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  1. Mtndog, I'm also on the North Shore and while the first time I ate at Uno's in Swampscott I was fine, the second time I was severely sick afterwards. Since I never liked chain restaurants to begin with, they probably lost a customer.

    I also checked out Not Your Average Joe's. Their gluten-free menu does not include proper vegetarian meals. Another one ruled out. It's a chain, anyway.

    I have to agree, though, on Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Neither store offers everything I like, so I have to go to both! But, I just visited a WF in Providence, RI. this weekend and they had way more to choose from than the one by me!! I think I'm going to write a little letter, because then I won't have to jump between supermarkets to do a complete shopping. :)

    Don't be timid to talk about your situation and don't let anyone give you attitude about it, either. Besides, the more people demand gluten-free options while out and about, the more they'll start to offer them places. For example, I always ask bars if they have Bard's, New Grist or Redbridge beers before settling on something else.

    I have eaten at the Uno's in Swampscott many times !! And have never felt bad afterwards. Perhaps it was something else that caused your sickness? Not trying to start a controversy but just another point of view.

    Sorry you got sick

  2. Many Celiacs seem to have a similar problem with IBS. For me personally I had these LOUD intestinal noises that embarrassed me to no end. FINALLY I latched on to the medicine hyoscyamine. Hyoscyamine is a antispasmodic which regulates the rhythms of the intestines. But of course my happiness was short lived when lately hyoscyamine was on "back order" All the local drug stores were running out of supplies. When I called the manufacturer they responded. "Eventually it looks like we will make them more available but that might take a couple of months" Upon further inquirery I found out that the FDA is giving "Grand fathered" in drugs some pressure...I guess the FDA wants Ethex to pony up some cash so the FDA can test and "officially recommend" the drug to the masses. To be honest I'm not sure about that fact one way or the other. Anyway, it seems now that a new product called Hyomax is virtually the same as hyoscyamine!! My pharmacist said it has the same chemical makeup except some additives that allow it to be consumed sublingually or swallowed or both. I really am trying to keep this community up to date with this wonderful drug. Anyone who suffered with that huge embarrassment knows what I'm talking about..



  3. I read other posts about this specific Progresso Chowder and some of them said the thick and hearty is gluten-free but Traditional is not.

    Others said Progresso labels what allergens are in it and on the Traditional Clam Chowder it lists only clam, milk, soy, lobster, shrimp, crab, tuna, cod, and fish ingredients.

    So can I assume its gluten-free?

    Others also said that Progresso is a Betty Crocker product but it says General Mills on the label (they may or may not own Betty Crocker I don't know).

    Nothing sounds like wheat but there are a few chemical ingredients in it like: disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate... sounds awful but I have a huge yen for Clam Chowder and I don't have the ingredients to make t from scratch.

    Thanks for any help... answer soon... I'm hungry!


    I just bought the BEST clam chow dah ever !!!! I also live in Massachusetts so hopefully you live by or can access the store where I purchased it. IT WAS PRETTY EXPENSIVE but well worth it....it was microwavable...I will try to get the name when I return to the store...If I forget to come back here soon...you can email me at docklearfan@yahoo.com in the subject title if you write my name JAY I wont delete it...lol

  4. I have had wonderful success at Joes American Bar and Grill in Peabody Massachusetts.

    All the staff is familiar with a gluten free menu. In fact the Manager will always come over and verify that everything is okay.

    Steaks are great

    Hamburgers with Bacon and cheese are awesome

    And they will also cook FRENCH FRIES to order!! They special fry them in this gluten free oil. Imagine french fries with a burger!!!

    I've had other items their as well, so check them out!!

    I highly recommend Joes!

  5. Hi - I just posted tonight, but I'm new and don't really know how to refer you to that post! So I'll just repeat myself.

    My husband was diagnosed with celiac disease last summer and we've had a 100% gluten-free home, even though he's the only one diagnosed. After continued problems, I recently (this summer) decided to go totally confirmed gluten-free on beauty and personal care products just to be safe. Wouldn't want to choose a lipstick over my husband feeling awful all the time!!

