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  1. I have a question regarding notifying my employer officially, with a letter from my GI doctor, that I have Celiac Disease. They want an "outline" of restrictions, if any. I am concerned that they will try to use it as ammunition to fire me. I was hired because I have a CDL (commercial truck driver's license) and they think that if I cannot drive the vehicle they can fire me. I would be required to go out alone and move trailers and hook/unhook trailers, and a host of other duties --we are NOT a trucking company, we do hearing testing. My wish is to transition into the office and not have to travel or drive any more. I do not want to give them a letter from my doctor if they can use it to fire me. All of that stated: I am not sure I want to work for them at all any longer, HOWEVER, I cannot simply quit my job, I have no savings and am single, I have no one to provide for me, no pension, etc. This is very complicated. The main thing I want to know is: can they fire me for providing them with a letter that may state that I cannot travel overnight away from home?
  2. I will tell them I want the records. The thing is that I do not like my GI at all. He disputes my symptoms, says they have nothing to do with Celiac Disease, yet they are on the lists of symptoms I have seen. Also, if he doesn't think my symptoms are related to Celiac Disease, why doesn't he help me figure this out? or recommend a doctor who can look at more of my symptoms.
  3. I tried to request a full thyroid panel. The doctors won't listen to me. I have not been tested for celiac antibodies. I have no idea what the original gastro doctor did in the way of tests, other than the biopsy. I have no details. I know that I messed up there.... I don't even know where to go, now, to find a doctor who will help me. I don't know where to find anyone who will help me at all.
  4. I already have a used car.... a 2008 Jeep Liberty.... my previous car was not paid off,... I owe too much to be able to fix that particular issue. As for moving out of my own house --I have too many belongings in it. There is no way I can transition easily. Understand that my last 2 moves were major and it was (as always) me, all by myself moving everything that I was able to lift on my own. There were movers for only the big furniture. Also, my last move the movers stole things from me, -I have not recovered from that trauma.......... my best thought is to move it all into a storage unit and walk away from everything else...... I don't know. I can't really see a good way out of this. I will just get sicker until I am unable to work at all, because my bosses don't believe that I am sick......."you look fine". Not only that, I cannot find a doctor who will listen to me and test me for what I ask to be tested for. You want it capped off? today is another crappy day that was an ok day, but is now in the crapper. I had to wait for someone else, before I could begin my evening, so there was 45 minutes of my time wasted, and on top of that (yes there's more) - there was no hot water when I got in the hotel shower. the water never got warm. I had to dry off, get dressed, get a key to another hotel room -a block away, to take a shower. I am just. plain. done. If I had my way I would go home and curl up in a ball and stay there forever.
  5. The thing is: I cannot just quit my job. I have no savings. I have a mortgage, car payment, and other payments. I really don't know what to do. This job, it's like indentured servitude --I am not near home enough for job hunting, or for regular doctor appointments. I know that I need to get out of this situation, because it is definitely no win. My employer wants me well, but they really do not understand that taking a week off fixes absolutely nothing, and only stresses me out more. I have made contact with one employment agency in person, and I plan to email another and see if we can get the ball rolling without me actually going into their office, at least for the next 3 weeks.......
  6. I had a run in with HR at work today. The HR woman's son has gluten "sensitivity" or allergy or something, but NOT celiac disease. She tried to tell me that I am being unreasonable! I said that I cannot eat in restaurants because of cross contamination. I walked out on her. I sent her an email and explained that she really does not understand what I am talking about. I am extremely distressed by this turn of events. I have been having a lot of issues and I believe that my Celiac disease has gotten much worse in just the last month. I am forced to travel for work and it's killing me --the stress, the restuarants, the poor nutrition because we change hotels daily and I cannot bring perishable food items with me.
  7. I have real problems. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease by biopsy in 2011. I have considered myself to be gluten free for over 4 years, with the unfortunate condition that I am forced to travel for work -almost constantly. This makes it very difficult to maintain gluten free, when it becomes necessary to eat in restaurants or starve. An additional complication is the hours I must work, which sometimes mean I am getting up at 3:00am and other times not going to bed until after 11:00pm. Some of my symptoms have never truly improved, as I am still suffering from fatigue, which was only every moderately better, and is now extreme fatigue. I have acid stomach, and frequently loose stools. I started having hot flashes with great frequency about 7 months ago, and an additional symptom of being cold all the time. Even during a hot flash I have learned that my body temperature is below 97 degrees, as it is nearly 24 hours a day. My doctor seemed to be heading in a direction of discovery, but when blood tests came back "normal" he abandoned any exploration of my current symptoms and told me that I am depressed and he gave me an antidepressant, which I do not want and will not take. An additional symptom that is newer for me is a feeling of weakness. one day last week I simply shut down almost entirely. I just collapsed into a chair and stayed there for over an hour. my boss took notice and I think that he was alarmed. (I could not just go home, firstly because I was afraid to drive right then, and second because I am forced to travel for my job and I was not anywhere near home. This would also be a primary reason why I would not want to go to an emergency room.) I have never lost weight from the celiac disease or from being gluten free, almost the opposite --I am hungry too much of the time, despite over-eating. I am not depressed, I am unhappy because there is still something wrong with me, but I cannot get any of my doctors to listen to me. I am trying a different doctor tomorrow. Losing hope fast. Low body temperature? Thyroid? any other ideas would be appreciated..... losing hope fast.
  8. I have noticed more skin tags since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease and going gluten free. A doctor has asked me if anyone in my family is diabetic, because "diabetics have skin tags and dark patches"..... my mother had the same --dark patches and skin tags but NO diabetes in the family. I find the mention of insulin resistance and skin tags very interesting. In addition I have started to crave sugar.... not sure what that means.....
