among celiac...

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