    I've felt the same frustration you've had - hard to get a straight answer, and what does truly safe "gluten free" really mean once you start asking a few questions? Found that some said some products were gluten-free, but they weren't in a gluten-free facility, didn't know about cross contamination risks. So, to cut it short - one customer service rep from Monave (a cosmetic company I found solely on the internet) told me I'd do best to stick to smaller companies because they'd have much more control and knowledge about the ingredients and "safety" of everything. Just type in "Monave" in google and the first thing that comes up is the cosmetics company. Also, "Afterglow" cosmetics is gluten-free - owner has celiac in the family I think. Type in "afterglow cosmetics" or else you'll get some movie and other things that aren't makeup!

    There are others, but to start those are the ones I'm getting samples from this week. Good luck and let me know I can help you any more.

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it...I think there must be some national companies that have gluten free products. I'm going to call Neutragena for their skin treatment today. But I will check out your companies as well !!

  6. I have been trying to research "cosmetics" and I'm having a hard time. (A few companies emailed me back but to no avail) I just started a new job and I'm swamped for time. So if anyone knows gluten free items could you let me know? I feel like a idiot not taking the time to research but..

    Anyway, I would love to know what Hairspray, Deodorant,acne creme, hand soap, and dish soap are gluten free.

    (Currently, I just used whatever was available...but now I realize that these items can effect a person with Celiac.)

    Thanks all

  7. Anyone from this area? I live in the Middletown, Ct area and haven't really been able to find the most accomodating restaurants, if you know what I mean. Anyone have any good experiences?

    I too was worried about eating out, but DONT BE ANYMORE !

    Legal Seafoods is great...the chef comes out and talks to you..and the waitstaff knows exactly what they are talking about.

    PF Changs is great

    Pizzeria Uno is great

    Mcdonalds french fries are gluten free

  8. Hi

    My birthday is next week and I'm trying to find a place to eat out which i dont normally do b/c im scared of getting sick. teh only place we have been is boynton and elephant walk. has anyone eaten at rialto in cambridge or maggaianos? Maggianos told me they dont have a menu be will serve gluten-free pasta? has anyone had an experience there? I also called fireplace in brookline and they said they would email me a copy of thier gluten-free menu. i'm also a vegetarian so its hard for me to find something to eat. it woudl be great to hear if anyone has eaten at fireplace, rialto or maggianos and what they thought!



    Legal Seafoods is Great

    But on the cheaper side of things...Pizzeria Uno had a gluten free menu. (Sure it's not a high class restaurant but...maybe some other folks might like the suggestion.

  9. Most afternoons I get these spasms in my mid section, along with some pretty bad bloating which I can't seem to get rid of (if you catch my drift...). I used to think that it was intestinal bloating and intestinal spasms, but now I'm starting to think that it may be my bladder. I have to "go" ALL the time...just about every hour or hour and a half...and I've read a little bit about "bladder spasms" and that seems to be a symptom....I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with this or if they know anything about these symptoms. I just want the spasms to go away, and for my tummy to shrink back to normal!

    I posted a similar response awhile ago, but its worth another post. I had massive intestinal spasms all the time. They were embarrasing as #$#@@

    Anyway, there is a drug called Hyoscyamine and is controls intestinal spasms.

  10. There are two finds I want to share, and I hope this is the appropriate place to do so.

    My husband has celiac and therefore hasn't had a sandwich in a cafe in a very long time. Imagine our surprise when he was able to get a sandwich on gluten-free bread at the Oxford St. Spa in Cambridge! The bread is homemade and my husband said his sandwich was delish.

    So, if you're interested, check it out:


    Also, my husband has discovered a gluten-free beer: Bard's Tale Ale. It's made of sorghum and is quite tasty. Every time we look at this list of where it's available, we see more and more stores selling this gluten-free beer!


    Happy eating,

    --Patti M.

    Stow, MA

    Patti please don't tell your husband but I LOVE YOU!! lol

    I haven't had beer in 20 years!!! I just learned that my favorite liquor store has bards beer!!! And its exactly a 1 minute drive from my house!!

    Thanks soooo much!!

  11. I had dinner last night with my sister in law at Chianti on Cabot St in Beverly MA and it was FANTASTIC. I called ahead and spoke to the owner Richard who told me that there were several gluten-free options on the menu, but that they also make zucchilini which is a pasta made from pure zucchini. He told me he'd let me try some even if I decided to order something else. There were so many gluten free options on the menu I didn't know what to do with myself. I had the vegetable risooto (delicious!) and the promised side of zucchilini- both were amazing....for dessert I had mango and apricot champagne sorbets.

