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  1. My son has been gluten-free for 3 weeks now; his condition isn't improving at all and I'm despairing of figuring out how to get some food in him. Everything still goes right through him for the most part (he's 10 -- 53 inches tall and now weighs only 52 pounds--I can span his thigh with my hand--down 10 since this started in late October). We've no medical help--the peds GI scoped him and his OFFICE called to tell us "yep, he's celiac, we'll do follow-up bloodwork in June". Our pediatrician is trying, but you know--there's no medical miracle. They want us to be dairy free and obviously gluten free; sugar seems to be a problem as does anything spicy. Advice? Timeline? (a support group woman said it is realistic to hope for improvement after 5 weeks) His "best bets" are gluten-free english muffins, purple grape juice watered down, peeled apples, McDonald's french fries, and gluten-free cereal. If he eats too much, the gas and bloat (even on Zantac) is awful, he's nauseus and sometimes throws up. Sorry to be so long winded....