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  1. Thank you so much for clarifying-to each of you. My problem now is getting her off of soy. She has drunk soy milk for years and is thus far rebelling against the almond milk. In addition, it seems like all of the snacks that she likes are soy based. She has special needs and reasoning with her is not something that is very successful. I did find pretzels that are soy free and Gluten-free Casein-free, but really nothing else that she likes. I am always open to more input Oh, and does allergy skin testing reveal these sensitivites well enough or are their blood tests I need to request. TA~cheryl
  2. How common are these when a child has a gluten intolerance? We have elimiated gluten but dd still has breakthrough GI episodes. It has been about 4 or 5 months since she has (knowingly) consumed gluten. The last episode lasted over a week-at and at that point we had been off of casein and lactose for over a week. She has been on soy milk since she was a baby but I am now wondering about soy. Should I put her back on cheeses, etc and eliminate soy? I'm not sure what to do at this point... Thanks for any advice/input that you can offer~
  3. Thanks for the great input-I think I'm going to do the tortilla chip or pretzel route. I forgot about the Chex being a tad sweet. I'm still interested in making my own cheese-the only put off is that I feel like all I do now is cook/prepare from scratch. It would be nice to have something I don't have to do other than open the package! Think we'll try the Daiya "cheddar" in tacos first, that way there are other flavors to hide it if she doesn't like it... TA~cheryl
  4. I'm so glad to hear there is a good tasting cheese out there-will go to Whole Foods tomorrow and see if I can find it so dd can have pizza!! Also,can't wait to try the new recipe I found now that someone else thinks Chex might work well-ty
  5. cheddar cheese for tacos and mozzarella cheese for pizza? All I can find are items that still use casein for whatever reason. Also, what can I use for panko for recipes that are otherwise gluten free? I was thinking of crushed Chex cereal... (We went gluten free a couple of months back and are still having episodes of symptoms so I also added a casein free diet) Thanks so much for any imput you can give me~ Ohhh, just found this: http://glutenfreemom.com/LivingGlutenandCaseinFree.html has anyone ever tried to make their own cf cheese like this one?
  6. Wow-I'd love to hear more about this. My dd has Down syndrome and does not understand why she can no longer eat any lunches from the cafeteria. She didn't have many before, but both she and I would love to have the option. There is a second grader at school who has celiac, so the cafeteria should already be accomodating his needs, no?
  7. My dd still eats grilled cheese. The last time I made it I just used some left over Pamela's bread (from a mix)-she ate it up just fine. The best pasta so far is Tinkyada, just be sure to rise it well with cold water after cooking. We have not found a good mac n cheese in a box, but if you want to make it yourself I read that Velveeta cheese is gluten-free (can anyone back this up for me?) As far as the quesadillas, we just use corn tortillas in place of the flour ones. I have seen premade ones that look more like flour tortillas, but they are quite expensive and I can't vouch for the taste as we have never eaten them. Hope this helps
  8. We do "lunch munchers". They consist of Crunchmaster Multi-Grain crackers (these are the best crackers I have found. I even find myself snacking on them), squares of cheese and lunch meat, fruit and veggies and a dip (my dd likes gluten-free bbq sauce-go figure ) Even my non-celiac child asks for this lunch (sans the bbq sauce...)
  9. Greetings Hoping to get some direction with my daughter's diet. She may or may not have celiac-her blood results came back negative for it. Haven't had a biopsy done, but she has responded well to the removal of gluten from her diet. She does, however, have the symptoms about once a week or every other week. I know that it takes time for gluten to completely leave her system, though. Yesterday she had a tiny bit of cheese and this a.m. she had 6 oz of yogurt. Within 2 1/2 hours she had the cramping, typical diarrhea, etc of celiac. I read that she also might be lactose intolerant as the symtoms are very similar to celiac symptoms. I plan on eliminating dairy (at least in it's "blatant" forms) and starting a food journal. We do go into the GI doc for the first time next week, and I'm betting that they will want to do a biopsy. Are there any other recommendations from you all, or perhaps similar stories for me to gleen some knowledge from? Thanks so much!
  10. Does anyone have current info on whether Coscto's food court hot dogs are gluten-free or not? Thanks
  11. Well, it sounds like the KA stays. Now y'all just need to direct me to the best recipe sources!
  12. Thanks for all the input. I had bought the KA and just was feeling like it was more than I needed. I plan on baking bread 2-3 times per week, though and then some other items. I do have the counter space, it just "feels" crowded now. I still get short of breath when I think about how much I spent on it, even with the $50 off that Costco recently offered! I'm still open to any suggestions. (The nice thing is that Costco is sooo good about taking back items you feel you don't need or even want, even if they have been used.)
  13. I am just getting started on a gluten-free diet for my daughter. Right now I am using pre-packaged baking items, but would like to start making recipes from scratch. Is it necessary for me to have a heavy duty standing mixer? tia
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