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  1. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and advice. I think husband needs to make appt with a Celiac specialist - once we find one, that is. And look for other allergies/intolerances. After reading your posts and other ones on different celiac topics, I am surprised that the only info husband received...
  2. Oh, interesting, Ciamarie. I never thought about MSG as a possible issue for him. Is your reaction to MSG similar to a gluten reaction? What is DH? Did you go in for additional allergy testing?
  3. Thanks for the info, Lisa. You have a point about natural/whole foods. I think we need to pay more attention to that. As long as he sticks with unprocessed foods, he seems ok. But then again, we can have an evening dinner of baked salmon, brown rice, salad, and he feels icky that evening/through...
  4. Hi,all-- Celiac husband ate PopChips (listed as gluten-free on package)for lunch and had a brutal celiac reaction. With the chips he ate leftover homemade gluten-free pizza crust with Canadian bacon, cheese, and mushrooms and a Mexican coke. We do not think he had a reaction to the pizza since...