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  1. My son is finishing up his freshman year, living on campus and eating in the dining halls, at Penn State UP. He has a...
  2. ryebaby0

    Broke Hungry College Kid

    Your school really is required by law to offer you food. Did you pay for a contract, or are you living off campus? It...
  3. ryebaby0

    My Son's Health Continues To Decline!

    This is similar to my son's course of diagnosis -- first dx with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, then celiac. The gluten...
  4. My son was dx almost 10 years ago, and has been under the care of the same group (and basically the same doctor) at Children...
  5. The scope is scarier for you than her. The biggest thing is for you to be calm. Completely calm. At 2, she's not gonna...
  6. ryebaby0

    Story Land Nh Area Restaurants

    Rafferty's in North Conway: http://www.raffspub.com/ which is not really near Storyland at all, but well worth the...
  7. ryebaby0

    Hershey Park

    Huh. I came to the travel thread just to post about Hershey Park, bc my son was there on a class trip this week and had...
  8. http://www.statecollege.com/news/columns/michele-marchetti-penn-state-food-services-employees-act-as-concierges-for-glutenfree...
  9. ^ good point ...son is going to University Park , aka main campus. I don't know what the other campuses are up to.
  10. My son is about to attend Penn State, which (for a huge school) is doing pretty well accomodating celiac students but...
  11. ryebaby0

    Parents Of Hs Seniors

    Actually, he is 18 already. And already making decisions and managing his healthcare, with varied results and competency...
  12. ryebaby0

    Parents Of Hs Seniors

    It's asinine to plan a trip out here that time of year, if the intent is to work outside (unless you're arriving acclimated...
  13. ryebaby0

    Parents Of Hs Seniors

    The group itself is not the problem -- he's belonged to this youth group for 2 years, his friends are all part of it...
  14. ryebaby0

    Parents Of Hs Seniors

    My son wants to travel with a small group from a church, across the country, the week of his high school graduation....
  15. My son has the same struggle -- he's 5'11" and weighs 126 soaking wet. And he has braces right now, which doesn't help...