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  1. I make a tuna casserole with the tinkayada pasta and eat it cold all the time. Its made with brown rice.
  2. Tonight had my grilled chicken wraps again (grilled chicken, chedder, avacado and horseradish mustard). Made a side of quinoa salad with celery, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, mozzarella cheese and the juice of one lime. Man that was good.
  3. Tonight is one of our favorites. Grilled chicken wrapped in fresh corn tortillas with avacado, swiss, and horseradish mustard
  4. Tonight is leftover beef and vegetable soup. making a roast beef right now to chill over night and slice up for sandwiches. Much better then the deli meat from the supermarket.
  5. nasty rainy day today gonna make some beef stew over rice
  6. filet mignon with oven roasted sweet potato fries. Its Friday I thought i'd treat myself steak and fries.
  7. not at all. keep the posts coming you have some great recipes/ideas. actually made the soup tonight I i got hungry while I was making the stock so I made a chicken sandwich with the leftovers- chicken,piece of bacon,swiss,avacado and mustard.
  8. thats what I meant its been simmering for a couple hours now. The flavor is starting to come out now think i'll go another hour. Wow thats cold where are you?
  9. boiling my left over chicken carcass (my first time) for stock and chicken and rice soup tonight. Has my home smelling really good right now.
  10. me neither, just looking at the other posts using all those ingredients. especially you using compound butter when you roast a chicken. Reading your posts gives me the impression that you are a master in the kitchen.
  11. Roasting a chicken right now some rice on the side. Sounds boring compared to what everyone else is cooking up. Gonna make stock with the left over carcass.
  12. how about yogurt? My son (22 months) is gluten free and lactose free, but I heard yogurt especially the greek style yogurt can be tolerated by the lactose intolerant crowd.
  13. that sounds awesome. I do the same thing with the fresh basil. Never tried buffalo mozzarella though.
  14. roast beef tonight with rice and black beans. My roast beef is a favorite in my family and its so easy. I take a bottom round or rump roast (about 3 lbs.) season it (I use adobo) and sear it. After i put a good sear on it I roast it (covered) on a bed of onions and about 3/4 cups of water on the...