    It was so good and no reaction. he came out and talked to us for about 15 minutes. He was very sweet and excited that we were eating there as i'm celiac and my sil is vegetarian. He's planning on expnading the restaurant in the spring and adding more gluten-free and vegetarian options.

    5 stars in my book. I wish I had four hands to give this place more thumbs up!

    I live in Salem and that is awesome news!!


  12. Actually Gin is made from grains...its is flavored with juniper berries..

    "Gin is a flavoured white spirit made by distilling grains such as barley, corn or rye. It's flavored using Juniper berries, coriander, angelica, herbs and spices and a variety of other natural ingredients which are added to the grain mash during distillation. " drinksmixer.com

    "Gin, alcoholic liquor, distilled from grain, and deriving its flavor principally from an infusion of juniper berries " encarta.msn.com

    I also got this email from Bombay Gin...

    Thank you for your inquiry. As per your request, please be advised that the alcohol used in processing the gin does derive from grain, corn, wheat, and rye. Therefore, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and BOMBAY ORIGINAL Gins may contain trace amounts of gluten, because some of these ingredients are outsourced. The exact quantity is unknown. If you still have questions, we suggest you contact your doctor as to whether or not you should consume such beverage products before consumption.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued patronage.

    Best Regards,

    Consumer Services

    The Bombay Spirits Company U.S.A.

    Now I'm all depressed and Confused!!

    I always thought SOME Gins were Okay?? Now I have doubts!

    Any additional comments would be greatly appreciated!!

  13. Hi Everyone,

    It's so HOT right now in Massachusetts...and guess what drink I'm going crazy for?

    GIN AND TONIC !!!!!!!

    I found a few posts but I'm still not to confident wondering if Seagrams or Tanqueray (spelling?) Gin is okay for us celiacs? Are there any other quality gins that you have proven successful??

    Also, what type of tonics are okay for us? Scwepps?

    Any thoughts everyone??

    thanks so much


  14. Okay, new restaurant guide list out.  It's now 153 pages (320 restaurants long).  Compare that with your old guide to see if it's worth updating.  If so, please give your e-mail address below.  You need Adobe Reader to view it.  Uhh...you can also download it from the site if you're a member of the Silly Yaks group (on the Yahoo groups).  If you are a member, here's the link to the list, where you can save it and access it offline:



    I would love one DOCKLEARFAN@YAHOO.COM


  15. Hope you feel better soon Kaiti :) 

    I was recently glutened also (Damn Tropicana!) and am still feeling the effects of it.  It's rough.  I had a *lot* of it - and I think I've done a good deal of damage :(  I'm hitting the glutamine pretty hard too ;) 

    I often wonder what I'm really like..  I mean, I just learned about this celiac disease a couple months ago and (even though I've tried) I've made mistakes & don't think I've healed all that much.  I wish there was a gluten-free island that I could go to just so I'd be safe.  I'd be on the next flight there and stay for a year - just to see who I am :)  I vaguely remember a time when I was a little tiny girl - I was hopelessly fascinated by everything, had a beautifully clear mind, felt like giggling all the time, and was so very happy.  I embraced and absolutely loved life & people.  I like to think that's who I am, buried under this celiac disease.  I'm excited to find out - and terribly frustrated when I have a setback.  But that's my hope - I want to bring that sparkling little girl out again :)

    - Michelle :wub:


    I apologize in advance for this...

    Im just sooooooo sick of this dam diet, watching every little stupid thing that goes near my mouth...I got college coming up in 6 weeks and really need to get healthy FAST!! I WISH it was like the old days...

    Coffee, Eggs, 4 slices of toast for breakfast

    Maybe a quarter pounder with cheese and fries at Mcdonalds on some days.

    and maybe a pizza or cheese pepper steak....(a local restaurant had the greatest bread) for dinner...

    Never had a problem digesting ANYTHING!!!

    And I STILL can taste a quarter pounder with cheese and its been over a decade since I could have one...

    Sorry to one and all!! but I just had to say it to some people who truly UNDERSTAND.