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  1. Made a turkey roast with mashed potatoes, gluten free gravy, steamed baby peas and gluten free Yorkshire puddings. I wasn't sure about the Yorkshires...they're a favorite around here. The gluten free ones tasted mostly the same, but the texture was so different...they were pretty good, but just...
  2. Never used to get night sweats until a couple years ago, when I started getting them a few days before my period would start. Then got them when I was pregnant, and the regular postpartum sweats...only thing is, my baby is 4 months old now, and it hadn't gone away. I haven't had night sweats since...
  3. 2 Weeks gluten free, and terrible insomnia. I trend to go through phases of insomnia anyways, but its been really bad the past week or so. Think I'll have to pick up some melatonin.
  4. For hair loss I supplemented with an extra zinc and BioSil drops (biotin).

  5. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I am quite sure I have celiac. And about10 years ago during my first pregnancy, I hada dvt in my left leg/groin area, and was hospitalized for Weeks. They did tests, but could never figure out what caused it, and I never thought of celiac. It want until I started...
  6. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but that is exactly what my abdominal pain has been like, like an ache that feels like period cramping, sometimes a sharp pain too. And I get bloated. I always thought it was something reproductive, was tested for ovarian cancer and all sorts of things, but the doc...