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  1. So sorry I took the time to forewarn other members there might be a problem w/ this product. Mmarton, thank you for backing me up. Gosh, forbid that everything is so politically correct these days. My intent was not to discredit General Mills, but to bring awareness.
  2. I wouldn't have posted this comment without first checking w/ past members, and what they had to say about General Mills"gluten-free" cereals. Am trying to forewarn others to use caution when purchasing these breakfast staples. Numerous Celiac.com members, as well as myself are having problems...
  3. I hadn't purchased this cereal in a couple of years. Bought my recent box three weeks ago. I've been sick ever since w/ the usual Celiac symptoms. I can't remember the last time I've had a Celiac event, and because of that haven't been on Celiac.com in awhile. Should have checked here first before...
  4. Update on Pillsbury gluten-free flour. It seems every time I use it, a typical Celiac reaction ensues. I like the price, but for some reason I personally can't tolerate it. Others may react to it differently.
  5. My thankfulness this year is having the time to explore my American ancestry! In the past three months have discovered I derive from United Kingdom blue bloods, w/ a chain of kings that would impress even Queen Elizabeth II. Was this a lovely discovery? Of course. Does it change anything? Only...
  6. Was diagnosed w/ Celiac Disease a decade ago. There seems to be a lot of debate regarding oats. Personally, every time I give oats a chance; always end up feeling glutened. The prescription Bentyl and probiotics reduce my normal two week pain period down to 4-5 days. Hope you feel better soon...
  7. I did a search first to see if anyone had tried the gluten-free Goodie Girl, Mint Slims (chocolate-dipped mint cookies), and didn't see anything. If you loved Girl Scout's, Thin Mint cookies - I highly recommend the Goodie Girl cookies as a gluten-free alternative (w/ a glass of milk of course)...
  8. Amytjeeuh: Thank you for sharing this Werthers' update in 2015. Appreciate it.
  9. Regarding Jason's Deli and their gluten-free menu; not easy for me to ever trust them again. Prior to attending a one-day women's retreat at a local church; I paid ahead for a gluten-free meal that was to be catered by Jason's. During lunchtime the day of the event, I retrieved a lunch box...
  10. JerseyAngel: Thank you for your comment regarding Ruby Tuesdays updated gluten-free protocol effective 1/2015. MycasMommy: Your comments about Ruby Tuesdays training program are appreciated. I've almost totally quit going to restaurants, so both of your recommendations give me hope!...