  9. I do not take meds for depression and I do not want to, or need to. I have these downward spirals periodically, but not regularly enough to call for meds. I know the reasons for the downward spiral, and there is not a whole lot I can do about it, except to let it come and this too shall pass. I am all alone in the world. No one cares about me. My worst problem lately is the amount of travel for work and the huge difficulty of having a pleasing meal, that is warm food, and having that meal also be gluten free. At home I have no problem, out on the road,... I am tired of eating flavorless crap,... it is very difficult to bring anything that requires refrigeration, because we check out of hotels and move every day,... there is no way to keep things cold enough all day long in a hot car. I am not made of money. Small towns don't have gluten free options. I am over 50 and there are NO job options available to me --- no one wants to hire an old lady who they think will leave in a few years. (I am going nowhere---I am flat broke, not a nickel to my name, where would I be going?) In a nutshell it is a fact that: life is a b%$@# and then you die.
  10. in addition to celiac disease I am now in menopause, so everything is totally out of whack. currently my hair growth is not that great,.... it's even less on legs and under arms. The hair on my head had been getting healthier - stronger, but due to a current relapse of symptoms it has become weak and unhealthy again as well.
  11. A few nights ago I had a shocking episode of diarrhea,.... It was like passing gas, but I knew that it was more. By the time I got to the toilet I had a small mess to dispose of.... that got me to think about all of the myriad symptoms I have had lately. Symptoms that seem to be getting worse. Is this more than Celiac disease? what is happening..... It is sending me down that spiral to depression. All of the worst of my symptoms are returning,.... severe and extreme fatigue, acid stomach nausea, a shaky feeling, achy all over, headaches, flaking skin in specific areas (nose and eyebrows)..... I cannot tell if my stomach is asking for food or not. I am on the verge of breaking down in tears. Top all of that off with new nonsense from my workplace.... I have been told that, during a specific week, our department is "forbidden" from making any kind of medical appointment, as that will be viewed as avoiding a specific job. I am in the beginning stages of worsening symptoms, and have a doctor appointment next week which was to be the start of figuring out what my body is trying to tell me. I am so upset, I don't know if I should eat something, or sleep, I don't know what to do..... My job involves a great deal of travel, and maintaining a gluten free diet is very difficult --- too often there is nothing I can eat that is nutritious and that tastes good to me. I am really struggling to deal with everything. I manage to do laundry and pay my bills, and somehow I work on the weekdays --I don't know how I do that, because I spend the weekends doing as little as possible due to exhaustion. How I get through a work week is a mystery to me.... I must be on autopilot. That can't be good. Thank you for giving me a place to vent my frustration. I wish that I could find a doctor who cared about figuring this out and actually helping me.
  12. I was lethargic and spent my weekends sleeping --up to 18 hours of sleep a day, both Saturday and Sunday. After being gluten free for over 18 months I finally noticed that I was sleeping much less. Sorry to say, but some things just take longer than others, and we are all different,.... you have to stick with the diet and give your body time to realize that it can stop fighting everything all the time. You are not stupid! You came here and asked your questions and laid out relevant explanations.... nothing stupid there.... I have found that taking a vitamin B12 supplement helps clear that brain fog. In fact, when I first started the B12 it was like someone lifted a curtain! No more brain fog! Also, by the way, thank you!! For helping me to understand that I am NOT alone in this "laziness" --but IN FACT it may be part of the healing process of being gluten free (after being sick for my entire life until recently because I never knew I had celiac disease.).
  13. I think that there are other food intolerances that are "hidden" by the Celiac or the gluten intolerance. Like your body is working so hard to combat itself, in the case of Celiac disease, that it kind of fails to alert you to other problems. For example, I never had an issues with citrus, then suddenly, after a year of being gluten free I was (and am) allergic to citrus! I cannot have any citrus at all because the symptoms are like torture --burning, itching --no rash or eruptions, just terrible, terrible burning itching! I am starting to have sensitivities to other things now (2 years gluten free)..... I really cannot help believing that my body, fighting the celiac symptoms, was "masking" other intolerances, allergies, and issues. And: A food diary is an excellent idea!! I kept a food diary for 7 years and it helped me to figure out a lot of things!!
  14. This past November I was ill. I had digestive system discomfort with severe nausea and I had dizzy spells. I finally tracked down the one thing I had consumed that I did not use for many years prior to this event..... chewing gum containing ASPARTAME. Aspartame is nasty stuff!! I was so sick for so many days, accompanied with the dizzy spells, which become more severe as the days passed!! I chewed gum on 3 separate occasions, and I spit it out after only an hour or so, but that was all it took!! I was sick for the next 3 weeks. I feel that many of these sensitivities and symptoms and issues may be heightened by being gluten free. If you are gluten free your body can stop attacking itself because of the gluten and now it's attention becomes riveted to other things!! Kind of like an unending nightmare..... Anyway, BEWARE OF ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!!!
  15. itching again..... winter, so predictable.... this time I think it has to do with perhaps one of the following: sugar corn products dairy (I sure hope not) tea? caffiene? this morning I have had my supplements, things I have taken daily for year and years with no symptoms that I am aware of. I have had water. I was hungry, so I ate some sweet potato "pancakes" with butter and brown sugar. It appears that the itching is dissipating after 72 hours of suffering..... so now I am not sure how to proceed..... I will drink more water throughout the day, and see if the itching continues to go away..... My current plan is to probably have some ground sirloin and rice for dinner, maybe with some cheese.... Please, God, please let the itching go away. please.
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