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  1. I got an email from and today only (Thursday) you get 30% off your entire purchase!!! And 75$ gets u free shipping. Code is: earlybird30. I'm so excited!!! Got 125$ worth for 80$!!! Hope this helps you too:)
  2. We got my son's blood work results after 2.5months gluten free. The Dr is very concerned about his Zinc level. It's 48 (norm is 70-130) He put him on a zinc supplement. What foods can I feed my son that have good zinc but i dont want to overdo it. Also, celiac test # was >139 (144) when we started out January 6th and it's down to 54 now. I thought it was a success that it was down but the dr said it should be below 30 by now and that he was still getting gluten...I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong but i will tighten down on what he eats. our kitchen is gluten free also. (My husband has self diagnosed celiac (he thrives being off gluten!!) Did your child's numbers drop faster or slower? I'm confused because it looks like a great improvement in 2.5months gluten free...
  3. I'll call his Ped in the morning and see what the nurse says to do. I don't believe he's dehydrated but he is losing weight.
  4. I dont know of any Numbers to call as far as hotlines. My son is drinking alot and peeing pretty normal. What I am thinking of giving him cream of rice for breakfast and some toast. He ate corn and meatloaf for dinner. He's waking up 3 times a night for a drink fill up and peeing on the potty each time he does. He went along time today without peeing but we were playing outside all day. I just hate to waste to run him to the dr for them to tell me what to do exactly what i'm already doing. I'm also concerned because he's lost weight over the last 5 days. That really bothers me. Tomorrow i'm going to step up the calories and fiber! Seems like he's fine until he eats, then it's diarreah right away! and lots of gas!
  5. My son is 2.5 he's fine other than diarreah for 5 days staright. He's going 2-3 times a day and it's straight liquid. His main symptom before being diagnosed was Constipation though. can this be from Gluten? If I called the GI dr what would he tell me to do? Make sure he's drinking (check) Pedialite(check) He's eating totally normal (check) No fever, no cold sweats, no irritability. What would you do? Is this a bug or gluten reaction? If it's a gluten reaction, How long should the diarreah last? thanks
  6. I am a stay at home mom from the akron/canton area in Ohio and I am wanting so bad to get my 2.5yr old son into a play group/support group with kids his age or older. He plays very well and he's a nice boy! I'm slightly new to Gluten Free and I'd like to have other mom's to chat with and get advice from. I'd also like to have a SAFE play date for my son. I would be happy to host play dates in our gluten free home or ,since the weather is warming up, meet at a park or play area. The support group with children's hospital in akron doesn't meet anymore (says the woman for Children;s hospital). Please let me know if there are any mom's out there that from my area and want to start a support group:) thanks -casey
  7. I'm sorry your DH isn't being supportive. I think he should talk to the doctor but ALSO talk to someone with celiac. If he understood the pain and suffering his daugher may be going through, maybe that would help him understand. Our son has celiac but my husband and I don't. As parents, we have to put our wants aside sometimes and do what's best for our kids. (although I would really enjoy a REAL donut) I don't know you or your husband's names but I will add you to my prayers tonight. I pray you will be able to help her as a team...It's much easier that way I'm sure he'll catch on soon enough. I hope the diet works for your daughter. p.s. Perhaps you could give him a small snack cupboard that he can keep his GLUTENY snacks in and only eat them when she is not around. then wash his hands and use a paperplate so he doesnt drop crumbs. It's a great compromise!!
  8. 1st visit to the Pediatric GI for my 2.5yr old son. Us: How is Glute Free Food? Doc: It's horrible. I'd have to kill myself if i couldn't have regular pasta. I'm glad my son was too little to pay any attention to him. He's still a good doctor though....just alittle ODD!
  9. DelBoles Elbow Corn Macaroni, velteeta Cheese, milk, butter. YUMMMMYYY I loooove it and i'm a mac n cheese fan! my 2.5yr old loves it too:)
  10. Hi All, GUESS WHAT!!! I saw that LivingSocial has an awesome Gluten Free thing going right now. It's 50$ gift card for and it's only 25$! If you buy one and you get 3 other people to buy one also, you get yours free. I bought one, i asked my mom to buy one and 2 of my friends bought one. I paid them all for it and in the end I GOT 200$ for Food and it only cost me 75$ !!! Also, I went to Google and typed in Glutino Coupons and filled out the form. They mailed me 3 coupons! 2- 1$ off any glutino or panty item and 1- BOGO Glutino coupon. Whole Foods let me use it for the most expensive thing-PIZZA!! I Really hopes this helps any mom's trying to make ends meet. I know it's expensive to buy Gluten Free and i'm pretty excited about this Blessings!
  11. Thanks for the advice! This is what i was looking for! i walked into the vitamin store near my house and this that is what they sold me. But he said i could brin git back if it's the wrong one. so i'm going to take it back and purchase the children's probiotic from It seems very expensive but if it really works then i'm happy to spend the $.
  12. My son has celiac and is 2.5yrs old. Can he have Nature's Plus Sensi-Dophilus? It's a probiotic and it's Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Will is do any good for him? What do you think? I am thinking I should call his Dr. but i don't want this to be stupid question!
  13. Congratulations!!! It's very exciting to see these awesome improvements!! I am so happy for you both:) Praise God for her growth!! Blessings.
  14. My son Cale (2 1/2yrs) Was diagnosed with celiac January 6th 2012. Jan 6- 33 1/4 in tall. Feb 2- 34 1/4 in tall Feb 14- 34 3/4in tall I know he's gainging weight by looking at him but we don't have a scale so i'm not sure about his exact weight. I've actually been able to loosen up the adjustable waist band on his pants! and 24m overhauls are too short! I'm very excited:) What was you're/your child's growth? Is this Normal? Thanks!! -casey-
  15. My son also had he distended belly but he was losing weight very fast. Maybe she doesn't have Celiac and it's gluten intolerance?? My son also had White/cream/grey stool for 2 months! then finally the dr. ordered a celiac test. He was very very positive! BUT THAT COLOR STOOL IS NOT NORMAL and you should take a sample with you and take her to the pediatrician. Best of Luck!